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C18 Natural Control

After making a decision in his heart, Gu Wangshu casually said those words.

He stayed in Pei Mufeng's study room to read the entire morning.

The more he looked, the more he admired Pei Mufeng.

Pei Mufeng was truly a heaven warping genius, the annotations in the books were all very ingenious, and often, there were no lack of wonderful ideas that differed from the people of this world. He was different from everyone he had interacted with in this era, and was even on par with the senior he knew before he came to Yuchi Weirann's home.

If Pei Mufeng was lucky enough to meet that senior, he was afraid that they would also become close friends! Pei Mufeng made Gu Wangshu think of that senior. Unfortunately, ever since he married into the Great Jing Capital, that senior had never seen him again, and that senior even gave him something.

As for Pei Mufeng, other than having such talent, he also had such an outstanding appearance. It was no wonder that he would be secretly admired by a girl like Yuchi Weiwei.

If Pei Mufeng was not sick, if he had not met Yuchi Weirann first, this kind of man might not have been able to make him fall in love with him.

In fact … If Pei Mufeng was still alive and he married himself like this, Gu Wangshu didn't know if he would change his heart or not.

It was a pity that the gifted youth was already dead.

"Young Madame, it's time for lunch. Let's go as soon as possible so that the general won't be angry."

Although Gu Wangshu and he had only met twice, they had both separated on bad terms. This time, he did not want to anger Pei Xingyun again, so after hearing Shu Qi's words, Gu Wangshu immediately closed the book, stood up and straightened his robes: "Let's go."

The General Mansion was very big, but it was very spacious and the servants were pitifully few.

Walking in the courtyard, he could see that everything was deserted.

This was the same as the servants of the Yuchi Family, the beautiful servants are as common as the clouds, completely incomparable.

General Mansion clearly does not lack money, how can they not recruit people? Gu Wangshu would never have thought that the reason was because of General Pei Xingyun, he did not like the people in the's home. Maybe it was because he had been a general for too long, his territorial awareness was much stronger than others.

Gu Wangshu's punctual appearance made Pei Xingyun somewhat satisfied. He thought to himself that this new 'sister-in-law' actually had some good points.

He had already thought about it. Gu Wangshu was someone that Pei Mufeng liked, and was a young man as well, so even though he had killed many people on the battlefield, he felt that it was beneath him to kill a child like Gu Wangshu. Furthermore, he had no way of giving Gu Wangshu happiness.

Since he couldn't do it, he could only let nature take its course.

There was no need for him to intentionally make things difficult for Gu Wangshu, nor would he please him.

But his bottom line was that once Gu Wangshu entered the General Mansion, he would become Pei Mufeng's person, and would be someone from the General Mansion. Although he had heard of the deep relationship between Gu Wangshu and himself, he would never allow Gu Wangshu to have anything to do with him … If Gu Wangshu had been carrying him on his back, colluding with others, and acted in a slightly more disrespectful manner, then he could not be blamed for being ruthless.

Just like this, Pei Xingyun did not want to make things difficult for Gu Wangshu, and Gu Wangshu also did not want to make Pei Xingyun angry.

Just as Shu Qi was about to take his leave, within the General Mansion, Uncle Fu, the butler who had watched Pei Xingyun grow up, came.

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