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"Zhou Hao, why did you suddenly remember to talk about my father today? Did you find out about something? Did Uncle Tang tell you anything?" Su Meng sensed something and immediately raised his head. His eyes were slightly red, looking pitiful.

Zhou Hao shook his head: "I'm just curious."

"I will kill him!" Su Meng glanced at Zhou Hao, but did not find anything amiss, and said while clenching his teeth with reddened eyes.

"What if your father wasn't killed by that special forces soldier, and this is a conspiracy, and someone is manipulating it?" Zhou Hao knew that this was very cruel, but he had to know the truth of Su Meng's heart. Otherwise, he really wouldn't know how to face her.

What if Su Meng found out that she was that special forces soldier, what would she do? Zhou Hao had to understand all of this because it might affect whether or not she could investigate and protect her in the future.

"This is impossible!" Su Meng decisively voiced out her own thoughts, and got up to walk towards her own room: "I believe in the judgement of the country, in the future, don't ever mention this matter to me again. I, Su Meng, will never forgive the special forces that killed my father!"

"Bang!" Zhou Hao sat on the sofa in the living room and could hear Su Meng's suppressed crying voice. He laughed bitterly, it seemed like he had to hide his identity from Su Meng for a short period of time.

In the afternoon when Haoyu Group was on break, Su Meng locked herself in his room the entire time. After drinking a little, Zhou Hao returned to his room to sleep.

Inside the dream he had returned back to that place in the Middle East a year ago. From 800 meters away, he had aimed at the head of the Terrorism who was holding the hostage and decisively opened fire.

The bullet from the sniper rifle accurately pierced through Terrorism's head, but to Zhou Hao's horror, other than the bullet that he shot out, there was also another bullet that shot into the hostage ? ? Su Meng's father's head.

Blood mixed with white brain matter burst out. Zhou Hao wanted to step forward, but he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his neck. Then, he lost consciousness and fainted.

When he woke up again, he was already in a military court. The judge concluded that Zhou Hao's bullet had pierced both the Terrorism and the hostage's head, causing their deaths. Originally, he wanted to go to jail, but with the protection of the Old Boss, he managed to preserve his freedom and was forced to leave the army.

The power behind this incident was so great that even Zhou Hao and Old Boss were helpless before it. To be able to set up this scene in such a short period of time and make the military court mistake him as a bullet that had penetrated the Terrorism and the hostage, how much power would that require?

One must know that they were in the Middle East at that time, surrounded by the 'Shadow' Special Forces. Was it a traitor within their organization?

Zhou Hao couldn't understand why the sniper hiding in the dark didn't kill him as well. Could it be that he wanted Zhou Hao to take the blame?

When he woke up from the nightmare, Zhou Hao was already drenched in cold sweat. This nightmare had already tormented him for more than a year, and now he finally had a clue. No matter what price he had to pay, he had to uncover the mastermind behind this!

After taking a bath, he realised that it was already dark outside and it was already past ten in the night. Zhou Hao could no longer sleep as he looked at Su Meng's room, only to discover that there were regular breaths coming from inside, making him think that he was fast asleep. He decided to go out and activate the black Audi A8, then head towards the nearest bar.

If Su Meng were to be ambushed in the villa, Zhou Hao would be able to know and react immediately. Thus, he did not need to worry about her safety in the slightest.

The Blood-red Moon Bar was a special existence in the Jiangnan City. It was said that the owner of the bar, Hong Yue, was a woman of about thirty years of age.

Hong Yue did not participate in any of the underground powers in any of the Jiangnan City s, but they were able to restrict more than 90% of the underground powers. The legend about her had been spread widely throughout the underground powers in the Jiangnan City.

The black Audi A8 slowly stopped at the entrance of the 'blood colored moon'. Zhou Hao, cigarette in mouth, looked at the blood-red moon on the signboard.

Others might not know Hong Yue's trump card, but Zhou Hao was extremely clear about it. If there was a man in the Jiangnan City who dared to be so unscrupulous towards the owner of the 'Blood-red Moon', then Zhou Hao would be the only one.

Walking into the bar, the gentle and melodious western music slowly entered his ears. Under the dim light of the lamp, some young people were sitting at the messy table in groups of twos and threes.

Right after Zhou Hao entered, a beauty dressed in revealing clothes and with a beautiful figure immediately walked over, and asked with a sweet voice, "Sir, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Is Hong Yue here?" Zhou Hao smiled, regardless of whether it was the environment or the quality of the wine, it was the best bar in Jiangnan City, and it fit Hong Yue's personality.

I'm sorry Sir, Sister Hong Yue is not here for a while, may I ask if you have anything that I can help you with? The rabbit maiden gave a faint smile and said very professionally, but there was a strange look in her eyes.

