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Zhou Hao struck backwards in an instant, and in an instant, five or six people behind him were struck by Zhou Hao's powerful force, and an opening appeared in the crowd, passing through Zhou Hao and escaping from the encirclement of the crowd.

However, these lackeys still continued to rush towards Zhou Hao. Moreover, he was further and further away from the stairs to the second floor.

This time Zhou Hao was really anxious, he did not have much time to dawdle, he did not need to hide his strength anymore, every time he brandished his blade, a piece of it would fall down, and even if he did not die, he would be crippled.

In an instant, Zhou Hao became a god of death, and no one was able to take even one round from his hands. Baldy Qiang and the transvestite who were both spectating by the side had cold sweat on their foreheads, and the transvestite trembled as he asked: "Ol 'Three, how did you offend this kind of person? F * ck, I was killed by you. "

After being questioned by the demon, Baldy Qiang was no longer able to speak. He looked at his brothers who were lying on the ground, tearing and howling, and his face had turned pale. He had thought that he would be able to teach this fellow a lesson this time, but who would have thought that he would be so good at fighting.

Countless of people fell to the ground. In a short one minute, Zhou Hao's entire body was covered in blood, although the majority of it was not left behind by him.

After all of you die, once again chopping off the surrounding lackeys, the remaining lackeys actually didn't dare to move forward even a little bit. Looking at this Asura, everyone felt fear.

Zhou Hao who was drenched in hot blood walked towards the second floor step by step. On the ground were the bloody footprints he left behind. Everyone wanted to look at this, so they turned to look at Baldy Qiang and the transvestite. When the baldy saw that everyone was looking at him, he was momentarily stunned. He then shouted, "What are you all still standing there for? Hurry up and attack!"

The baldy hadn't even finished speaking when a knife flew over and stabbed into his thigh. The intense pain made the baldy scream out in shock.

When there was no one to stop him, Zhou Hao immediately rushed to the second floor. Just as he went upstairs, faint wails and cries reached his ears, Zhou Hao's pupils constricted as he thought worriedly in his heart: "Could it be that I'm still too late?"

Instantly, as if he had gone mad, Zhou Hao ran in the direction of the voice. The voice came from the old office. "Bang!" The shabby door to the office was kicked flying by Zhou Hao.

The scene in the office entered Zhou Hao's eyes, and in the next moment his eyes turned completely red. The originally pure face had become distorted, the dark green palm print on it was extremely glaring, and the bright red Xu Mengmeng was constantly yelling "don't want" at her. Beside her, a man with a tiger tattooed on his body was glaring at Zhou Hao who had barged in.

The tattooed man opened his mouth and cursed, "Who the fuck are you?" How could two idiots, Second Brother and Third Brother, let someone else come up?

Zhou Hao didn't care about the tattooed man's curses, and smashed his fist on his opponent's face. The tattooed man instantly spat out a mouthful of blood, which contained a few teeth.

The tattooed man on the ground twitched non-stop. Zhou Hao did not pay any more attention to him and immediately grabbed Xu Mengmeng's hands, wanting to take her away. However, she suddenly struggled and screamed non-stop.

Seeing the girl's empty and fearful eyes, Zhou Hao suddenly felt pain in his heart. He hugged Xu Mengmeng and comforted him, "Mengmeng is me! It's me, Zhou Hao! It's already safe. "

When Xu Mengmeng, who was constantly struggling in Zhou Hao's embrace heard the two words "Zhou Hao," stopped in his tracks, and she asked with a hoarse voice. You are Zhou Hao? "

When Zhou Hao heard this weak voice, he hugged Xu Mengmeng even more tightly and immediately said: "Mn, it's me."

After confirming that it was Zhou Hao, Xu Mengmeng cried, and tears continuously flowed down her face. Zhou Hao draped her clothes over her body, and carried her out of the office.

"F * ck, no matter who you are, you're dead meat!" Unknowingly, the tattooed man had crawled back up and pulled out a gun to point at the back of Zhou Hao's head.

Zhou Hao stopped in his tracks, he could feel the feel of the spear on his head, he took a deep breath and shifted his head, at the same time, the sound of gunshots rang, the sparks from the gun burn Zhou Hao's ears, but he did not care, and turned around and kicked.

He, who was sitting on the ground, originally wanted to shoot Zhou Hao again, but Zhou Hao was even faster. He put down Xu Mengmeng who was in her embrace and immediately grabbed the tattooed man's wrist.

The tattooed man's wrist was twisted by Zhou Hao, causing his hand holding the spear to bend in an unbelievable manner. It broke right in front of his eyes, and under the tattooed man's howls, Zhou Hao took the spear away.

"Boss!" Just then, the transvestite ran over with his brothers. Seeing Zhou Hao with the gun, they all stopped.

Zhou Hao supported Xu Mengmeng who was trembling, raising the spear up horizontally as he coldly said: "All of you, scram." Hearing Zhou Hao's voice, no one dared to move, as they were deeply afraid that they would be taken advantage of.

The small fry all started to slowly retreat. Zhou Hao brought Xu Mengmeng downstairs, and got on the car to leave under everyone's gaze.

On the way, Xu Mengmeng folded her arms and remained silent, but Zhou Hao took out his phone: "Hey, black cat, how are you guys?"

"Brother, we are almost done here. The small gangs and small sects in Jiangnan City have all been taken care of by us. All that's left are some gangs with some background, but it's not too hard to take care of them. " The black cat reported what Zhou Hao had done recently.

Zhou Hao did not make any additional remarks. He only gave a simple response and said: "Do you know of White Tiger Gang? I'll give you three days, I want them to disappear from Jiangnan City. "

The black cat replied simply, "I guarantee that I will complete the mission."

