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It had to be known that there were a few who would not be afraid to ride on his car for the first time. To be excited like Feng Feifei, it was extremely rare, but it was also good this way, he could also run away with ease.

On top of the Ferrari in front, Zhang Qian was laughing happily, although she thought that Feng Feifei would lose, she never expected him to lose so badly, she turned her head and said to the man in the black shirt beside her: "Qiao Fei, did you see that, when Feng Feifei found that man, he laughed so much, he dared to come here to participate in the race with his level."

The black shirt man called Qiao Fei also laughed, he did not care about this competition, but he remembered that this competition was at least of some standard, but he never expected to meet such a weirdo.

Looking at the excited little girl, Qiao Fei suddenly revealed an evil smile and said to Zhang Qian: "I promised you that I would participate in the tournament. Shouldn't you give me some rewards?"

Of course, Zhang Qian understood what he wanted to say. After she rolled her eyes at him, she charmingly said, "You're the only one who is thinking about these things. Don't worry, you will be there later." With that, she boldly undid her seat belt and kissed Qiao Fei's lips.

"Oh, you guys sure are bold! I'm not afraid of the car turning over. " Just as Zhang Qian kissed Qiao Fei, the teasing voices came into their ears. Both of them were startled, and immediately looked towards the side.

It was unknown when Zhou Hao's Maserati had become as red as a Ferrari, but Zhou Hao was currently teasing him while looking at the astonished and shocked Zhang Qian and Feng Feifei. Feng Feifei, who was beside him, was making faces at them.

Zhang Qian's finger pointed at Zhou Hao, and continued to tremble. Her mouth was opened so wide that she couldn't say anything for a moment. Zhou Hao did not bother to look at his face anymore, and laughed as he shouted out, "Alright, I won't disturb you guys from playing the thrill game, let's go."

After saying that, Zhou Hao's Maserati sped up once again, leaving behind an afterimage under the bright lights. What was left for Zhang Qian and the others were two red lines drawn by the taillights of the car.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" This pair of bastards, quickly chase after Qiao Fei, don't let those two dogs run away. " Zhang Qian was provoked and shouted continuously in the Ferrari, while Qiao Fei was also burning with fury. She did not expect to meet a fellow disguised as a pig to eat the tiger.

In the next moment, he also used all his horsepower, increasing his Ferrari speed as he chased after Zhou Hao's Maserati. Zhou Hao did not know how angry Qiao Fei was at the back, his expression was still very relaxed, but his hands and feet never stopped moving, his Maserati was constantly travelling through the traffic, bringing Feng Feifei a pleasure he had never felt before.

If anyone was laughing the happiest right now, that person must be Feng Feifei. Originally, she only asked Zhou Hao to drive the car with the attitude of someone trying to save a life, and at the start of the competition, she was even a lot later than the others. Even she herself thought that she would lose, but she didn't expect that Zhou Hao would be so impressive, and now, he was actually running to the first place.

At this time, the red Ferrari in the mirror was slowly catching up to him. With the intention of surpassing Zhou Hao in one go, Feng Feifei ridiculed him: "And that's it, as a professional racer, his level is really too low."

Zhou Hao laughed, and did not explain any further. He knew that his opponent's strength was not too bad, just that he had underestimated his opponent, and adding that he had been surpassed by him, his shock had slightly changed. Right now, he wanted to use all of his strength to run with him was simply a joke.

However, this was a good thing for him, it saved him a lot of trouble. He turned and appeared in front of Zhou Hao, with a thought, he decided to give the other party another powerful medicine, and completely destroy his confidence.

He said to Feng Feifei who was beside him: "Sit properly." After saying that, she stepped on the throttle of the car to death, causing Maserati's engine to roar like a wild beast. In an instant, the distance between Zhou Hao and her widened again.

"How is this possible!?" "Why does he still dare to increase his speed? There's a bend in the road ahead, does he not want to live?" who was behind them saw through Zhou Hao's actions, and immediately shouted out, in his opinion, if he dared to go past the corner at full speed, it was the same as committing suicide.

But was it really as he thought? Zhou Hao revealed his white teeth as he smiled upwards, his excited smile making him look like he was going crazy. The curve got closer and closer, he had not let go of the throttle, and at the last moment, he used both his hands to kill the steering wheel.

The strong inertia caused Feng Feifei, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, to be slammed into the door, it was stuck firmly, unable to move at all, and even breathing had become extremely difficult. The word "Drifting" surfaced in her mind, and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Zhou Hao driving the car, and an expression of admiration appeared on her face.

Looking at Zhou Hao who had drifted in front of him, Qiao Fei felt that he had become weak, he had lost all color on his face, and there was only one word in his mind: crazy.

As a professional racer, he naturally knew how to drift but it was because he knew how to drift that he knew how crazy Zhou Hao's movements were.

Looking at Maserati who was getting further and further away, Qiao Fei almost cried. He had originally thought that he was only here to torture noobs, but he never thought that he would meet such an abnormal person, even if it was on the real racetrack. He never thought that he would meet such a abnormal person in a place where kids played.