As the waiters and waiters, they naturally knew how much power Hong Yue had. was the first person who dared to call out Hong Yue's name in the blood colored moon, and they couldn't help but have a whole new level of respect for him.

If the man in front of her didn't have guts to the point of being caught in the door, then he really did know Hong Yue. As a precaution, the rabbit maiden did not neglect him in the slightest.

"No, go get me a vodka." Zhou Hao smiled slightly. Although he was curious as to where Hong Yue had gone to, he knew that these waiters wouldn't ask too much. He simply ordered a glass of vodka and sat down.

"Sure, please wait a moment." After saying that, the rabbit maiden left with a smile.

"Damn it, you stinking woman, you want to set up a memorial archway even though you're a whore? Your father will take care of you tonight, I do not believe that she, Hong Yue, will not even give me this much face! " The moment Zhou Hao sat down, before the alcohol could even be served, he heard the furious roar of a man coming from the next table, along with the low sobbing of a woman.

Following the source of the voice, Zhang Xuan saw a bald man sitting at a nearby table. Under the illumination of the lamplight, his large hands were grabbing onto the hands of a female rabbit. Behind him, a few bullies with red and green fur were standing and laughing nonstop.

The rabbit maiden continued to struggle, trying to get rid of the bald man's Demon Claw. However, her hands were tightly controlled by the baldy, and she was simply unable to exert any strength, and could only helplessly cry out for help.

However, the surrounding people seemed to be afraid of the baldy's tyrannical power. Although some of them displayed an expression of indignation, in the end, they did not dare to step forward.

"Sir, we're just the staff, can you please let me go?" The rabbit maiden struggled as she begged the baldy with tears.

"Damn it, I was lucky to have taken a liking to you. People like you are simply waiters when you say it's nice, but aren't you actually just waiters?" Isn't it just because I want money? Do you think I, the Qiangge cannot afford your money? As long as you serve me well, all of this money will be yours! " The baldy who called himself Qiangge took out a stack of bills from his bag and slammed it on the table. A pair of thief eyes looked at the rabbit maiden and laughed.

"Qiangge, I'm begging you, you can't do it, wuuuu" The rabbit maiden cried even harder. Some of her colleagues around had gone forward to plead for mercy, but had been forced to go back because of their lackeys. Among them, the waitress had already called Hong Yue, but wasn't able to come back for a while.

Blood Moon was a special existence in the Jiangnan City. Normally, no one would dare cause trouble for him, so Hong Yue did not look for the bodyguards or the like to check on them.

"Brothers, carry this woman to my car. I want to be happy!" Qiangge did not care about the rabbit maiden's pleas for mercy.

In bars, this kind of thing was a common occurrence. Many waitresses were indeed like what Qiangge had said, on the surface, they were entertaining, but behind the scenes, they would often conclude some money and physical transactions with their customers.

If this rabbit maiden also belonged to the same type, Zhou Hao would naturally not interfere. However, he could tell that this rabbit maiden should still be a university student, and the look of innocence and fear in his eyes was not an act. Moreover, Zhou Hao also wanted to know just what kind of ability this Qiangge had to actually be able to make the legendary Hong Yue give him face.

"Qiangge, right? Let go of this girl, I can pretend that I didn't see anything." Just as Qiangge and his subordinates were about to bring the rabbit maiden to the entrance, Zhou Hao suddenly stood up and blocked everyone's path.

Qiangge was startled by Zhou Hao's sudden appearance, and immediately followed with loud laughter: "Brat, you want to be the hero and save the beauty with your physique? While your Qiangge is in a good mood, you better scram further away from here. I can let you off if you don't mind, or else I'll break your legs! "

That rabbit maiden had an extremely pure appearance. Just based on her appearance and figure, she was not one bit inferior to Feng Feifei, and with her beautiful rabbit girl attire, it was no wonder that the Qiangge could not give up.

The rabbit girl was crying so hard that it seemed like she was begging for help when she saw Zhou Hao coming forward bravely, as if he was grabbing onto her lifeline.

Zhou Hao smiled at the rabbit girl, then turned to look at Qiangge. Beneath the bald man was an extremely ferocious face, full of muscles and a golden chain that was as thick as a thumb. It was as if he was afraid that others wouldn't know that he was rich. Even though it was less than 1.7 meters tall, it was already more than 200 pounds, and its big belly was trembling.

"Let go of this girl, I can let you go." Zhou Hao said coldly. For scum like him, if he was still in the 'Shadow' Special Forces, Zhou Hao would definitely pull out his gun and take him out.

Qiangge was obviously drunk, if not he would not dare cause trouble inside the blood colored moon. He actually had the guts to hit on the rabbit maiden, and laughed after hearing Zhou Hao's words: "Do you know who you're talking to? I, your father, am a member of one of the Four Major gangs of the Jiangnan City, and even that bitch, Hong Yue, has to give our Sect Master some face.

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