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Pei Mufeng was still sick.

The afternoon he found out that Gu Wangshu had agreed to marry him, a pair of teary eyes opened wide under the sorrowful gaze of his brother General Pei. Without any warning, the pair of eyes became completely silent.

The General Mansion's population was actually very small, but the handsome, handsome, and good-natured Pei Mufeng was very popular. His death, made everyone in the General Mansion feel very sad.

But at this time, General Pei actually calmed down.

He let Uncle Fu, who had almost watched Pei Mufeng grow up, prepare for his wedding. In less than a day, his entire General Mansion had turned into a blinding white.

That night, Pei Xingyun asked the Uncle Fu to bring someone to receive Gu Wangshu's General Mansion.

During this time, Gu Wangshu did not see Yuchi Weirann.

Come to think of it, although the General Mansion had obviously made the marriage so urgent, when the General Mansion came to pick him up, the Old Madame Yuchi actually took out a gown that would allow him to change into … What did this mean?

This meant that Old Madame Yuchi had long anticipated that this would happen, and she was prepared for it.

Gu Wangshu understood that the Old Madame Yuchi hated him, but he couldn't understand. If he really married again, it would be a huge damage to his reputation in the Yuchi Family.

In this family, without Yuchi Weirann, it would only make his heart cold and his heart cold.

It was fine to leave, but he had already agreed to it. Although he was caught off guard, he could not let him regret it any longer.

General Mansion did not cause too much of a commotion, but the identity of the Uncle Fu and the sedan chair that he found with the greatest possible joy were still able to more or less make the passersby aware of some things.

Some rumors were slowly spreading around the capital of Great Jing.

"Have you heard? Young Master Wenyu did indeed marry the little girl from Yuchi Family."

"Really? "No wonder it was so frequent in the past few days!"

"How could that be? She's obviously the great wife of the General Pei who forcefully married the Yuchi Family!"

"Nonsense, General Pei is our Great Jing's War God, how could he fall for a married woman … Furthermore, he has just returned to the capital, so how could he do such a thing? "

"Wrong, wrong!" You are all wrong, it was the General Pei who forced the great lady of Yuchi Family to marry the Young Master Wenyu! "

"I did!" General Pei would never do such a thing, it must be the wife who sold Yuchi Family! "

"Yuchi Family is the wealthiest in the entire Great Jing, they have countless of riches and glory, how could they do such a thing?"

"If I were to say, it should be that person from the Yuchi Family that is restless, unsatisfied with the wealth in the Yuchi Family. He wants to rush into the General Pei, so …"

Everyone had their own opinions and arguments, but very few people knew the truth.

Amidst these rumors and slander, Gu Wangshu went from the Yuchi Family to the General Mansion.

Dusk was the perfect time to pay respects.

This wedding was very rushed, and because Pei Mufeng had passed away, Pei Xingyun did not invite a single guest. He just sat there, waiting for the new arrival.

Just as Gu Wangshu got off the palanquin, someone stuck a hard wooden plate into his hands.

Under the cover of the hood, Gu Wangshu stopped in his tracks, puzzled.

Uncle Fu stood at the side and explained with a sorrowful tone: "This is Second Young Master, Young Master Gu, please take care of this matter."

"Two …" Second Young Master? Young Master Wenyu? "He …"

Gu Wangshu clenched the wooden plate tightly, his head exploding, this, this wooden plate was Pei Mufeng?

How did Pei Mufeng become a wooden plate? Could it be … Yes, spirit tablet?

Pei Mufeng... Was he already dead?

Thinking about it, Gu Wangshu's entire body became clever, and he immediately raised his head.

His movements were halted by Uncle Fu who held onto his wrist tightly, not allowing him to move an inch.

"Young Master Gu, please kowtow first before lifting your head!"

When Gu Wangshu thought about how he had yet to return to the Yuchi Family, and how he could only remain in a stalemate with the Uncle Fu for a while before giving up.

He could only hug the cold wooden tablet in his arms tightly.

He had gotten married with Yuchi Weirann once before, so he knew all the procedures for the marriage.

Gu Wangshu suddenly spoke: "Wait?"

Separated by the veil, he could not see what the General Pei looked like. All he heard was a deep and mellow voice asking, "What's wrong?"

Gu Wangshu took a deep breath, gathered his courage, and said: "Since I have already succeeded in marrying into the General Mansion, then, shouldn't this General Pei let this go?"

"Not yet?"

Gu Wangshu heard the voice carry a hint of coldness, repeated Yuchi Weirann's name, and then heard the approaching footsteps: "You call his in so intimately … Could it be that you have forgotten your current identity? "

Pei Xingyun's eyebrows congealed, and as he spoke, he reached out without any warning and took off the veil over Gu Wangshu's head.

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