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C33 Selfishness

Yuchi Weiwei left behind her address and left.

She said that whether or not Gu Wangshu could go was entirely up to him. She said that she would complete the mission if he took her words to him.

Gu Wangshu knew that now that he and Yuchi Weirann had reached such a stage, it was impossible to save them, and he should not have been implicated with Yuchi Weirann.

But... He really, really wanted to know if Yuchi Weirann had ever given him his true feelings. He still wanted to know, why did Yuchi Weirann want to do that?


If he did not get an answer, and he did not know the result, he might not be able to forget Yuchi Weirann.

He could guess that the answer might have made him grieve, but … Instead of letting it rot and run in pus, it was better to just gouge out a piece of rotten meat.

Perhaps, once their hearts were dead, they would no longer feel pain anymore and they would be able to truly walk out from the relationship between him and Yuchi Weirann.

Logic told Gu Wangshu that he should not go, but in the end, he still chose to go to the place Yuchi Weiwei had mentioned, and meet with Yuchi Weirann …

Hiding in the shadows, Yuchi Weiwei had a strange smile on her face when she saw Gu Wangshu leaving. She had gambled correctly, Gu Wangshu really couldn't let go of her brother … If Gu Wangshu didn't want to, then so be it, but he did … Then he deserved his bad luck!

Yuchi Weiwei straightened her dress and started to look for her brother's figure.

Right now, the bride was waiting for the groom in her new room, while Yuchi Weirann was drinking outside.

However, Yuchi Weirann seemed to have drank a lot, he was a little drunk, and once a person drank too much, they would frequently enter the toilet, Yuchi Weiwei had been observing Yuchi Weirann, and took the chance to follow along.

"Big brother."

Yuchi Weirann's originally drunk and hazy face immediately became more sober. He felt that there was no need to pretend in front of his sister.

"Weiwei? "What's wrong?"

"Sister-in-law …" Er, the Young Master Gu said he wants to see you. "

There was obvious shock in Yuchi Weirann's eyes, but he immediately became gloomy: "I'm not here."

"Big brother …" He cried and asked me to tell you that he really wanted to meet you... Big brother, didn't you like him a lot before? "Otherwise, you should follow your original plan and treat him like a decoration. Why do you have to be angry for him and his mother …"

"Weiwei." Yuchi Weirann's voice suddenly rose as he looked around vigilantly: "He is now the second Young Madame of General Mansion, you must not mention anything about the past."

"Big brother, don't tell me you don't want to explain everything to him …" If he continues to harass you in the future, it will be greatly disadvantageous to him and our Yuchi Family! Big brother, you know as well. I don't like him and hate him. If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to completely separate you from him, I wouldn't have come to pass on this message. "

Originally, Yuchi Weirann had his doubts about Yuchi Weiwei helping Gu Wangshu with the transmission, but after Yuchi Weiwei said those words, he dispelled his doubts.

Yes, he should clearly explain some things to Gu Wangshu.

He thought that he had everything under control and that he would be able to give Gu Wangshu a peaceful and happy future. He never thought that Pei Xingyun would actually die like that … Dead …

But even if he died, so what? Nothing can change.

In this lifetime, he had only regretted two things: firstly, marrying Gu Wangshu; secondly, divorce Gu Wangshu.

"Whatever, where is he?"

Yuchi Weiwei nervously held her hand under her sleeve. She could not control the joy in her heart, and her voice was even trembling a little as she asked. She opened her mouth and gave him an address, which was where Yuchi Weirann and Gu Wangshu used to live.

Since the princess had married into the Yuchi Family, the new house would naturally not be that house. In fact, that courtyard was the only place in the Yuchi Family that had not been renovated.

Yuchi Weirann nodded his head: "You can go back, if anyone asks, just tell them I drank too much, I'm a little dizzy, and will be there after a short rest."

"Yes." Yuchi Weiwei nodded her head obediently.

But after Yuchi Weirann left, she did not return to his seat. Instead, she turned around and went to his new room tonight to look for her new sister-in-law, the Princess Mingfaang.


When Yuchi Weirann saw Gu Wangshu, he actually did not know what to say.

He clearly had many things he wanted to say, but when he saw this youth that was as pure and pure as ice and snow, he did not know what to say.

Was he using harsh words to sever the relationship between the two and never come into contact with each other again?

Or … Just like before, he had a gentle smile on his face as he told a pleasant yet false lie?

He purposely avoided Gu Wangshu … Why, why did Gu Wangshu insist on meeting him?

The room they had previously stayed in had undergone some changes even though it hadn't been renovated. For example, the bed they had slept in had been torn down and replaced with some old items. The old room … It had become an old storage room.

Gu Wangshu sized up the place and felt even more uncomfortable.

Just what kind of existence was he in at the Yuchi Family? Not even dust... Actually it wasn't his misconception, he was better off in General Mansion than in Yuchi Family … because, other than Pei Xingyun's occasional misunderstandings, there was never anyone in the General Mansion who would make things difficult for him. Did he become too fast? Or was it that the life he had led in the Yuchi Family earlier was really not the life he wanted?