After the call ended, Zhou Hao said to Xu Mengmeng softly, "Don't worry, in the future, no one will bother you anymore. The bad guys who bully you will all disappear."

Zhou Hao spoke very gently to Xu Mengmeng, but from between the lines, there seemed to be bursts of killing intent, causing Zhou Hao to be truly angered, he could not tolerate such a simple and kind girl being humiliated.

After returning to Xu Mengmeng's home, she had not recovered from her state of fear. Although it was better, but Zhou Hao could tell from her eyes that this matter would leave a shadow of a life for Xu Mengmeng. Thinking of this, Zhou Hao grinded his teeth in hatred towards this White Tiger Gang.

Because their bodies were covered in blood, Zhou Hao and Xu Mengmeng took turns to take a bath. When Zhou Hao came out of the bathroom, he was sitting on the bed with his pillow in a daze.

Zhou Hao saw this and couldn't help but sigh. He used a towel to wipe his wet head, walked to the side of the bed, and leaned on Xu Mengmeng as she sat down. He used his hands to stroke her smooth and black hair, and said slowly: "Mengmeng, I know you're scared, and it's very sad.

Zhou Hao's hand touched Xu Mengmeng's head, and she couldn't help but shiver. After he finished speaking, Xu Mengmeng raised her head and stared at Zhou Hao with empty eyes, and stared at him quietly for a long time.

After a long while, he said with a hoarse voice: "Brother Zhou Hao thanks you, I'm fine, I made you worry. You must be hungry too, I'll go make some food."

After saying that, Xu Mengmeng prepared to get up, but of course Zhou Hao would not allow her to do so. She grabbed Xu Mengmeng, and said with a stern voice: "Enough, don't do this, it will be very hard for you to do this. I want to see the pure and cute Xu Mengmeng, and won't die with this lifeless you."

Hearing Zhou Hao's words, Xu Mengmeng's eyes gradually reddened, and her shoulders trembled faintly. She threw herself into Zhou Hao's embrace, and her tears flowed down like a unstoppable river. Zhou Hao's embrace instantly became wet.

Seeing Xu Mengmeng crying, she said softly, "Let's cry, crying will make you feel better." After saying that, Zhou Hao tightened her embrace again.

After crying for an unknown period of time, Xu Mengmeng gradually stopped. Although her face still had traces of exhaustion and tears, her eyes had regained the color of the past.

Seeing that Xu Mengmeng had replied, Zhou Hao heaved a sigh of relief. He scratched her nose lightly and said gently: "Look at you, you're crying like a kitten, hurry and go wipe it off."

Zhou Hao's words immediately made Xu Mengmeng blush, and he turned to run towards the bathroom. Looking at Xu Mengmeng's delicate back, Zhou Hao smiled.

Only then did he remember that he hadn't eaten anything at noon and had even fought a battle. He was really hungry now.

Xu Mengmeng should be hungry too right? Zhou Hao thought, and at the same time, looked around Xu Mengmeng's home to see if there was anything edible.

Xu Mengmeng's home was extremely simple, it was a very common room, and even though it was very simple, it was still neat and tidy. This also showed that Xu Mengmeng was normally a very self-disciplined girl.

On top of the bed, there was even a picture frame. The picture seemed to have been taken a long time ago, and the Xu Mengmeng on the picture looked like a high school student with an extremely sweet smile on his face. Beside Xu Mengmeng stood a woman who looked a little similar to Xu Mengmeng. Zhou Hao guessed that this woman should be Xu Mengmeng's mother.

When Xu Mengmeng came out from the washroom, Zhou Hao was busy in the kitchen. Watching his back, Xu Mengmeng instantly felt a kind of warmth and gratitude. She walked to Zhou Hao's side and said in a soft voice: "Brother Zhou Hao, let me do it!"

As Xu Mengmeng spoke, she took the kitchen knife from Zhou Hao's hand, but was stopped by Zhou Hao. He laughed mischievously as she rolled up her sleeves and said: "You should go rest, I'll let you have a taste of my cooking."

Xu Mengmeng didn't listen to Zhou Hao and went to rest at the side. Instead, she quietly stood at the side and watched him cook, helping him from time to time.

Seeing the fragrant food in the bowl, Xu Mengmeng also had the urge to eat. Zhou Hao placed the noodles on the table and smiled: "Quickly come and try my cooking, this is my specialty."

Zhou Hao stood at the side and smiled gently. Xu Mengmeng's heart thumped wildly, instantly feeling that if only time could stop at this moment, that was the feeling of home.

At this moment, she had forgotten about her tragic encounter from before. Her heart was filled with that man's warm smile and that bowl of steaming hot egg noodles.

"How is it? My cooking skills are not bad right? This is my specialty. " Zhou Hao finished his noodles in a few bites, as he lazily looked at Xu Mengmeng who was eating his noodles in small bites. Suddenly, he thought of something, and asked doubtfully: "Mengmeng, shouldn't you be working at the blood-red moon? With Hong Yue there, how were you captured? "

Hearing Zhou Hao's question, Xu Mengmeng paused for a moment, thought for a while and said softly: "I was no longer working at Sister Hong Yue's place, but working part-time. I didn't expect to meet that Qiangge, and then I was caught."

Zhou Hao frowned, and asked suspiciously: "Do you really need money? You want to make it so hard for yourself? " He thought back to the last time he saw her. He seemed to really need money.

Xu Mengmeng's eyelashes drooped, and she bit her lips, as if she was thinking of something sad. Zhou Hao said embarrassedly: "Is it something that can't be said? If that's the case, then there's no need to answer. " Zhou Hao thought that he asked something that he shouldn't have.

"No, it's not, it's actually because of my mother," Xu Mengmeng said as he put down his chopsticks and tightly clenched his hands.

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