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Princess Mingfaang's slap not only stunned Yuchi Weiwei, but also completely woke up Gu Wangshu and Yuchi Weirann.

Princess Mingfaang's normally dignified and beautiful face was twisted as she cursed in a high-pitched voice, "Bitch, if you seduce Yuchi, I'll kill you …" I want your whole family to die -- "


Yuchi Weirann was completely awake, his head also started to turn, he called for Princess Mingfaang, the warm smile on his face did not have any expression, he looked at her calmly: "Princess, please leave, please allow us to fix our appearance."

His words made Princess Mingfaang even angrier. Princess Mingfaang's Xing Can's beautiful eyes seemed to spew fire, "Now you know shame? "When you were confused by this little slut, do you remember how to write the word 'shame'?" Princess? Yuchi Weirann had never called her that before, but now, when they were married, he actually called her Princess?

Even in a situation where anger was raging, someone as intelligent as Princess Mingfaang would immediately sense something … For example, Yuchi Weirann did not love her as much as she had imagined.

Yuchi Weirann did not console the Princess Mingfaang, nor was he angry. He did not get angry either, but said indifferently: "If the princess wishes for us to arrange things, I have nothing to say."

In truth, he really didn't know how to deal with such a situation. How was he going to end up like this?

If he really wanted to, he could definitely blame all of this on Gu Wangshu, but he also knew that Ming Faang was a princess, and wanting the life of a brother without any background like Gu Wangshu was as easy as flipping his palm. If he didn't want Gu Wangshu to die, then he definitely couldn't side with Gu Wangshu, nor could he shift all the blame onto Gu Wangshu … He could only do this for now, and let the Princess Mingfaang be angry at him. After all, no matter how angry the Princess Mingfaang was, it would not be enough to make him love her.

Yuchi Weirann could see the hearts of others clearly, but it was as if he could not see them in the slightest.

"You are disgusting! "Shameless!" Princess Mingfaang stomped her feet, but she was still unable to swear any vulgar words because of her noble dignity of a princess. Naturally, she could not watch as Gu Wangshu and Yuchi Weirann tidied up their appearance, and could only glare at the silent Gu Wangshu with lowered head. She turned around and left, slamming the door behind her.

Of course, this didn't mean that she was willing to let that bitch Gu Wangshu go just like that. She just didn't want to see that bitch's body sullying his eyes. Also, his family, she could not let them go! What a bitch, all of them!

After Princess Mingfaang left, Yuchi Weirann let go of Gu Wangshu. As he tidied his clothes, he looked at Gu Wangshu with a complicated gaze.

"Good move!" Yuchi Weirann taunted: "I really underestimated you in the past!"

He always knew that Gu Wangshu was an intelligent person, but he never thought that Gu Wangshu would actually plot against him … Hehe, at this time, it's not far from Gu Wangshu's estrus period. Gu Wangshu probably wanted to see him because he had to solve the problem of his estrus period, right? Then, the moment she saw him, she wanted to reject his temptation, causing him to be unable to control himself … Gu Wangshu had really let him down, in fact, he had already considered Gu Wangshu's temper. After Gu Wangshu's passion reached a certain point, he would think of a way to help Gu Wangshu, but Gu Wangshu's current fear of death, and the temptation of drinking poison to quench his thirst made him somewhat angry.

But even so, he did not wish for Gu Wangshu to die at the hands of the Princess Mingfaang.

After all, it was already good enough for Gu Wangshu to come up with a plan to scheme against him instead of scheming against others, wasn't it?

Gu Wangshu didn't seem to hear his voice, he only started to tidy up his own clothes with trembling hands and feet.

Seeing that Gu Wangshu was ignoring him, Yuchi Weirann snorted coldly. After tidying up his clothes, he walked to the door and opened it: "Princess, let's go."

"Go?" You're letting this little bitch go just like that? " Princess Mingfaang called out in disbelief, and then raised her voice. "Impossible! For a slut like him who is restless, dishonoring the etiquette and mesmerizing others, I want him to soak in a pig cage! I want him to die! He must die! "

Pei Xingyun, who was faintly hearing the noise ahead, stopped in his tracks. The ominous feeling in his heart slowly grew, and he looked at Heelian Mingzhao.

Currently, Heelian Mingzhao's handsome face still had a cold expression, his footsteps were slow and firm, and he was not as impatient as he was. His movements were noble and elegant, but he was not behind him.

As if he was infected by Heelian Mingzhao, Pei Xingyun told himself to be calm, to be calm.

However, when he got closer to hear what the Princess Mingfaang had to say, he still could not help but clench his fists and coldly said: "This place is really lively!"

Hearing his voice, Gu Wangshu, whose face had always been downcast, trembled. She raised her pale face and saw that there were two new spectators … When it came to Sixth Prince and the mighty general Pei Xingyun, Yuchi Weiwei had already disappeared without a trace. However, in this situation, no one could even imagine how small she was.

"Sixth Brother!" When Princess Mingfaang saw Heelian Mingzhao, the anger in his heart turned into grievance, as he sobbed and threw himself into Heelian Mingzhao's embrace.

Heelian Mingzhao frowned, and dodged to the side Princess Mingfaang's body. He did not have a deep relationship with Princess Mingfaang, other than the fact that they were related by blood, there were no other interactions between them, but looking at Pei Xingyun beside him, he more or less knew that Princess Mingfaang was acting.

No wonder she was crying in front of everyone, she did not dare to offend Pei Xingyun, and wanted to use him to seek justice for her?

It was not impossible for the Princess Mingfaang to owe him a favor like that, but … At the moment, he still did not know what Pei Xingyun planned to do, so he would not easily make a decision.

Heelian Mingzhao's eyes landed on Gu Wangshu who was standing by the side of the door, and his expression darkened a little.

When he had first met this person before, he was already a little curious about what kind of person Pei Mufeng loved so much that he risked his life to come here … And now, he was even more surprised to discover that this person could actually easily stir up his desire to touch her. This was already the second time! Weird, really weird.

It should be easy for someone as insignificant as him to get his hands on her as she wished, right? After this incident, he would ask for Pei Xingyun's hand in marriage. After seeing this man ruin his reputation as a General Mansion, Pei Xingyun would not reject him.

But at this time, Pei Xingyun felt that he was very calm. After returning from the border, he had never been so calm and sober again.

He was very calm, and the gaze with which he looked at Gu Wangshu was also very calm.

However, it was this kind of calm before the storm that made people even more afraid.

Gu Wangshu would never naively believe that Pei Xingyun did not have any opinions on what was happening, and was not angry at all either … He would never forget how sinister and cold Pei Xingyun's voice was just now.

He closed his eyes. The words that Pei Xingyun had warned him to not contact Yuchi Weirann again that day were still ringing in his ears.

Now, die! Hold! It was done!

However, his heart had been turned to dust, and with such a thing happening, no matter what Pei Xingyun did, he wouldn't care anymore …

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