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King & Queen of Another World/C32 At the Wedding Feast
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C32 At the Wedding Feast

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye. After seven days of recuperation, Gu Wangshu's face had more or less recovered, and only a very shallow scar was left.

The news of the first rich man of Great Jing marrying a princess had spread like wildfire over the past few days.

Pei Xingyun expressed his happiness, and just as he said to Heelian Mingzhao, he also carried a huge gift with him.

When the jade coral that was as tall as a person from a neighboring country was delivered over, it caused Yuchi Weirann, who was the richest man there, to raise his eyebrows.

A post that not only invited Pei Xingyun, but also invited Gu Wangshu.

This was definitely not Yuchi Weirann's intention, Yuchi Weirann did not wish to have Gu Wangshu attend his wedding.

But Gu Wangshu still went.

Gu Wangshu sat on General Mansion's carriage to go, and on the way, he heard many people discussing about the wedding.

It was also like this for her second princess, Princess Mingfaang. A few years ago, Princess Mingfaang went to the Spirit Concealment Temple in the outskirts of the Great Jing to pay respects to Buddha, but met with Old Madame Yuchi, who was slightly ill at that time, and saved him. After that, there was this indisputable relationship between the and the Yuchi Family.

When Yuchi Weirann got married later on, it surprised some people who knew about it … He was not marrying a princess! Then, he found out that Yuchi Weirann actually had a brother who married with her fingers.

But now, as a matter of fact, the brother had changed her marriage to the General Mansion, and Yuchi Weirann could also form a good fate with the princess.

Almost everyone was looking at the wedding with a kind of blessing and envy.

If a princess was to be married, she would definitely be extraordinary, especially since this princess was the one that the empress dowager doted on the most.

And Yuchi Family was the richest in the Great Jing, and even more so, it was extremely luxurious. It included almost every single shop within the Great Jing, and invited all sorts of people to banquets.

Although the current emperor was not present, the War God General, several princes and the married princess of Great Jing were basically all present. It could be seen that Yuchi Family had truly climbed onto a high branch.

In short, this wedding was very grand.

When Gu Wangshu stepped into the Yuchi Family again, he almost couldn't hold back the fact that this was a Yuchi Family … In order to marry the princess, the exquisite garden had been expanded quite a bit, and the decorations had become even more luxurious and grand.

As a brother, Gu Wangshu could not sit with some men, he could only sit with the brother s and wives of other families.

One of them was Yuchi Weiwei.

Gu Wangshu was too familiar with the etiquette of marriage. He didn't know what kind of mood he had in watching Yuchi Weirann marry someone else.

Yuchi Weirann was still Yuchi Weirann, his face looked like a crown jade, looking gentle and refined. Other than his slightly thinner body, he seemed to have not changed at all, and was just like before.

Even the gentle smile on his face … He used to miss her, but now he was smiling in hatred.

It turned out that such a smile did not only belong to him.

When he thought about what he had heard on the way, he had a faint feeling that … Yuchi Weirann couldn't be forced by Old Madam Yuchi to marry a princess, right? He did it on his own accord, if not, why would he be laughing so happily?

But Gu Wangshu was not happy.

He felt extremely unhappy. It was as though a hole had been opened in his heart, and cold wind kept blowing in, causing him excruciating pain.

He was silent, ignoring the curious, disdainful, or surprised stares of others. He did not join any small group. Instead, he drank the wine he drank one cup after another.

In the modern era, he had never tasted wine. However, only now did he realize that his tolerance for alcohol was actually this good.

The more he wanted to get drunk, the less he would get drunk. This was a type of pain.

Unknowingly, Yuchi Weiwei had sat down beside him. "Sister-in-law … Oh, that's not right. It should be Madam Pei Er.

Yuchi Weiwei had grown a lot, at least, many of her expressions would not appear on her face anymore. It was as if at this moment, she truly wanted to give Gu Wangshu two tight slaps, but there was a sweet smile on her face.

In the Peace King Residence, Fourth Princess had taught her many things, the most important of which was tolerance and acting.

Gu Wangshu looked straight ahead with his cold phoenix eyes, not even sparing her a glance.

She leaned towards Gu Wangshu and said softly, "My brother wishes to see you."

Gu Wangshu's expression changed, he looked back at her, but quickly furrowed his brows and did not say a word.

Yuchi Weiwei continued: "Big brother said that there are some things I want to tell you clearly, and also wanted me to tell you two things. You don't mind listening to me first, at that time, whether or not I'm going, I'll decide for myself."

The hand Gu Wangshu was using to hold the wine cup was a little trembling, but he forced it back.

That was not his expectation.

That was someone else's husband.

If he is ruthless, I will give up... There was nothing between them anymore, so he shouldn't and couldn't get involved with Yuchi Weirann anymore.

But he could not stop Yuchi Weiwei from saying that, so Yuchi Weiwei continued to speak: "First, the bride of tonight, the current dynasty's second princess, the Princess Mingfaang, is the previous Miss Fang who is always coming to our house."

Gu Wangshu's body suddenly stiffened when he heard this. It was actually … Lady Fang... No wonder, no wonder Lady Fang didn't like him … It was no wonder that the people from Yuchi Family, and even Yuchi Weirann did not like him meeting Miss Fang. Originally … [Is that so?]

Hehe, doesn't that mean, that before he changed his marriage to the General Mansion, Yuchi Weirann had already cut off all ties with the Princess Mingfaang?

Before he could finish digesting the news, Yuchi Weiwei continued: "Second, in this past half year, the reason why you were infertile was not because of your body, nor was it because of Big Brother's body … That's because every time after you go to your room, Big Bro gave you a good medicine to 'nurture' your body. "

Boom … It was as if something had exploded in Gu Wangshu's mind, and it was as if something had shattered at the bottom of his heart.

He suddenly glared at Yuchi Weiwei, his eyes dull and at a loss.

He opened his mouth, but was unable to say a single word. He felt that his mind was completely blank as he watched Yuchi Weiwei's mouth open and close, as if he was still trying to say something.

At that moment, some of his beliefs completely collapsed.

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