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C20 Avoiding

Gu Wangshu had just arrived and was not very familiar with the general. After he had received the General Mansion from the Uncle Fu, he spent half a month before slowly merging into the General Mansion.

As for Pei Xingyun, who had returned from the border trial two years ago, for some reason, he did not return to the border trial either.

Therefore, Gu Wangshu normally only needed to look at the shops opened by the Uncle Fu outside, pay attention to the harvests given to him by the Emperor as well as the Pei Xingyun's salary and monthly expenses for the family, and also the expenses for his daily necessities and living expenses. Everything else was fine.

In the beginning, he would think of Yuchi Weirann from time to time and would even feel heartbroken. However, after a while, he also learned to suppress his sadness and longing to the bottom of his heart. After all, this world wasn't a world where one couldn't live after leaving one's side … Furthermore, taking advantage of the shop that he was familiar with, he secretly inquired about the situation of Yuchi Family. Yuchi Weirann, who had his wife snatched away by General Mansion, was pitied by many people, and many of the girls who were secretly in love with him threw out olive branches at Yuchi Family one after another.

This is good, Gu Wangshu is willing to let it go.

He wanted to learn how to forget about Yuchi Weirann and forget about his love for his. Only then, would it be the best choice for him and Yuchi Weirann.

In fact, Gu Wangshu had been living a very leisurely life, even more so than when he was at the Yuchi Family. He was afraid of provoking the Old Madame Yuchi, and would even occasionally try to curry favor with Yuchi Weiwei, but in the General Mansion, other than Pei Xingyun and the Uncle Fu, no one would dare to say a word no to him. However, normally speaking, as long as he acted according to the rules, Pei Xingyun would not care about him.

In this half a month, whenever he was free, Gu Wangshu would go to Pei Mufeng's study room to take a seat.

Because he had stayed in Pei Mufeng's study room for a relatively long period of time, Shu Qi also made a small change to Pei Mufeng's study room. He added a soft couch inside, allowing him to directly lie down and rest when he was tired.

Out of all the books that Pei Mufeng had left behind, forty percent of them were pretty, sixty percent weren't pretty, and the ones that were annotated by him were also very interesting, so Gu Wangshu was always engrossed in them.

These days, Shu Qi accompanied him in the study to read, but he was always disturbed by Shu Qi. Today, Shu Qi felt a little fidgety about sitting there, which made him a little curious.

Shu Qi used to be by Pei Mufeng's side, he was well-educated, treated his master with care, and was loyal, honest and naive.

He did not resent Gu Wangshu at all because of his death. Instead, it was because Gu Wangshu was someone that Pei Mufeng liked, and was especially nice to Gu Wangshu.

Gu Wangshu had seen all that he had done for Gu Wangshu, so he treated Gu Wangshu like his own little brother.

Now that he saw Shu Qi who seemed to be in a daze and out of sorts, he simply put down the book in his hand and gently asked:

"Shu Qi, did you encounter some kind of problem? If there's anything you need help with, just say it directly. "

Shu Qi was startled, then his face immediately flushed red as he shook his head: "No … "Nothing."

Who the hell would believe that something was wrong with his abnormal appearance?

"Did something happen in the General Mansion today that I don't know about?"

Gu Wangshu asked casually.

Shu Qi lowered his eyebrows and nodded: "Mn, today, an esteemed guest is coming from General Mansion. Eldest Young Master ordered Young Master Gu to excuse himself."

Esteemed guest?


Gu Wangshu frowned, could it be that this was the reason why Shu Qi reacted so strangely … Why did Pei Xingyun let him escape? Could it be that Pei Xingyun was the same as Madame Yuchi, and felt that his identity was shameful, or was it that he was a shameful person?

However … Forget it, it's fine to just avoid them. He was not interested in meeting Pei Xingyun's esteemed guest, Pei Xingyun's esteemed guest, aren't they people with status and position in the Great Jing …

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