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C23 Apoplexy

"Once upon a time, there was a little mermaid …"

"Elder brother deity, what is a mermaid?"

"Mermaid, it's a mermaid …" "They have no legs, but fish tails instead. They grow up in the sea and cannot leave the water. They are also very beautiful …"

"Is she as pretty as big brother deity?"

"Ugh …" Gu Wangshu paused for a moment, then smiled: "No, it's as pretty as Xiao Qi."

"That little mermaid, she likes to go out to the sea to play. One day, a prince …"

"Prince? I know, I know, big brother Daoist Xian, the prince is the prince right? A prince just like brother? "

These words startled Gu Wangshu.

His brother was a prince?

Then, wasn't he a prince as well?

A foolish prince … Could it be that he was the retarded Seventh Prince that everyone was talking about in the capital?

So it was Seventh Prince, no wonder he was called Xiao Qi … Could it be that the Feng Feng he was talking about, was Pei Mufeng?

After knowing his identity, Gu Wangshu frowned and looked at Seventh Prince with difficulty. For someone with such an esteemed identity, if something were to go wrong with him, he really couldn't afford it. He didn't know how Pei Xingyun did it, but Seventh Prince, who had a bad brain, would run all the way here by himself.

"Big Brother Immortal, what's wrong?" Did Xiao Qi say something wrong? Immortal brother, quickly tell Xiao Qi a story … "

"Oh …" "Alright, I just said that the little mermaid met the prince. The prince's boat was swept away by the waves and the prince fell into the sea. The little mermaid saved the prince and brought him to shore …"

After Gu Wangshu found out the identity of the Seventh Prince, there was less contact between them … He felt that as a prince, Xiao Qi didn't need his pity. Putting away his unnecessary sympathy, Gu Wangshu began to tell the story in a straight forward fashion.

After an unknown period of time, a cold voice suddenly sounded. "Xiao Qi, it's time for us to return."

Looking up, he realized that Pei Xingyun was standing by the side of the door with a handsome man dressed in black robes. The man dressed in black was just standing there quietly, without saying a word, he had an indescribable sense of respect and coldness. This person … It should be Xiao Qi's big brother, but I don't know which prince it is …

From the appearances of these two princes, it could be seen that the royal family's genes were indeed excellent. The children they gave birth to were also very good-looking.

When he saw Pei Xingyun and the unknown prince, Gu Wangshu's mind thought of something and pretended that he did not know Xiao Qi's identity. He stood up and bowed to Pei Xingyun: "Big brother."

Pei Xingyun frowned as he looked at him. It was obvious that he was somewhat dissatisfied with him, "Hurry up and greet Sixth Master and Seventh Master."

"Greetings Sixth Master, Seventh Master."

"No need to be so polite." Then, he said to Xiao Qi, "Xiao Qi, it's getting late. We have to return home … Don't forget what you promised me before you left. "

Anyone could hear the threat in his words. The youth in white immediately scrunched his delicate face into a frown. "Good or bad brother."

Then, he looked pitifully at Gu Wangshu: "Big Brother Immortal … Xiao Qi is leaving, why don't you go back with Xiao Qi? "

These words caused the hearts of the other three to jump.

From the Yuchi Family to the General Mansion, Gu Wangshu's heart was in shadow. Sixth Prince's identity was not ordinary, if Pei Xingyun really made the decision to give him to the Seventh Prince … It wouldn't be surprising.

He was somewhat worried.

The hand under her sleeve tightened as she looked at Pei Xingyun.

Pei Xingyun's face was terrifyingly dark, he glared fiercely at him, but before he could say anything, he immediately lowered his eyes, feeling a little more at ease. It seemed that Pei Xingyun did not have that intention right now.

At this time, Sixth Prince Heelian Mingzhao said: "Nonsense, he is your favorite new wife, how can he come to our residence?"

When he said that, other than Seventh Prince, the other two people heaved a sigh of relief.

"Obediently return with me …" "Big brother will also bring you to find big brother deity next time."

Heelian Mingzhao said as he meaningfully looked at Gu Wangshu.

Gu Wangshu was frightened witless by his glance... He had a premonition that he was going to be in trouble. His future days might not be as leisurely as before.

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