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Before he could hurriedly put Su Meng who was in his embrace back onto the sofa, Zhou Hao felt the jade body in his embrace trembling uncontrollably, and he could still hear the sound of her crying.

Zhou Hao looked at his embrace and confirmed that he hadn't misheard anything. Su Meng was really crying. The Frost Goddess had been crying all this time, and the more she cried, the more she grieved. Zhou Hao could even feel that his body had become wet.

"Zhou Hao, you bastard, you are clearly my bodyguard, yet you are running around everywhere. Every time is like this, you are simply incompetent, and do not put my safety in your heart at all." Although Su Meng's soft voice was intermittent, Zhou Hao heard it loud and clear. He suddenly felt that he was unable to respond.

He did indeed run around frequently, but it was not because he did not care about Su Meng's safety. In fact, he cared more about Su Meng's safety than anything else, because he felt that he owed her this debt.

Zhou Hao gently supported Su Meng onto the sofa, but Su Meng refused to leave his embrace, so Zhou Hao could only carry her and sit down.

She stuck her tender and beautiful lips next to Zhou Hao's ear as she sobbed, "You didn't even know how scared I was when I stayed home alone everyday. Ever since I rectified the company that day, I knew that there were people who disliked me, and I'm afraid no matter what they did, they wouldn't be able to kill me!"

Su Meng's frail words, each word was like a sledgehammer smashing onto Zhou Hao's heart. He suddenly realized that this girl, who was not really a girl in the past, had always had a very weak aura, and she, who was originally a little guilty towards Su Meng, was now even more so unspeakably sad.

Zhou Hao hugged Su Meng who was in his embrace tighter as he looked up with eyes flowing with indescribable determination, "I swear, I, Zhou Hao, will definitely protect Su Meng and allow her to live a happy life. Whoever wants to hurt you will have to step over my dead body first."

It was unknown if it was because Su Meng had heard Zhou Hao's oath or because she was truly drunk, but at this moment, Su Meng was leaning into Zhou Hao's embrace, with sparkling tears still hanging from the corner of her eyes and the tip of her nose turning red, and she was even constantly muttering under her breath, "Father, I missed you so much."

Seeing that Su Meng had really gotten drunk, Zhou Hao wanted to put her down on the sofa, but she suddenly realized that Su Meng was hugging onto him tightly, and was not going to let go at all. After trying a few times to no avail, Zhou Hao could only let her lean into her embrace.

After a sleepless night, on the morning of the second day, Su Meng slowly opened her eyes.

In her daze, she felt that there was something off about that place. It was as if she wasn't lying on her own bed, and the unconscious Su Meng didn't have her usual ice-cold look at all.

Suddenly, a face appeared in front of her. The owner of the face, Zhou Hao, was currently looking at her with a beaming smile.

"Pah!" The loud sound reverberated throughout the empty villa. Zhou Hao covered his face and gloomily watched as Su Meng ran back to his room screaming. He rubbed his face and shook his head with a bitter smile.

Zhou Hao waited in the living room for a long time before he finally opened the door. Seeing Su Meng come out, Zhou Hao immediately wanted to explain, but he stopped him before he could even speak.

"Alright, you don't need to explain yourself. Although I don't remember what you said last night, you absolutely can't say anything. Otherwise, I'll fire you." Su Meng said to Zhou Hao fiercely while shaking his teeth.

Zhou Hao did not dare hesitate and immediately nodded his head, after giving a light snort, he turned back and walked back to his room, and turned around in a flash, her face flushed red. The memories of the night were still floating in her mind, she vaguely remembered his hugging Zhou Hao without letting go, and her face became even redder.

To him, under normal circumstances, staying up all night would not be so tiring. Yesterday, it was definitely an exception, because hugging a beauty and not sleeping or moving about, was really tiring, and moreover, the beauty was even tormenting him a little from time to time.

It was almost noon when Feng Feifei came looking for him. Because she really wanted to treat Zhou Hao to dinner for the matters yesterday, Zhou Hao happily agreed. He was naturally happy to have someone to treat, not to mention that the other party was a beauty.

When the two of them reached the western restaurant near the company, Feng Feifei looked at Zhou Hao with interest. She was becoming more and more interested in this mysterious man, as she had not slept well the entire night.

From that night onwards, Feng Feifei liked the feeling of being in a racing car. She wanted to try it out herself, but she didn't really do it, because she knew that she definitely wouldn't do it.

However, she was very smart. She couldn't do it herself, but didn't she have a God with her? Wouldn't Zhou Hao be able to enjoy the thrill of running a car? Thinking about it, the fire in her eyes grew even stronger as she looked at Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao felt his hair stand on end. He understood Feng Feifei well enough, revealing such an expression definitely wasn't a good thing. He didn't give her a chance to speak, so he hurriedly lowered his head to play with his steak.

Feng Feifei pouted, she still wanted to say something, but Zhou Hao's phone suddenly rang, Zhou Hao revealed an apologetic look, but that lucky gaze of his made Feng Feifei's teeth itch.

