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C10 Give up on Me

In the following days, Yuchi Weirann left early and returned late. He was busy all the way until late at night, and in just three to four days, he had lost a large amount of weight.

Gu Wangshu saw this and felt sad in his heart, but he could not help Yuchi Weirann in any way, so he could only take care of him more.

It was already late in the night but Yuchi Weirann was still in his study. He did not return to his room, but instead brewed a pot of hot tea and sent it over.

Gu Wangshu carefully opened the door to the study room, but actually did not disturb him.

He stood by the door and looked at Yuchi Weirann for a long time, but Yuchi Weirann still could not discover him.

At this time, Yuchi Weirann was frowning deeply, his face was full of annoyance and annoyance, and Gu Wangshu felt a stifling sensation in his heart just by looking at it.

Finally, the irritation in Yuchi Weirann's heart seemed to have accumulated to a critical point, and he threw away the brush in his hand without any forewarning.

Gu Wangshu let out an undetectable sigh, and said while walking forward: "Let's still rest a bit."

Yuchi Weirann's body stiffened, and when he raised his head again, his face was filled with a forced smile, "Why are you here? It's getting late, your health is not good, you should rest early. "

Gu Wangshu sat down beside him, looking at the accounts book on the table: "Tell me the truth, is it General Pei that …"

Yuchi Weirann went silent for a moment, and still answered: "Many of the merchants that had worked with the Yuchi Family had all withdrawn their shares … Although Yuchi Family is a place where people earn money every day, there is a limit to how much they can earn in terms of liquidity, so … "

Gu Wangshu understood the meaning of his words, which was that the General Pei had indeed made his move.

He was in a trance for a moment, and then gently said, "You should divorce me."

"What?" Yuchi Weirann looked at Gu Wangshu in shock: "You really want to marry into General Mansion?"

Gu Wangshu shook his head: "No, it's just that, if you don't give up on me, and I am still in Yuchi Family, General Pei will make things difficult for me in order to force me to remarry. But, if you give up on me, he has no reason to make things difficult for Yuchi Family … "As for making things difficult for me, haha, my parents are no longer around and my brother is far away from home. I have nothing to hang on to but I don't think he can threaten me."

This was the only way that Gu Wangshu could think of in the next few days to help him.

"No way!" Yuchi Weirann said coldly: "I will definitely not write a letter."

Actually, this was clearly the result he wanted, but when Gu Wangshu said this, her mind went blank, and he rejected it without thinking.

What happened to him?

Wasn't the reason why Gu Wangshu had said those words to him tonight? Why did Gu Wangshu's words make him feel uncomfortable? His heart was empty, and there was even a kind of wordless fear spreading within it …

Yuchi Weirann was a little touched by his attitude of opposing things without even thinking about it.

Since Yuchi Weirann was unwilling, then he will work hard together with Yuchi Weirann. Let's give it a try, maybe there would be a chance of survival.

"How about we go see the General Pei together? Although the rumors say that the General Pei is extremely tyrannical, he is not an unreasonable person. Why don't I explain everything clearly to him and reject him in front of him, what do you think?"

Yuchi Weirann's mind was in a mess, he did not hear what Gu Wangshu said, and nodded his head, confused.

However, on the second day, Yuchi Weirann disappeared.

Gu Wangshu waited for a long time, but when he did not, he went out to ask the servants, who also said that they did not know where Yuchi Weirann was.

He waited anxiously for an entire day, but even at night, he did not find Yuchi Weirann.

He's missing?

Or … General Pei attacked without warning?

Gu Wangshu only thought of this possibility and his hands and feet became cold. He had no choice but to personally go find the Old Madame Yuchi once, and maybe, she would find out where Yuchi Weirann was.

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