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Back then, when Zhou Hao had still not become the captain of the Shadow 'special forces, the captain at that time was precisely the Hong Yue in front of him. For some reason, a year later, when Hong Yue automatically retired, Zhou Hao finally assumed the position of captain.

Although they had only been together for a short year, Hong Yue and his teammates' relationship was extremely deep. Just being able to save Zhou Hao's life was already enough for him to have done so no less than three times.

This seductive and seductive woman had once been a legend in the 'Shadow' Special Forces. It was only when Zhou Hao appeared that her image was completely covered.

When he was in the army, Zhou Hao had known that Hong Yue had mixed this wine with him. This cup of 'Blood Moon's Kiss' was created when he was doing missions in the Middle East Battlefield, and at that time, he had only thought that it was delicious, but he never thought that it would be sold it at such a high price inside the bar.

Smelling the mellow aroma emitted from the wine cup, Zhou Hao absentmindedly thought back to the battlefield situation in the Middle East four years ago. He couldn't help but call for the rabbit girl and ask for a cup.

"I'm sorry Mr. Zhou, but our 'Blood Moon's Kiss' is only selling for a cup every day. It had already been bought just a moment ago, if you want to drink it, you can come over early tomorrow." The rabbit girl had a professional smile on her face as she patiently explained to Zhou Hao.

"Alright, sorry for the trouble." Zhou Hao did not continue to make things difficult for the rabbit girl.

"Such a fragrant wine, yet I only sell it for one cup a day. What a pity." It could be seen that Su Meng was also very interested in this' Blood Moon's Kiss'. After hearing the rabbit girl's explanation, he couldn't help but show a regretful expression.

"You want some?" Zhou Hao turned his head to look at Su Meng in surprise and asked with a smile.

Su Meng nodded his head and lightly said: "I have never seen such a special cocktail. Not only is it gorgeous, it also tastes extremely fragrant.

"I'll get you a drink now." As Zhou Hao spoke, he once again beckoned the rabbit maiden over. After he whispered a few words into her ear, under the rabbit maiden's astonished gaze, he waved his hand towards her, signalling for her to come over.

With the relationship between Zhou Hao and Hong Yue, he could drink any time he wanted, but Su Meng didn't come to this kind of place often. It was rare for him to be interested in drinking a cup today, it would be too funny if Zhou Hao couldn't even satisfy this little request of his.

"What did you say to her?" Su Meng had been watching the rabbit maiden's expression from the start, and he was a little curious in his heart. How would Zhou Hao get the rabbit maiden to send him a cup of 'Blood Moon's Kiss' which he only sold once a day?

"It's a secret, you just need to enjoy the fun brought by the 'Blood Moon's Kiss' later." Zhou Hao smiled mysteriously. He only asked the rabbit girl to go over and tell Hong Yue that he wanted to drink 'Blood Moon's Kiss'.

"Hmph, poor bumpkin, you want to drink the 'Blood Moon's Kiss' that Sister Hong Yue personally concocted without money? What a huge joke! " Just as Zhou Hao finished speaking, a disdainful voice came out from the table beside him.

Zhou Hao frowned, why was there a fly watching him wherever he went? Turning around, he saw a pot-bellied middle-aged man with a bald head and a fat face looking at him in disdain. In his hand, he was holding the cup of 'Blood Moon's Kiss s' which Hong Yue had just brewed.

Hong Yue's special position in the Jiangnan City made everyone, regardless of age, respectfully address her as Big Sister Hong Yue behind her back. Therefore, even though the middle-aged man in front of her was already forty to fifty years old, she still had to call him Big Sister Hong Yue in his thirties.

The goblet of wine that was sold for one hundred and eighty thousand gold was bought by this middle-aged man in the end.

In the eyes of others, being able to buy this cup of wine from the 'blood moon', aside from being rich, was also a symbol of one's status. But in the eyes of Zhou Hao, these people were all fools who made money for Hong Yue, so they did not even bother to pay attention to him.

"Hmph, a bumpkin is a bumpkin. He doesn't even know how to be polite!" The bald man saw that Zhou Hao did not even bother with him, and was immediately enraged in his heart. He snorted coldly and turned to face Su Meng, his fat and oily face immediately smiling like chrysanthemum blossoming, "Young miss, I am the chairman of the Liu family's property, Liu Wei Guo, since you like this cup of 'Blood Moon's Kiss' so much, how about I invite you?"

Liu Wei Guo thought of himself as a gentleman, but in Zhou Hao and Su Meng's eyes, he looked extremely disgusting. Su Meng looked at him indifferently, and said coldly: "No need."

"Hehe, don't tell me you really expect this bumpkin to ask for a cup of Blood Moon's Kiss for you? This cup of wine is priceless in the blood-red moon. If you sell it for only one cup a day, once the quota has passed, it's impossible to buy it no matter how rich you are! " Liu Wei Guo obviously did not expect Su Meng to reject him, he snorted and did not continue, but instead had the attitude of watching a show, and wanted to see how Zhou Hao would make a fool of himself. When the time comes, he would stand out, and not be afraid of who would not follow him.

