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C28 Homecoming

When the chess piece at the door of the Peace Duke Palace saw the wound on Gu Wangshu's face, its expression immediately changed.

"Young Master Gu... "Your face …"

Gu Wangshu did not take the wound to heart, but he did not see it. Although the wound was not big, there were traces of blood on his especially white face.

Seeing that another person was talking about the injuries on its face, Gu Wangshu really wanted to touch it. However, he resisted, and only shook his head: "It's fine, let's go back first."

The brother was relatively more precious in terms of Great Jing, so a majority of the people were very tolerant and protective towards the brother. Although they wanted to say something, they hesitated to speak, and their eyes were filled with worry, but in the end, they did not say anything. They helped Gu Wangshu get on the carriage, looked at the Peace Duke Palace, and left.

She was still thinking about how to persuade her future sister-in-law to attack Gu Wangshu. However, thinking about how the princess only had such deep feelings for her brother, it should be easy for her to persuade the other party to attack Gu Wangshu.

However, Yuchi Weiwei did not know, that at this time, Sixth Prince was talking about her to Fourth Prince: "I heard Fourth Brother took in a concubine a few days ago?"

"Yeah, I saw it at Ming Faang's place a while ago. Her appearance is pretty good, and her family background is not bad too … Although she didn't have a position in the court, she was still the sister of the richest man in the world, so she married her back. Sixth Brother is interested? If you are interested, I will send someone to send you to the manor tomorrow? "

Heelian Mingzhao shook his head: "That's not the case, it's just that merchants value their profits. At Xingyun's place, if they can sell their wives for glory, that woman will inevitably never have the day where he can sell you."

Fourth Prince laughed out loud: "How can such a little girl overturn the heavens?"

As he spoke, he recalled the matter of Yuchi Weirann selling his wife, begging for honor, and begging to marry the princess. He felt disdain in his heart, and his impression of Yuchi Weiwei was indeed a little worse.

When Gu Wangshu and the chess piece returned to the General Mansion, General Pei Pei Xingyun was already in his residence.

When he came back from the imperial court and found out that Gu Wangshu had gone to the Peace King Residence to meet up with them, he immediately thought of Yuchi Weiwei. Since he had thought of Yuchi Weirann again, his heart began to fill with rage.

He felt that he should teach Gu Wangshu a lesson, then, Gu Wangshu would remember the lesson, and only then, would he dare not contact the people from Yuchi Family.

The people from the General Mansion were so scared by Pei Xingyun's appearance that they did not dare approach, and Mrs Zhang from the kitchen had long been guarding the General Mansion entrance, when she saw Gu Wangshu coming back she immediately went to welcome him.

"Young Madame, you're finally back! Ah … Young Madame, what's wrong with your face? How could it be like this? "

Originally, she planned to inform Gu Wangshu that Pei Xingyun was angry, but when she saw Gu Wangshu's appearance, she was so scared that she forgot what she originally wanted to say.

Gu Wangshu also felt that his face was starting to hurt more and more. accidentally scraped by a branch... Oh yeah, is big brother back yet? "

"General …" "The general is waiting for the Young Madame in the courtyard." Mrs Zhang remembered the important matter, her face was full of worry: "The general looks very angry, Young Madame, you better not go against the general …" I will go find the Uncle Fu right now. With the Uncle Fu here, the general will definitely not be angry. "

Without waiting for Gu Wangshu to speak, he turned and left.

Gu Wangshu looked at his back, wanted to say something, but hesitated. In the end, he sighed and walked to his own courtyard.

He felt that since someone else had sent him an invitation, and their status was clearly higher than him, he couldn't just refuse carelessly. He had no choice but to go, Pei Xingyun should not be angry, this was only an ordinary social gathering, he only went to meet with a woman, and not to hook up with some man. Pei Xingyun didn't have to be angry at all.

Moreover, before he left, he wanted to seek Pei Xingyun's opinion. It was just that Pei Xingyun was not here, so he couldn't be blamed.

Because he didn't think he was wrong, and because he felt that Pei Xingyun wouldn't be very angry, Gu Wangshu directly returned to the courtyard. Unexpectedly, this time, Pei Xingyun was extremely angry.

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