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Pei Xingyun was stunned, suddenly he remembered that when he asked Shu Qi about Gu Wangshu, Shu Qi said that he knew how to describe Gu Wangshu - 'clear water on the snow river, you in the empty valleys'.

Even he, who did not like words and writing, felt that such nice sentences were really suitable for Gu Wangshu.

This youth... Her skin was extremely white and her expression was cold. Her thin body just stood there, giving off a clear and delicate feeling. She was very beautiful.

If such a young man were to laugh, what would his appearance be like?

Pei Xingyun had been in war all year round, and his mind was very firm. He was only in a trance for a moment before he came back to his senses. He frowned and snorted: "Gu Wangshu, this general does not wish to hear the name of that pretty boy from your mouth again.

Pei Xingyun's appearance was very similar to Young Master Wenyu's, it was flawless. Moreover, he was tall, with broad shoulders and a broad body. Adding the Evil Qi from the battlefield along with the faintly discernible killing intent, once he stood near, he did not need to speak, it would give people a lot of pressure.

Just by looking at him, Gu Wangshu had a kind of uncontrollable uneasiness in his heart. He was a little nervous, but even so, he still remembered the truth of Yuchi Weirann at the hands of the General Pei.

The hand that was hugging the spirit tablet tightened, Gu Wangshu didn't know where he got the courage from, but he stubbornly and resolutely looked at Pei Xingyun: "As long as you don't give up … Young master Yuchi, I naturally won't have anything to do with him. "

Pei Xingyun scoffed, "This general is a man of his word. I will keep my word. What's more …" He paused here. He didn't know why, but for some reason, he didn't say that Yuchi Weirann was not under his control at all … Instead, he warned Gu Wangshu, "Remember this general, now that you are a person of my Pei Family, you must be loyal to Mufeng for your entire life. If this general finds out that you are working with that pretty boy from my Yuchi Family, don't blame me for being merciless!"

The moment Pei Xingyun said that he would keep his promise, Gu Wangshu knew that General Pei would not make things difficult for him anymore.

Gu Wangshu acted as if he did not hear Pei Xingyun's warning and only bowed, "Then, thank you very much general."

With that, he gestured to the cultured youth in front of him to take him away.

Pei Xingyun was in disbelief.

Gu Wangshu actually ignored his warning?


Pei Xingyun took a few steps forward and reached out his hand to block Gu Wangshu's path: "Have you remembered what this general said before?"

Gu Wangshu lowered his head, looked at the spirit tablet in his hands, and said indifferently: "I, Wu Shu, will remember your teachings."

Gu Wangshu's reaction made him feel very depressed … It was like punching into cotton.

"Is there anything else, General?"

Seeing that Pei Xingyun only stopped him and did not speak, Gu Wangshu asked again.

Pei Xingyun shook his head: "If there's nothing else, then go."

Watching Gu Wangshu's figure slowly disappear into the distance, Pei Xingyun revealed a trace of sadness on his face.

This person was the person that his brother loved more than life itself.

It was because of this person that his little brother passed away early. Should he torture him to reunite with Mufeng as soon as possible, or should it be as Mufeng wished to let him go and make him happy?

But, with Mufeng dead, who would be able to make that person happy? Not at all!

Pei Xingyun sighed, he raised his head and looked into the distance, and asked the people that had passed away:

Mufeng, big brother has already helped you marry the person you like, are you happy?

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