Just as he was thinking about it, he was shocked by the sound of Yuchi Weirann opening the door.

His expression turned cold, he turned and looked at Yuchi Weirann.

It was the same gentle and handsome face, the same person. However, he felt that something had changed.

Yuchi Weirann's silence made him frown … Wasn't it Yuchi Weirann who asked him to come here and explained to him what he didn't know before? Why did Yuchi Weirann not speak when he came?

Could it be that at this moment, his conscience had been revealed? You don't dare to say?

Gu Wangshu laughed coldly, breaking the silence. "Why?"

Yuchi Weirann was startled: "Why what?"

The sneer on Gu Wangshu's face had already carried some ridicule, "About Princess Fang... I won't mind... I just want to know, why did you give me that contraceptive pill? Great Jing Code... If you treat a brother like this, shouldn't you go to jail? "

Yuchi Weirann's eyes suddenly widened and his face became deathly pale, "You … You, how did you know about this? " Gu Wangshu, he will definitely misunderstand, he definitely will misunderstand. He doesn't want their child … Yuchi Weirann felt an inexplicable fear from the bottom of his heart.

If, if Gu Wangshu misunderstood, then Gu Wangshu would never … Never love him again?

That pair of gentle eyes filled with love, would it never stop on him again? When Yuchi Weirann thought of this, his mind went blank for a moment. Then, he thought, to explain … Must explain.

And at this time, Gu Wangshu felt that something was a little strange … Wasn't that matter about the pill what Yuchi Weirann told Yuchi Weiwei to tell him?

Why did Yuchi Weirann have such a reaction? Faintly, Gu Wangshu already noticed that something seemed to be amiss.

However, before he even had the chance to think where things were wrong, Yuchi Weirann had already rushed forward a few steps and extended his hand to grab hold of his. He anxiously explained, "It's not what you think it is … I didn't want your child, but I didn't think that I would marry you. I just didn't want the child of the 'Madame Yuchi' of the past … "

Wasn't he the former 'Madame Yuchi'?

Gu Wangshu really wanted to hear Yuchi Weirann's explanation, but he didn't want to pull Yuchi Weirann along, so he unyieldingly shook Yuchi Weirann's hand off. However, Yuchi Weirann thought that Gu Wangshu, who had always been a noble and elegant person, was actually very overbearing when he refused to listen to his explanation, and when the gentle and refined was truly in a rush as well, he had become extremely overbearing. He flung his hand and grabbed Gu Wangshu's shoulder instead, and anxiously said: "Long before I married you, I already got to know Ming Faang. For various reasons, everyone in my family felt that Ming Faang is most suitable to be my wife. Moreover, to merchants, reputation was the most important. Marrying you was a poor idea, so before you even passed the gate, we had already planned to treat you coldly after you had passed the gate. We would use contraceptives on you, and then use child-less reasons to divorce you one year later … All of this was decided when I didn't know you … Shu, actually, after knowing you, I … "

"Don't say anymore!"

So it was like this?

Originally, even if it wasn't for Pei Mufeng's admiration and Pei Xingyun's interference, Yuchi Weirann would have still let him go. At that time, what awaited him might be an even more miserable ending!

He was unnecessary, and was a burden that Yuchi Weirann had no choice but to accept. It turned out that before he had even entered Yuchi Family's home, the Yuchi Clan had been planning to chase him away.

Do they know that after a brother who had been abandoned for not giving birth, there would no longer be any light in her life?

How could they be so selfish?

How could he be so shameless!

Why didn't he know that Yuchi Weirann was such a selfish person … Yuchi Weirann had never truly accepted him, and had never stopped thinking about abandoning him. The scariest thing was that he never realized it!

How could someone be so good at disguising himself? He had fallen in love with such a person before?

Too terrifying!

Gu Wangshu's last bit of feelings for him had also cooled down. He was completely disappointed in Yuchi Weirann, facing such a person … He also didn't want to hear any more of Yuchi Weirann's explanation … In the end, it was just a sentence. For Yuchi Family that was selfish, he was unable to bring sufficient benefits to them, so he deserved to be rejected and abandoned!

Gu Wangshu did not want to face this hypocritical and selfish person again.

He wanted to break free from Yuchi Weirann's restraints, he wished that he could immediately leave this place, and never see this person again.

But Yuchi Weirann would not allow it... Maybe he had drank too much before, or maybe he had lost Gu Wangshu and a pain was constantly torturing him from the bottom of his heart. Yuchi Weirann didn't want Gu Wangshu to leave like this … He had a premonition that if he did not explain himself clearly, Gu Wangshu would probably never forgive him for his entire life.

While struggling, he fiercely kissed Gu Wangshu's lips … This was the usual tactic that Gu Wangshu used when he was angry at the Old Madame Yuchi.

The two of them were either shocked or excited. They didn't notice at all that there was a black shadow outside the door. The paper window had a small hole that was hard to detect.

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