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C34 Anger

Yuchi Weiwei stayed by Princess Mingfaang's side for a long time, her words flickering as though she was hinting at something.

Since he was young, he had been a part of the palace. The Princess Mingfaang's scheming was not something that Yuchi Weiwei could compare with. An ordinary princess couldn't make up her mind to wait for a man like this.

The Princess Mingfaang actually didn't like Yuchi Weiwei. Yuchi Weiwei's birth wasn't as noble as hers, but her daily actions were even more domineering than hers, even more arrogant than her, and had a short-sighted mind too simple. This made her look down on Yuchi Weiwei from the bottom of her heart … However, Yuchi Weiwei was Yuchi Weirann's only sister, after all, so she didn't need to look at the Buddhist Sangha. In front of Yuchi Weiwei, she could still put on an act, and she did it very well. At least Yuchi Weiwei never knew that Princess Mingfaang hated her, but felt that Princess Mingfaang liked her.

"Weiwei, do you have something to say?"

This was her and Yuchi Weirann's wedding night, and Yuchi Weirann would be back soon. Yuchi Weiwei being so noisy by her side was really annoying, she wanted to get rid of Yuchi Weiwei as soon as possible.

Yuchi Weiwei calculated the time, and felt that the things that should have happened should not have happened.

She had to think of a way to move the Princess Mingfaang and break Yuchi Weirann's and Gu Wangshu's plans.

Yuchi Weiwei believed that Princess Mingfaang had always been infatuated with Yuchi Weirann, so no matter what Yuchi Weirann did, she would not be angry, thus she thought of a plan that was not considered wise at all. She wanted to make Princess Mingfaang jealous and deal with Gu Wangshu, in return for suppressing and humiliating her … This was all because of Gu Wangshu. Because Gu Wangshu had seduced the General Pei, that was why he had slandered her in front of the Fourth Prince.

"Sister-in-law, there is one thing... I have been hesitating whether I should tell you or not. I was afraid that you would be angry if you found out, but if I did not tell you, I feel that I am sorry for you. "

"Just say it directly."

Princess Mingfaang mocked from the bottom of her heart. Wasn't the reason Yuchi Weiwei had stayed so long, was because of this matter.

Yuchi Weiwei lowered her eyebrows and twisted her handkerchief, "I, I saw the Gu Wangshu that my brother married in the past … He, he had someone call him big brother. I don't know what she's going to do, big brother hasn't returned to the banquet for a long time to toast. I feel that this is very inappropriate, so … "

Before she finished speaking, Princess Mingfaang suddenly pulled down her head, her dignified and elegant face cold without a hint of a smile: "What did you say?" After pausing for a moment, she glared at Yuchi Weiwei and asked: "— Such a big thing, why did you only tell me about it now?"

Yes, she liked Yuchi Weirann, but she was also a princess. She also had a woman's modesty and pride, and also had the dignity of a princess that other women did not have. She was already used to seeing so many women in her Royal Father harem.

However, she could understand why Yuchi Weirann would be forced to marry Gu Wangshu due to the circumstances, but she couldn't accept it.

This was a slap in the face.

If others were to find out, where would her dignity and reputation as a princess lie?

"Sister-in-law …" This matter has nothing to do with my brother … You know my brother always liked you... It's that Gu Wangshu, he always liked my brother and kept pestering my brother … " Princess Mingfaang's anger and majesty caused Yuchi Weiwei to jump in fright. She had never seen this kind of Princess Mingfaang before.

Princess Mingfaang sneered, she knew the principle of not being able to clap his hands properly. However, Yuchi Weirann was her lover, and she could endure anything that went wrong.

She saw that Yuchi Weiwei had already been here for a long time, but Yuchi Weirann had not come back yet, what did this mean? This meant that he was truly entangled by that bitch Gu Wangshu … Who knew if the two of them were still fighting passionately!

The more Princess Mingfaang thought about it, the angrier she became, and the more unable to endure it any longer. "Where are they? "Bring me there!"

Could it be that if she didn't go, Yuchi Weirann would be captivated by that slut and forget that tonight was their wedding night? With his anger burning, Princess Mingfaang didn't care about courtesy anymore and immediately decided to personally capture her. At that time, he would definitely soak that bitch Gu Wangshu in a pig cage!

As a princess, controlling the life and death of a brother was as easy as flipping her hand to her! If she did not receive the news late, how could she have allowed Gu Wangshu to marry Yuchi Weirann? Long before Yuchi Weirann married, she had already sent people to kill Gu Wangshu! And then, after she had that kind of plan, she didn't want to ruin her image in front of the Yuchi Family either, so she continued to tolerate Gu Wangshu's existence until today …

Hearing that Princess Mingfaang had decided to kidnap him, Yuchi Weiwei's eyes lit up. She had been waiting for these words for so long.