After looking at the caller ID, he saw that it was Xu Mengmeng. The weak and bashful rabbit once again appeared in Zhou Hao's mind, and he couldn't help but smile.

Under Feng Feifei's doubtful gaze, Zhou Hao picked up the phone. The person who called was not Xu Mengmeng, but a man, and the voice of the man on the phone was very arrogant, but it sounded a little familiar as well, "Brat, that stinking girl is in my hands. If you don't want something to happen to her, then go to the Old factory outside the southern part of the city.

The man's words were said without end, it made Zhou Hao feel extremely curious, but one thing was certain, the other party must have caught hold of Xu Mengmeng, and the other party seemed to know him.

"I don't know who you are, but you'd better not do anything excessive, or else I'll make you regret your birth." Before Zhou Hao could finish speaking, the other party had already hung up. He looked at the screen on his phone, and his face revealed a serious expression.

Although he had offended many people, but there shouldn't be many who could threaten him with Xu Mengmeng's kidnapping. s who flirted with Xu Mengmeng in bars could be considered as one, and there was even a high interest loan.

Afraid that something might have happened to Xu Mengmeng, Zhou Hao did not think too much about it. He looked towards Feng Feifei and revealed an apologetic expression, he had also heard the call just now. Be careful, I'll be going back to the company myself. I will go and ask for a leave of absence from Sister Su Meng, don't worry, but don't forget that you and I still have a meal that we haven't finished.

laughed and lightly nodded his head. Talking with a sensible woman was really convenient, so after leaving the Western Restaurant, Zhou Hao immediately headed towards the Old factory that he had talked about.

The Old factory he mentioned was an abandoned factory. No one lived near it since a long time ago. Originally, that place had been arranged for reconstruction. However, after the construction was halfway through, for some reason, it stopped.

Zhou Hao came to the Old factory, it was filled with cement, sand and other building materials, all around him was silence, no sound could be heard.

Zhou Hao cautiously walked towards the factory, constantly observing his surroundings. When he reached the front of the factory, he stopped, took a deep breath, and said coldly: "Come out!"

As his voice fell, more than ten people walked out from behind the pile of ingredients in the surrounding area. All of them held onto a watermelon knife in their hands and looked at Zhou Hao fiercely.

Are they all small fries? Zhou Hao gave them a cursory glance and was able to tell that they were only little brothers. There was simply nothing that could be said.

Being a little anxious for Xu Mengmeng's safety, she was too lazy to dawdle with these small fries, directly walking into the Old factory, these subordinates did not stop them and stared straight at Zhou Hao.

"Haha, little brat, I didn't expect you to really come." The moment Zhou Hao walked into the factory, he saw a bald man with a bandage on his hand. He looked at him excitedly with a disgusting smile on his face.

Was it really this guy? Seeing the Qiangge, Zhou Hao was not surprised at all. He said coldly, "It seems that the lesson before is not enough, even though I thought it was someone else! Do you want me to remove your feet this time? "

Seeing Zhou Hao's murderous look, Baldy Qiang could not help but swallow his saliva, but then he realised, this was his territory, what was there to be afraid of.

He immediately roared at Zhou Hao: "Little bastard, who are you trying to scare? I know you can fight, but this is my territory, we can drown in a mouthful of saliva each, and you want to fight me, hmph! "

Honestly speaking, he was not afraid of fighting with this group of people. If he was truly willing, he could slaughter the entire White Tiger Gang on his own, but what he was truly afraid of was Xu Mengmeng's safety.

"Say it, why did you find me here first?" After entering the factory, Zhou Hao had been observing Xu Mengmeng's figure the entire time, but he did not discover anything, so Zhou Hao suspected that the other party had hidden him up on the second floor.

The baldy looked at Zhou Hao's erratic eyes and he immediately understood what Zhou Hao was doing. He laughed out loud, "Stinky brat, there's no need to look for me, that woman is currently serving our Clan Master upstairs, and as for calling you over, it's my intention, I not only want to break your hands, I also want you to see that stinky bitch being humiliated by us. Don't worry, every single one of us here can enjoy it."

Zhou Hao was instantly like magma, his blood boiling with anger, only the word "kill" remained in his heart. He was prepared to rush up the stairs, but before he could do anything, the small building appeared out of nowhere and surrounded him.

"Ol 'Three, is that the guy who broke both your arms? "It looks quite sturdy!" It was unknown when a man with heavy makeup walked over to the side of the baldy and stared at Zhou Hao with his pair of charming eyes, as if he had seen through Zhou Hao.

He made a gesture of caress. He licked his lips and said again, "Don't kill me later. Leave it to me. I really like this kind of toy." Hearing this transvestite's words, everyone felt a chill run down their spines.

Zhou Hao did not have the time to care about all these, his heart was entirely focused on Xu Mengmeng, who was upstairs, without wasting any time, he immediately started fighting, he instantly rushed out, and with a swing of his leg, he smashed a small fry away, casually snatching away two machetes, in the blink of an eye he swung out a wall of blades, blocking all the blades that were coming at him.

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