Zhou Hao and Su Meng were too lazy to bother with such a self-righteous person like Liu Wei Guo. They looked at each other and saw incomparable disgust in each other's eyes.

The rabbit maiden walked in front of Hong Yue and whispered a few words to her before pointing in his direction. After Hong Yue heard it, a hint of excitement flashed across his face. When she looked towards the direction where the rabbit girl was pointing at, and saw Zhou Hao's firm and resolute face smiling at her, her heart immediately started beating wildly.

If Zhou Hao hadn't stopped her with his gaze, he might have immediately ran over and hugged this man whom he hadn't seen for four years tightly.

Hong Yue suppressed his inner excitement and nodded towards the girl, holding a cup of wine and going back to the table he was previously at, using the microphone in his hand to say: "Today, our Blood-red Moon has received an extremely important guest, and now that I have these two 'Blood Moon's Kiss' s, I want to make them for free and gift them to these two esteemed guests."

The moment Hong Yue said this, the audience became restless. What kind of status did Hong Yue have in the Jiangnan City? Everyone who came here to drink knew that she was an existence that all the underground powers of Jiangnan City feared, the most mysterious woman.

Just how much energy would a person, who she called a respected guest and had personally concocted a 'Blood Moon's Kiss' for free? Countless people started guessing, some even stood up and started observing all around, wanting to see the respected guest that Hong Yue spoke of, who exactly was the god.

After Hong Yue finished this sentence, he smiled faintly and began to concoct the cocktail in his hands extremely seriously. After Hong Yue's words fell, Liu Wei Guo's face became a little ugly, but he still did not believe that this unassuming kid in front of him, was the respected guest that Hong Yue spoke of, there must be some kind of misunderstanding.

In his heart, he was still daydreaming. After these two cups of wine were sent to other places, he would give the 'Blood Moon's Kiss' in his hands to Su Meng and ruthlessly belittle this brat who didn't know what was good for himself.

However, Su Meng didn't think so. She didn't believe that such a coincidence existed in this world, and seeing Zhou Hao's calm smile, she became curious about his identity for the first time.

Uncle Tang was his father's friend when he was still alive, but when he had arranged for Zhou Hao to come over, he had never revealed his true identity. He only told him everything and he could trust Zhou Hao completely.

His calm mind, extraordinary agility, and strength to the point that even Hong Yue treated him as a VIP, made Zhou Hao even more mysterious in his eyes. The only people who could do all this, were probably the special forces, right?

"Zhou Hao, what is your relationship with Uncle Tang?" Su Meng looked at Zhou Hao's smiling face and asked the question that was on his mind.

"Oh, I was his soldier for a few years." Zhou Hao had already expected Su Meng to ask this sooner or later, so he only said it in an indifferent tone.

"What kind of troops?" Su Meng continued to ask, if it was really the special forces, maybe he would recognize the killer that killed his father.

"Scout." Zhou Hao smiled and asked: "Is there a problem?"

A hint of loss flashed across Su Meng's face. He forced out a smile and shook his head.

Just then, Hong Yue's two cups of 'Blood Moon's Kiss' had already been brewed, and with one hand holding the other, he personally walked over to Zhou Hao and Su Meng, and smiled: "Mr. Zhou, thank you for coming to Hong Yue's bar, this is a small gift, please accept it."

At the side, Liu Wei Guo was already dumbstruck. He didn't think that the respected guest that Hong Yue spoke of was actually this unremarkable looking man in front of him. When he thought about his earlier rudeness, he couldn't help but feel regret.

What kind of status did he have that could make the most mysterious woman in the Jiangnan City, Hong Yue, greet him courteously? Liu Weiguo could understand it with just his toes, it wasn't something he could mess with, it was laughable that he wanted to hit the woman beside him.

After thinking about it, Liu Weiguo felt that it wasn't safe to stay here any longer. He smiled at the two of them in embarrassment, and then he took out his bar in a sorry state, without even having the time to drink the 'Blood Moon's Kiss' that he just bid for. He made up his mind that in the future, he would definitely beg Big Sister Hong Yue to explain things to him.

Zhou Hao did not care about this kind of person at all, and never looked at him the entire time. After he slowly took the cocktail from Hong Yue's hands, just as he was about to thank them, a sense of crisis suddenly welled up in his heart. Without even thinking, he directly threw the two women to the ground.

An intense masculine aura burst out from Zhou Hao's body, and the aura that only belonged to a man surged towards her. Su Meng felt that even her breathing had become somewhat hot.

"Zhou Hao, you!" Su Meng's beautiful face only left behind an angry expression, when she regained her senses, she was already in the man's embrace, and immediately scolded Zhou Hao.

How could she, who had never interacted intimately with a man before, tolerate Zhou Hao's actions? Ever since she had grown up, even her dead father had not touched her like this.

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