When Maserati was the first to reach the finish line, everyone was shocked. They couldn't have imagined that the last car to go out would get first place. Could it be that all the other cars had flipped?

In the silence, the door of Maserati opened, and Zhou Hao lazily walked down from the car. He casually lit a cigarette and leaned against the door as he smoked.

Feng Feifei looked exhausted, her face still showing signs of excitement, her delicate skin was slightly flushed, as though she had just finished doing something she loved to do.

She walked to Zhou Hao's side and her legs went soft, causing her to nearly fall to the ground. Feng Feifei subconsciously closed his eyes, but the pain he imagined did not come. Instead, he felt a trace of warmth and softness.

Feng Feifei did not struggle as she calmly leaned into Zhou Hao's embrace. The faint sweat and scorching aura she emitted stimulated Feng Feifei's heart and her breathing became a little hurried. Her flexible chest and warm embrace made her feel so comfortable that she almost cried out.

So this was a man's embrace? It was really comfortable, it would be great if he could keep leaning on her like this. This was the first time Feng Feifei had the thought of finding a boyfriend, and she thought that maybe Zhou Hao would make a good choice.

Zhou Hao did not know what Feng Feifei was thinking. Seeing that Feng Feifei still did not want to get up from his embrace, he thought that she had lost all her strength, but it was still good news for him. Carrying such a beautiful woman was simply a pleasure to him. It was as comfortable as hugging him.

Very quickly, he finished smoking, and the sportscar behind him drove back, after getting off the car, Zhang Qian and Qiao Fei looked extremely ugly, they did not expect Feng Feifei to actually win, and seeing Feng Feifei and Zhou Hao together, they became even angrier.

When Zhou Hao saw Zhang Qian and her sister walk over, he casually threw away the cigarette tip and lightly waved Feng Feifei in his arms. Then, when Feng Feifei saw them too, she reluctantly stood up from Zhou Hao's embrace and said coldly: "Zhang Qian, I've won this bet, do you agree to what I said?"

Zhang Qian said as she gnashed her teeth with anger: "I, Zhang Qian, will definitely do what I say. I will definitely not cause you any trouble in the future." After saying that, she turned and scolded Qiao Fei who was beside him, "You're still not leaving? I've already lost all my face, what professional racer are you talking about. Scram."

Qiao Fei's face flushed red. He glared at Zhou Hao with venomous eyes. If it wasn't for Zhou Hao, how would he have lost this face? But Zhou Hao did not care, he was not afraid of Qiao Fei's revenge at all.

When he returned to Feng Feifei's villa, Feng Feifei originally wanted to invite Zhou Hao to eat dinner at her own home, but when Zhou Hao looked at the time, he rejected it immediately. The time was almost 11, he did not dare to forget the request Su Meng had given him.

Hearing Zhou Hao's rejection of him, Feng Feifei felt a sense of loss in his heart, but he did not show this kind of expression on his face. After nodding his head lightly, he stared blankly at Zhou Hao's leaving figure that had disappeared into the night sky.

When he returned to the villa, it was exactly 11: 00 PM. Zhou Hao breathed a sigh of relief. He finally made it back on time.

Zhou Hao frowned, and looked towards the living room. On the sofa, Su Meng was lying on his side with a red face, and looked at Zhou Hao who had just came back with blurry eyes. There were many empty beer bottles on the table in front of her, obviously, all of them were Su Meng's.

Su Meng struggled to support herself and said unclearly: "Zhou Hao, why did you only come back now? Come over and drink with me." As she spoke, Su Meng moved towards the bottle on the tea table.

Zhou Hao grabbed Su Meng's hand and said with concern: "Enough, you've already drank too much, don't drink anymore."

After his hand was grabbed, Su Meng began to struggle, pushing hard towards Zhou Hao, causing him to fall back onto the sofa. Because Zhou Hao was holding onto Su Meng's hand, Zhou Hao was also brought over. In the next moment, his entire body climbed onto Su Meng's delicate body, and with a body weight of over one hundred kilograms, Su Meng began to groan.

"Disgusting, it's so heavy!" Get out of the way, I want to drink. " Su Meng continuously pushed at the Zhou Hao on her body. The loose collar of the white robe also slid down Su Meng's smooth skin, revealing her fair and tender shoulders.

It was only then that Zhou Hao realized that the other party was actually not wearing undergarments. The beautiful scenery made him gulp down his saliva.

What were you thinking? Zhou Hao scolded himself in his heart as he hurriedly got up from Su Meng's body. He casually pulled Su Meng's collar. After he felt that the 'heavy object' on her body had disappeared, Su Meng stood up once again and touched the bottle of wine on the tea table.

Zhou Hao was speechless, he did not know when Su Meng had become so alcoholic. Seeing Su Meng wobble to stand up, he was extremely worried, afraid that Su Meng would fall down.

Sure enough, the dizzy Su Meng tripped on her foot and threw herself forward.

Fortunately, Zhou Hao had reacted fast enough, and had hugged him tightly, otherwise, he would definitely be disfigured if he bumped into the table in front of him.

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