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C15 Resentment

Pei Mufeng had not been buried.

His corpse was changed into a wedding dress and placed in his room.

When Shu Qi led Gu Wangshu into Pei Mufeng's room, they could not help but cry out loud.

The veil over Gu Wangshu's head had long ago been removed by Pei Xingyun and there was nothing that covered his line of sight.

When he saw Pei Mufeng's corpse, he staggered a few steps back.

"This... "This …"

Shu Qi wiped away his tears: "Marrying the Young Madame is Second Young Master's wish. Eldest Young Master said that after fulfilling Young Master's wish, then … "Again …" He was Pei Mufeng's personal attendant, so he naturally had the deepest relationship with Pei Mufeng. After they finished talking, left the room in grief, unable to continue any further.

They've gone too far.

But... The dead were the strong, furthermore, they had already been settled. Gu Wangshu could only endure!

"Young Madame... You, stay with the young master and I will go down. "

This was what Pei Xingyun had instructed before. After the newbies were done with their gifts, no one was allowed to disturb Gu Wangshu and Pei Mufeng.

In the end, Pei Xingyun still somewhat hated Gu Wangshu from the bottom of his heart.

He even hoped to kill Gu Wangshu and bury him with Pei Mufeng, but in the end, he restrained himself.

His brother had suffered a painful death, why was it so easy for Gu Wangshu to die?

Gu Wangshu was not a woman, he was a brother, and there were four times every year when he was in heat. Pei Xingyun firmly believed that he would not have to wait too long for that day to come.

After Shu Qi left, he left a lock outside the room, locking Gu Wangshu's and Pei Mufeng's corpses within.

That silent Pei Mufeng on the bed who had not breathed and who had a deathly pale complexion made the bottom of Gu Wangshu's heart turn cold.

Trembling, he placed the spirit tablet in his hand onto the table. Under the white candlelight, he could faintly make out the three words Pei Mufeng.

Gu Wangshu slowly calmed down, his slender hands caressing the three words on the spirit tablet, his heart full of helplessness and resentment.

"Pei, Mu, Feng."

Why did Pei Mufeng fall in love with him, and want to marry him? He had only made direct contact with Pei Mufeng once.

If possible, he would rather never meet Pei Mufeng before, a person who he didn't take to heart in the slightest, and changed his fate.

"I hate you."

In the end, this farce originated from him.

The current Gu Wangshu was unable to understand Pei Mufeng's feelings, so naturally, he would not pity his early death. He only resented the shackles placed on his body because of Pei Mufeng.

After saying that, Gu Wangshu no longer wanted to look at Pei Mufeng's spirit tablet again … Of course, he would not dare to look at the corpse on the bed for too long.

The wedding night was one of the four great happy events in life, but at this moment, it looked just like this. It was probably the coldest night in the world.

Gu Wangshu did not eat that night, but sat on the chair and slept for a night. The next day, he was woke up very early, and Pei Mufeng's corpse was moved to the ancestral hall.

Gu Wangshu stayed there for another day and night. When he couldn't eat or drink, on the second night of his General Mansion, he passed out.

"brother is trouble! Men are not men, women are not women, and yet you are so weak! " Because of Pei Mufeng's death, Pei Xingyun's mood had always been low.

However, even though he said those words, Pei Xingyun still ordered his men to bring Gu Wangshu down for a rest.

When Gu Wangshu woke up, he was already buried.

When Gu Wangshu heard this news, he did not have much of a reaction. At this time, it wasn't only the people with General Mansion that felt sad, it was also very sad for himself.

After Pei Mufeng's burial, the people from the General Mansion seemed to have returned to their former orderly lifestyle. Only, at that time, the one who owned the General Mansion was Pei Mufeng, and now, it was Pei Xingyun who had returned from the border.

"Young Madame, the general is waiting for you to eat. Go quickly, if you are too late, the general will be angry."

After Pei Mufeng died, his personal bookkeeper Shu Qi became the person who took care of him.

Gu Wangshu really didn't like the name 'Young Madame'. "Call me Young Master Gu."

"This is impolite... Young Master Gu, can you please accompany me to eat? " Gu Wangshu's temperament was originally as cold as ice and snow, and now that he looked at Shu Qi with a stern face, Shu Qi felt a chill coming from the bottom of his heart, and had no choice but to compromise.

"I don't want to eat outside, Shu Qi, help me bring the food over, I will eat inside the house." The unforeseen events in this period of time had caused him to become somewhat closed off.

"This... In the past, when the Second Young Master was here, he always ate with the general … "Therefore, the general probably won't agree …"

"Don't worry about it, just go and get some food. When the general blames you, I'll carry it." Gu Wangshu felt that this was just a matter of a meal, and thought that General Pei would not bother with him, but he did not know, that in Pei Xingyun's eyes, this was not a matter of a meal, but a matter of his dignity.

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