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C3 Old Lady Yuchi

Only later did Gu Wangshu find out that Yuchi Weirann did not look for him. That was only Yuchi Weiwei giving him an excuse.

However, this didn't matter to him.

That day, he did not see Yuchi Weiwei for the entire day, all the way until night, and at the dining table, Yuchi Weiwei said firmly to the elderly woman in Yuchi Family, "Mother, I want to marry him. Marry Young Master Pei. "

The old lady was full of smiles as she dotingly said to her youngest daughter, "Fine, fine. If you don't want to marry anyone else, just marry him."

On the other hand, Yuchi Weirann was a little calmer: "I see that Young Master Pei has a good impression of Weiwei, maybe Weiwei can really obtain her wish, but Young Master Pei is the younger brother of General Shen Wei, although we are rich but have no achievements, if we were to become the proper wife … I'm afraid not. "

Yuchi Weiwei was proud and arrogant, how could she be willing to let other women beat her? However, she was smart, and immediately hugged Yuchi Weirann's arms and acted like a spoiled child: "Big brother will not let Weiwei suffer, Weiwei believes in big brother."

Ever since that day, Yuchi Weirann began to invite Pei Mufeng frequently.

Maybe Pei Mufeng was really interested in Yuchi Weiwei, as he would always come when he was invited. This situation continued for half a month.

However, in the days that Pei Mufeng and the Yuchi Family had been interacting with each other, Gu Wangshu had never seen Pei Mufeng again.

"What exactly does this Pei Mufeng mean? He should have known what we were thinking since he was invited, why hasn't he proposed to Weiwei for so long? " Pei Mufeng had come to the Yuchi Family frequently, and outside, there were already some rumors saying that the two families were going to get married soon. This concerned the reputation of his beloved daughter, so Old Madame Yuchi had no choice but to ask her own son.

Yuchi Weirann's expression was also not that good. He was a smiling tiger in the market, with a jade-like face and a warm smile that looked kind and friendly all day, but right now, his face was no longer smiling. There was a trace of gloominess in his eyes: "I asked him today, and he had no interest in Weiwei.


Old Madame Yuchi raised her voice. "You unintentionally accepted our family's invitation? Isn't this purposely tarnishing our Weiwei's reputation? "

Regarding this, Yuchi Weirann was also very unhappy, but the citizens did not fight with the officials, no matter how rich and powerful their Yuchi Family was, they were unable to fight with Pei Mufeng.

There was something wrong with this matter at first, so they could not blame only Pei Mufeng, hence they could only bite the bullet. As a successful businessman, Yuchi Weirann specialised in tolerance.

"Forget it, Mother. You try to persuade Weiwei. Let me see what kind of family is suitable for him."

Old Madame Yuchi was still unhappy as she cursed Pei Family.

Coincidentally, Gu Wangshu was just right beside him, so Old Madame Yuchi's gaze landed on him, his heart burning with anger.

If not for Gu Wangshu, Yuchi Weirann would have already married … And right now, it was not like Yuchi Weiwei couldn't even enter General Mansion.

"You are really unfortunate, wasn't it enough to bring bad luck into our Yuchi Family when we were at home? It's been almost a year since you've married into our Yuchi Family, but your stomach hasn't moved an inch. Even that b * stard that you raised has more use than you … "

The more Old Madame Yuchi spoke, the more unpleasant her words became. Even Yuchi Weirann was unable to continue listening.

Old Madame Yuchi stopped her words, her fury had also calmed down a little, but she still looked at Yuchi Weirann with a somewhat blaming gaze:" If you want to marry a concubine, why don't you marry one. Half a year! Mother will give you another half a year. If he's still not pregnant, then divorce him!

"Mother, this kind of thing depends on fate …"

I don't care. Half a year later, he will be married into our Yuchi Family for a year. Our Great Jing Rules state that new wives cannot bear children within a year, the Fu family can forgo that.

Gu Wangshu had long gotten used to it.

Old granny from the Yuchi Family up till that day, did not like him. She either ignored him or scolded him. He had initially refuted her and refused to accept it, but now, he was completely silent.

He could not make it hard on Yuchi Weirann, and this was not the first time Old Madame Yuchi let him go, but he believed that Yuchi Weirann would not do that.

It could be said that within the Great Jing, there were three types of people. One was males and the other was females that could marry and have children like Yuchi Weirann and the others; the other was females that were no different from the females he had seen on Earth; but the last was males that could have children like the brother that he possessed. Moreover, they were more likely to be pregnant than females and were very few in number, so they were under the protection of the Great Jing Rules.

During these three days, one must have intercourse with another person, otherwise, one's body will gradually weaken, become sickly, and one's life will be short. Therefore, all the families that have brother will definitely arrange for her marriage for them, and marry him out before she reaches adulthood.

When Gu Wangshu passed through this body, he was only sixteen, and he was only slightly over eighteen years old.

As an extremely easily pregnant brother, it had been nearly half a year since he arrived at the Yuchi Family but her stomach had not moved at all.

Before Gu Wangshu fell for Yuchi Weirann, he was very happy that he didn't have a child, but after liking his, he couldn't help but look forward to the child's arrival. However, he had never had a child;

But on the surface, he did not reveal it nor did he speak. He only faintly smiled at Old Madame Yuchi.

Old Madame Yuchi usually used to reprimand Gu Wangshu and Yuchi Weirann in such a way, so both Gu Wangshu and Yuchi Weirann did not take the half-year period in Old Madame Yuchi to heart.

In the following period of time, was not invited to Yuchi Family, and when Gu Wangshu turned around, he forgot about this person, until that day …

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