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C19 Contrast

Uncle Fu was already very old, with white hair and a lot of wrinkles on his face, but his eyes looked very energetic.

When Pei Xingyun saw Uncle Fu, he was slightly surprised. "Uncle Fu, why are you here?"

Uncle Fu was an old steward who had been serving Pei Family for the third generation. Pei Xingyun and Pei Mufeng were both brought up by this old steward, and Uncle Fu was like their other father.

"Eldest Young Master, Young Madame, this old servant has something to say."

Uncle Fu spoke until here and paused for a moment, then continued: "In the past, our General Mansion did not have any family members, so this old servant will take care of the affairs of the palace, but now, since the Young Madame has entered, even if he is the master of the Inner Palace, in the future,, please take charge of everything regarding the General Mansion."

Gu Wangshu started to suspect if he had heard wrongly. "You … You want me to manage General Mansion? "

Previously at Yuchi Family, because Yuchi Weirann was the only son and the boss of Yuchi Family, Gu Wangshu wanted to take care of Yuchi Weirann's worries by participating in Yuchi Family, but Old Madam Yuchi refused to give him any rights. In the end, he was also happy and at ease, and stopped thinking about it.

To General Mansion... From the start of his life, he had never thought about how the General Mansion would treat him. With his great authority in the General Mansion, was it really appropriate to just hand over the backyard to a remarried person like him?

Gu Wangshu shifted his questioning gaze towards General Pei. Unexpectedly, Pei Xingyun actually agreed, "Uncle Fu is right. When there are no female disciples in the past, Uncle Fu has worked hard for most of his life.

"It doesn't matter if this old servant is tired, I just hope that General has long been married and will be able to help our Pei Family." As the Uncle Fu spoke, his eyes swept across Gu Wangshu's body meaningfully, but Gu Wangshu did not notice it. He was only thinking: Could it be … So he just like that, without doing anything, he already infiltrated the inner parts of General Mansion?

Pei Xingyun did not notice the Uncle Fu's gaze and only shook his head: "What's so good about women, they're delicate and weak, yet they're being taken care of. I'm going to the battlefield, fighting in the army, how can I have the time to care about them.

Uncle Fu agreed and nodded. That was why he felt that his family's general and Young Madame were quite compatible.

Forget about their looks, just's identity as a brother … After Pei Mufeng died, the Uncle Fu wanted to stop Pei Xingyun from marrying Gu Wangshu into the General Mansion, but he did not succeed. He had initially thought that since Gu Wangshu had married into the General Mansion, he would ruin his entire life. He felt that this child was rather pitiful, but after seeing Gu Wangshu and Pei Xingyun eating together peacefully, a new idea popped up in his mind.

He knew that among the many minority clans, after his father died, his son could accept those concubines that were not his biological parents but rather, her brother could take care of his sister-in-law … Then, Pei Mufeng unluckily passed away early, could Pei Xingyun take care of this brother who had just entered the door?

All these years, Pei Xingyun had always been good to all the girls and brother, and had never interacted with them before. Now that he had this opportunity, letting him get along with a decent brother, the Uncle Fu felt that this might be a good thing.

"Then General, you can marry a brother that you like." The Uncle Fu said meaningfully.

Pei Xingyun was most afraid of Uncle Fu saying all this and hurriedly ran away. Uncle Fu looked at his back and felt it was both funny and helpless.

"Eldest Young Master doesn't like the fact that there are many outsiders in the manor, so there are very few servants in the General Mansion. There is this old man, Big Aunt Zhang from the kitchen, Second Young Master's errand boy Chess Chess, and also Uncle Nong who prunes the flowers and plants in Second Young Master's courtyard. There are only this many people in the general assembly and it is easily managed. If Young Madame has anything she doesn't understand, she can directly ask this old man. "

Although there were not many people in General Mansion, Gu Wangshu still felt quite a bit of pressure.

"This is the account book of the mansion in the past few years. Look at it, in the future, you can pay according to the rules."


"This is the key to the storage room. It's for the antiques and paintings that the second young master has kept, as well as the armors and other valuables that the eldest young master has kept. You must keep them well and not lose them."


The trust that the Uncle Fu and Pei Xingyun had in Gu Wangshu made Gu Wangshu feel that it was extremely inconceivable … He could be considered to be holding a grudge to marry into General Mansion. Could it be that Pei Xingyun and Uncle Fu aren't afraid of him defeating his General Mansion in a fit of rage?

Even the Old Madame Yuchi was unwilling to believe him, so on the second day of his arrival, she handed over the key to the warehouse.

The contrast was ironic in his eyes.

Gu Wangshu looked at Uncle Fu with a complicated gaze, but Uncle Fu seemed to have seen through his thoughts, and laughed:

"This old man has lived for so many years. I can't do anything else, but judging from the eyes of others, I can …" Furthermore, that child Mufeng is not an idiot. " When Pei Mufeng was mentioned, the Uncle Fu was obviously depressed. However, very quickly, he regained his composure, "The eldest young master has lost his mother since he was young, and the old general is always at war with him … That's why he has a bad temper, but he actually has a good heart. He is just like a big child, as long as you follow his instructions, there will be no big issues. In the future, I ask that you, Young Madame, take more responsibility. "

"Uncle Fu, you are too serious." Gu Wangshu had always been respected by others by ten feet, and this Uncle Fu had been extremely good to him the moment he appeared. He also could not bear to forget the good intentions of this old man, furthermore, compared to the Old Madame Yuchi, Pei Xingyun was extremely easy to get along with.

"This way, this old man can relax …" Then Young Madame, you can do what you need to, if you need anything, just ask Shu Qi to call for me. "

"Alright, Uncle Fu, take care to rest more. I will do my best to settle the matters at home."

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