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C30 Impulse

After Gu Wangshu finished speaking, he was silent for a long time before he slowly walked out from under the tree. His pitch-black eyes were still unsettled, and when he touched the wound on Gu Wangshu's cheek, his expression changed: "What's going on?"

Previously, when he had gripped Gu Wangshu's lower jaw, he had seen the uninjured side. Only now did he see the extremely sinister looking wound.

He suddenly moved forward, arrived beside Gu Wangshu, and once again lifted Gu Wangshu's face. This time, he carefully examined's wounds.

His tone was cold and filled with a murderous aura.

A wave of cold Qi came over, this was formed on the battlefield all year round by Pei Xingyun, but he had never come into contact with it before. Killing intent!

Pei Xingyun seemed to enjoy this kind of posture a lot, but Gu Wangshu didn't like it. Pei Xingyun didn't have much strength either, so he turned his head to the side and covered half of his face:

"No one. I accidentally hung it myself."

Pei Xingyun frowned, he glared at him, but did not know what was good for him, just at this moment, the Mother Zhang's reinforcements, the Uncle Fu, arrived.

Uncle Fu stood respectfully at the entrance of the courtyard: "Young Madame's face seems a little inflamed, General might as well let him rest first, this old man will first have someone call the doctor over."

Pei Xingyun nodded his head and flicked his sleeves as he left.

Gu Wangshu smiled gratefully at Uncle Fu: Thank you, Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu shook his head, then looked at Gu Wangshu's face: "People of my General Mansion, are not casually bullied by outsiders.

A warm feeling rose in Gu Wangshu's heart. He was sent to the General Mansion, but to the general, it was completely different from what he had imagined.

Although Pei Mufeng was dead, his deep emotions still lingered in this world. Even though he was the master of the General Mansion, other than Pei Xingyun who occasionally looked at him with eyes of color, everyone else had actually taken care of him with extreme care and love.

Especially Shu Qi and this Uncle Fu.

In this lifetime, he had already loved Yuchi Weirann and he also possessed that kind of deep affection for him. He should be satisfied with this outcome, even if he could continue to live like this in the future, it would be very good.

Unknowingly, Gu Wangshu's sense of belonging to the General Mansion had increased a little more.

"No one will make me feel wronged. Uncle Fu, you go and see if the doctor is here, just let Shu Qi take care of me."

"Mm, this old man will take his leave."

But Pei Xingyun was not someone easy to talk to.

Since he was young, his temper was actually both bad and hard. Although he had no lack of strategies and wisdom, they were only aimed at the battlefield, where he currently wielded a large force, and in the entire Sky Dynasty, even the Emperor had to give him some face, although he did not seem to lean towards any prince, but from the bottom of his heart, he respected the Sixth Prince, and would give some face to the Sixth Prince and his younger brother, Pei Mufeng. In regards to the other princes, he could only show respect on the surface.

Fourth Prince was a lazy person, although his skills were not bad, he was too romantic and flowery, he could not use the right path, so he could only choose to be on good terms with his brothers, and the one who was on good terms with him was the Sixth Prince.

Therefore, although Pei Xingyun did not really take the Fourth Prince seriously, he did not treat him as an outsider either.

Pei Xingyun rode on his divine horse and directly arrived at the Peace Duke Palace.

Coincidentally, Sixth Prince Heelian Mingzhao did not leave as well.

When Fourth Prince Helian Mingqing received the news of Pei Xingyun's arrival, he was slightly surprised for a moment: "That fiend, why did he think of coming to my place?" His suspicious gaze fell on Heelian Mingzhao, and believed that Pei Xingyun was probably here to look for him.

Heelian Mingzhao's handsome and indifferent face did not reveal a trace of shock. However, when he recalled the wounds on brother's face that he had encountered when he came to this place, who had an extraordinary temperament and coldness, a strange light surfaced in his eyes.

He thought that he knew roughly why Pei Xingyun had come here, but he did not say anything, he only drank his tea calmly and elegantly.

Seeing that his sixth brother did not react, Fourth Prince immediately knew that this matter probably had nothing to do with his sixth brother, and could only send someone to invite Pei Xingyun in.

When Pei Xingyun saw Heelian Mingzhao, his ashen face relaxed slightly: "This general greets Sixth Master and Fourth Elder."

Fourth Prince Helian Mingqing shook his head and immediately let him stand. After the servants served tea, he looked at the unfriendly Pei Xingyun and asked, "I wonder why General Pei has hurried over?"

Pei Xingyun's gaze fell on Heelian Mingzhao's body, and was in a somewhat sorry state. It was only at this moment that he finally woke up from his daze, and for the wounds on Gu Wangshu's face, it was really a bit rash of him to come to Fourth Prince's residence like this.

However, when he thought about the people on his General Mansion suffering, his gaze grew firmer. He said slowly: "Today, sister-in-law came to the Peace King Manor, and really disturbed Fourth Prince."

Although Gu Wangshu had remarried into his General Mansion, it was a fact that Gu Wangshu was her little brother's flesh and blood. That person was someone her little brother had loved with his life, so even though his little brother was no longer alive, he could not tolerate others bullying and tormenting him.

"Ugh …" Had the Mrs. Pei come over? "This, this little Wang really doesn't know …"

Pei Xingyun's eyes were cold as he stared at the Fourth Prince with extreme ill intent. He could not even bother with Heelian Mingzhao standing at the side and directly opened his mouth: "This general has come to apologize … Presumably, his sister-in-law must have committed a mistake in the mansion, which was why she was punished. Please forgive me for offending your younger brother and sister who died too early. " Although he said that it was his fault, his overbearing attitude did not mean that at all.

This time, Fourth Prince completely understood his meaning.

It was the wife that General Pei married for his younger brother a while ago. She suffered a grievance at his Peace King Manor and the General Pei came to demand an explanation.

Pei Xingyun wielded a heavy soldier, and was even the closest friend of the Sixth Prince he could rely on. Naturally, he wouldn't fall out with Pei Xingyun for the sake of a mere concubine, so he immediately said: "This is my Ping An Duke Palace's fault … This is something that Little Wang didn't know about, why don't we wait until Little Wang finds out, then give General Pei an answer? "

"Hmph." Pei Xingyun scoffed but did not speak.

Fourth Prince watched and thought in his heart. Many people said that Pei Xingyun forcing the to remarry was not because of his sickly little brother's wish, but because of the mutual feelings he had with the. It seemed that the rumors were true, considering Pei Xingyun's attitude of protecting the brother.

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