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"A few days ago, there was a snowstorm in the south of the city. This king was sent by the Royal Father to provide relief, but who would have thought that the moment I returned, I would hear about Mufeng's incident."

Within the General Mansion, two imposing men were walking towards Pei Mufeng's courtyard, talking as they walked.

One of the two men was General Pei Pei Xingyun, who was dressed in a light green robe with green bamboos embroidered on the sides. Compared to his usual handsome appearance, he looked more handsome, and the other man was dressed in a black robe that was as sharp as a knife. His appearance was extremely handsome, and a normal black robe gave him an indescribably noble and elegant appearance.

"Sigh, the dead have passed away, for Mufeng to be like that, could be considered to be a relief … Sixth Master need not worry about him, but I heard that the famous genius doctor Duan Zicong appeared in Jiangnan a while ago. Have you ever seen him? "

"How could it be so easy to find a Godly Doctor?" The current Sixth Prince that was called Sixth Master had a gloomy expression on his face, his black eyes looked forward, and in front of him, there was an exquisite youth dressed in white, jumping around while hooking onto the Plum Blossom Branch in Pei Mufeng's courtyard.

Pei Xingyun also followed his gaze and looked over: "I believe there will be a divine doctor in Seventh Master sooner or later."

Heelian Mingzhao raised his eyebrows, and his noble dignity and resolution was instantly revealed. "So what if we don't meet? Even if Xiao Qi has always been such a fool, this king will still protect him! "

Pei Xingyun didn't say anything, he only sighed. If he had a choice, he would rather Pei Mufeng be an idiot than have Pei Mufeng get such an illness and lose his life at such a young age …

"In the past, when they were at the palace, many palace maid Eunuch had secretly bullied Xiao Qi, until this king opened up to bring Xiao Qi out. However, even so, on the surface, most people seemed to not point at Xiao Qi, but they still spoke ill of him behind his back. Just you and Mufeng, you were truly nice to Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi really liked Mufeng. "The affairs of the world are really messing with me …"

"Wind, wind …" Xiao Qi is here, "

Just as he finished speaking, the white-clothed youth in front of him was like a white butterfly, quickly running into the house. After circling around and failing to find the person he was looking for, he came out aggrievedly and ran to the side of Sixth Prince's Heelian Mingzhao, "Big brother, big brother, the wind has disappeared, sob sob, I want to find the wind …"

Pei Xingyun felt a lump in his throat, he clenched his hands under his sleeves and spoke with a hoarse voice," Xiao Qi, Feng Feng Ji has gone far … Xiao Qi be good, when Feng Feng comes back, I will let Feng Feng look for you to play.

"Liar, liar! You lied to me, Feng Feng is not far away, Feng Feng is playing hide and seek with Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi wants to find Feng Feng … " When he finished speaking to Seventh Prince Heelian Mingfeng, he turned around and ran away.

Both Heelian Mingzhao and Pei Xingyun were not afraid of Heelian Mingfeng getting into trouble here, so the two of them sat down in the courtyard of Pei Mufeng.

"I heard …" Princess Mingfaang, she wants to marry … "

"Yes, the Royal Father's edict has been written, and she personally requested for it. It was all thanks to you that Ming Faang was able to accomplish anything. "

"Hehe, I actually didn't really interfere much in this matter …" However, at that time, our General Mansion will definitely present a great gift. "

"This temper of yours …" "But really …"

"Sixth Master understands me, hahahaha …"

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