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C25 Joyous News

The Fourth Prince had long since left the Imperial Palace to open a mansion after being sealed with the Peace King.

When he arrived at the Peace Duke Palace, Gu Wangshu handed over the invitation and was immediately led in.

The Duke Palaces were truly worthy of being called the Duke Palaces. They were magnificent, and although it could not compare to the exquisite Yuchi Family, they still carried a noble aura, causing one to feel a sense of awe when looking at them.

"Fifth Madam, the Young Madame of General Mansion has arrived."

Gu Wangshu only saw a girl dressed in pink sitting in front of him. There was a golden hairpin stuck in her hair.

"Yo …" Sister-in-law, you finally came … Ah no, you are no longer my sister-in-law. It should be said that Mrs. Pei, you have come.

The girl turned her head, revealing a round oval face with an innocent and adorable face. However, the malicious smile on her face was not at all innocent and adorable.

It was her! Yuchi Weiwei! When did she become the fifth wife of the Fourth Prince?

"You … When did you become a parent... "I actually do not know. If I did …" The person Gu Wangshu wanted to meet was Yuchi Weiwei, and for a moment, he was at a loss.

"Heh, there are a lot of things that Mrs. Pei doesn't know … Weiwei marrying into the Duke Palace was not a big deal, how could she dare to disturb her sister-in-law … Mrs. Pei, hehe … Today, I have invited you here to inform you of a good news. "

Looking at Yuchi Weiwei's bottomless black pupils, Gu Wangshu felt an uncomfortable feeling. He instinctively did not want to know what Yuchi Weiwei had to say, because Yuchi Weiwei's expression did not seem to have any good intentions.

Yuchi Weiwei had always hated him, so now that he was invited, it was probably a Hong Gate banquet. Gu Wangshu frowned, and already started to think about how to escape … Honestly speaking, regardless of whether Yuchi Weiwei meant well or not, he was not interested in what Yuchi Weiwei had to say. However, regardless of whether Yuchi Weiwei was interested or not, she opened her mouth and smiled:

"Seven days later, when the Second Princess and the Princess Mingfaang get married, don't forget to give his a big present."

Second Princess's grand wedding? What did it have to do with him?

Oh, right, as the master of the Inner Palace in General Mansion, he should indeed prepare a present for the princess' wedding.

Just as Gu Wangshu was wondering, Yuchi Weiwei walked up to him, pointed at him with her bright red nutmeg dyed finger, and said softly: "My brother, I finally found my true love this time … No matter what you say, you have to congratulate... Gu Wangshu, only the princess is fit to be my sister-in-law, you? "What the heck is that thing!"

As she said that, Yuchi Weiwei pushed her away suddenly, causing the absent-minded Gu Wangshu to stagger back a few steps. Her long fingers also drew a line of blood on Gu Wangshu's face.

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