"They used to live in their new house... "Don't worry, sister-in-law. That place is very remote. No one will find us there."

Princess Mingfaang nodded and glanced at Yuchi Weiwei. She still had some brains and knew that this matter shouldn't be blown up.

"Let's go."

Princess Mingfaang threw aside the hood in her hands and followed Yuchi Weiwei out the door in a hurry to catch the traitor.

At this time, the Divine General Pei Xingyun and Sixth Prince were discussing about this marriage.

They didn't like the pleasing faces of the people at the banquet, so they came out and let out a breath of relief. Unexpectedly, they saw Yuchi Weiwei and Princess Mingfaang walking over in a hurry.

"Eh? Isn't that Princess Fang? " Pei Xingyun said in a low voice, surprised.

Heelian Mingzhao immediately frowned: "Tonight is her wedding night, shouldn't she be waiting for the groom in the bridal chamber?"

"Did something happen?" Pei Xingyun's heart skipped a beat, and he couldn't even be bothered with Heelian Mingzhao anymore. He immediately returned to the banquet, and searched the entire area, but he couldn't find Gu Wangshu's figure … Of course, he couldn't find Yuchi Weirann either.

Shi Mu felt as if he had understood something. He then felt a fire in his chest, which he then retracted.

Heelian Mingzhao was still standing at his original spot. He had guessed what Pei Xingyun had gone back to do earlier, but now that he saw Pei Xingyun's expression, he knew that things were not going well. Even if it was him, he had not expected Yuchi Weirann to be so bold.

Ever since Gu Wangshu realized that he was almost there, he had been calculating the date.

There were still more than ten days left!

However, today, it was unknown whether it was because Yuchi Weirann had constantly restrained his body from rubbing down, or because of some other reason, but the beautiful patterns on his wrist actually began to slowly heat up.

A familiar feeling spread throughout his body almost instantaneously – there was a reaction from his body!

This was too absurd. He was obviously completely disappointed in Yuchi Weirann in his heart, and he clearly no longer had that much feelings for Yuchi Weirann … How could he be moved?

He wasn't the only one who reacted!

He could feel that Yuchi Weirann was the same as him.

However, Yuchi Weirann was not as calm as he was.

Even though his body had a reaction and he was unable to control his softness in Yuchi Weirann's embrace, his heart was struggling desperately to resist.

However, Yuchi Weirann was now sunk in a state of fear that he was about to lose Gu Wangshu completely, forever. So he hugged Gu Wangshu even more tightly, and unconsciously brought out all of his actions normally used to please and curry favor with Gu Wangshu.

Gu Wangshu's body had become limp because of him, and both of their faces were flushed. They were short of breath, and were barely able to control their emotions.

Yuchi Weirann was too familiar with Gu Wangshu's body … He was even more familiar with it than Gu Wangshu himself!

Slowly, they forgot their original intention of coming here.

In the air, a pleasant fragrance was wafting about. Every brother had their own body fragrance, and when they were in high spirits, the smell was especially strong. Moreover, this fragrance was able to make them even more excited.

While they were lost in their own thoughts, four people with different thoughts arrived with unfriendly faces.

Because it was evening and they were outside the door, they could not clearly see the situation inside the room. Princess Mingfaang and Yuchi Weiwei did not think that Yuchi Weirann and Gu Wangshu would be as bold as they were. What met them head-on was the sound of water splashing and the strange fragrance that made people blush so much that one could easily smell it.

Princess Mingfaang's face instantly turned hot as her ample chest heaved, almost grinding her teeth into pieces. "You guys …" Just as she opened her mouth, the string of her reason was broken and she pounced forward, trying to pull Yuchi Weirann and Gu Wangshu apart.

At this time, no matter how much Gu Wangshu and Yuchi Weirann forgot themselves, they finally woke up. The appearance of Princess Mingfaang and Yuchi Weiwei was like a bucket of cold water that was poured over their heads.

Yuchi Weirann's mind was a complete blank, he simply did not know how to respond. He only knew to firmly hug Gu Wangshu who was in his arms.

Seeing that she could not separate them, Princess Mingfaang raised her hand and slapped Gu Wangshu ruthlessly, "Bitch!"

This scene could be said to be marvelous.

This slap had also woken Yuchi Weiwei, who was blankly standing to the side while watching the show. Princess Mingfaang was so furious, when she finds out everything that had happened today, even that Smoke Powder was done by her, will she still have a chance to live?

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