King & Queen of Another World/C2 Act on One's Own Initiative
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King & Queen of Another World/C2 Act on One's Own Initiative
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C2 Act on One's Own Initiative

The people from the Yuchi Family were simply too reckless.

When Gu Wangshu and Yuchi Weiwei arrived at the backyard, they saw a white-clothed gongzi, Gu Wangshu was already furious.

Yuchi Weiwei had only just reached her age, and she already let her meet with the Young Master Wenyu in private so brazenly. Truly … Gu Wangshu really didn't know what to say about people with Yuchi Family.

He paused in his steps, and said to Yuchi Weiwei: "Weiwei, I presume that's the Young Master Wenyu. Go over there, I'll wait for you here."

At this time, Yuchi Weiwei was somewhat unwilling. She looked at the snow-white figure in the pavilion in the backyard and knitted her brows slightly: "Big Brother Gu, why is he so thin? It's as if she's about to fly up with just a gust of wind … Aiya, he began to cough. Everyone, everyone said that he had a dignified appearance, didn't they? How could it be so sickly? could he be a fake Young Master Wenyu? "

In between Yuchi Weiwei's brows, there was a clear and dense amount of disgust.

Gu Wangshu's breathing paused for a moment, "I heard that Young Master Wenyu has always carried a serious illness, so it is only natural for his body to be weak … Weiwei, you … Didn't you always want to see him? "

Yuchi Weiwei frowned, her bright and beautiful eyes turned round and round: "Brother Gu, as a girl who has yet to leave the pavilion, it's not good for me to see the man outside, luckily you are already big brother's man, other men probably wouldn't have any thoughts towards you, why don't you help me meet Young Master Pei, I'll take a look in the dark."

"But …" But didn't your brother inviting Young Master Pei here in the hope that Young Master Pei would fall for you and propose for marriage? "

Yuchi Weiwei pouted and shook her head: "Who said I want to marry him? "I haven't taken a fancy to him yet. You lure him here first, I'll take a look first before making my decision."

After that, Yuchi Weiwei did not wait for Gu Wangshu's response and directly pushed him out. Gu Wangshu did not check for a while, and staggered a few steps forward, and almost fell down, which also caused some movement, attracting the attention of the white robed man in the pavilion. The white robed man turned his head and looked at Gu Wangshu.

Gu Wangshu turned his head to look for Yuchi Weiwei, but realized that his sister-in-law had already hid behind the wall.

This stubborn girl, who knows how much effort her brother spent to get Young Master Wenyu to come here, in the end, she actually thought he was sick and weak, and didn't want to see him anymore?

Gu Wangshu was a little angry at Yuchi Weiwei's decision, but he had already been seen by Young Master Wenyu, so he could not turn around and leave. He could only stand straight, and awkwardly smile at Young Master Wenyu.

And it was only now that Gu Wangshu realized, that other people saying that the Young Master Wenyu was a noble and powerful man, a genius, was not really a rumor.

The two of them were separated by a distance. Although Gu Wangshu could not see the Young Master Wenyu's face clearly, just by looking at the other party's slender and graceful body, he knew that the other party was not an existence in the lake.

Gu Wangshu was still sizing up the other party when he leisurely walked over. The other party's footsteps were slow and rhythmic, and only when he got near, did Gu Wangshu realize that the other party's face was also very handsome, except that he was a little too skinny. The only difference was that his cheekbones were high, and his face was pale and sickly.

"With clear water, a hibiscus is born. It naturally goes to carve. This lotus flower is actually colorless in front of a young lady. Is this young lady Yuchi?"

This guy … Did she think of him as Yuchi Weiwei? Gu Wangshu was still thinking about how to deal with this when Yuchi Weiwei, who pushed him out just now, walked out from behind with light footsteps. "Sister-in-law, why are you here? Big brother is looking for you right now. "

After she finished speaking, she blushed and looked at the young master in white shyly, "This humble one, Yuchi Weiwei, greets Young Master Wenyu. This Young Master Wenyu is well."

Young Master Wenyu was slightly startled, then bowed towards Yuchi Weiwei and said, "Lady Yuchi greets you."

Although Gu Wangshu did not know why Yuchi Weiwei had returned, but seeing that the atmosphere between Yuchi Weiwei and the Young Master Wenyu was good, he heaved a sigh of relief. He nodded towards the Young Master Wenyu and said, "Young Master Wenyu is too kind, I am the Madam of the House, not you. After he finished speaking, he hurriedly left, and immediately threw the matter of Yuchi Weiwei and the Young Master Wenyu to the back of his mind. He only wondered why Yuchi Weirann was looking for him.

However, he did not know that such a small incident, such a casual meeting, had changed his entire life.

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