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C36 Amazing Position

In the ice-cold night, the only sound that could be heard was that of Princess Mingfaang's weeping. The rest were all silent.

In the end, it was Pei Xingyun who broke the silence.

He moved.

Taking a few steps forward, he walked in front of Yuchi Weirann. With a calm and profound gaze, he stared at Yuchi Weirann, and without any forewarning, he made his move.

Yuchi Weirann knew why Pei Xingyun had made his move. After all, Gu Wangshu was currently a person of the General Mansion.

He lowered his eyes like a wooden stick, but didn't retaliate even after being beaten … From the moment he saw Pei Xingyun and Sixth Prince, he knew that he would not be the one to decide how to settle this matter today.

Pei Xingyun also did not speak, with fists or palms filled with internal energy, they mercilessly landed on Yuchi Weirann's body. He had fought at the border for so many years, that he would inevitably interrogate a few enemy captives or traitors of his own country. He still hadn't forgotten that Yuchi Weirann was the current Prince Consort.

Princess Mingfaang seemed to be frightened by Pei Xingyun, she was also stunned for a moment, and seeing that Yuchi Weirann's body was quickly stained with blood, and even that handsome face was beaten black and green, she felt extremely pained, and even though she was angry at Yuchi Weirann, she still threw herself at him, and hugged Yuchi Weirann tightly, and said to Pei Xingyun: "General Pei, how can you be so rude, and actually make a move on my Prince Consort Horse?"

She is a woman, and is also a princess of her own country. Naturally, Pei Xingyun would not act against him.

His words caused everyone present to be stunned.

Gu Wangshu's pupils constricted. He looked at Pei Xingyun with disbelief: He thought that Pei Xingyun would be like the Princess Mingfaang, cursing him, and trample on him. In the end, he would be the one to hand over his face which had lost his General Mansion to the princess …

However, after thinking about it carefully, in the relationship between Wang Shu and Yuchi Weirann today, the one who took the initiative, was indeed Yuchi Weirann. Furthermore, in the beginning, Yuchi Weirann was very aggressive, with a bit of a forceful tone. If it wasn't for the fact that Gu Wangshu also sank down in the end, this could really be considered an insult.

Heelian Mingzhao thought for a bit, and the expression in his eyes became deeper. Evidently, Pei Xingyun's words had exceeded his expectations as well. Pei Xingyun was planning to protect Gu Wangshu, and saying that Pei Xingyun cared for Gu Wangshu was too surprising. Looks like he had to hide his desires, for such a person to lose a help like Pei Xingyun, it was not worth it.

But Princess Mingfaang could not accept Pei Xingyun's words, "No! "How could it be Yuchi [Bei'chi] who insulted him? He was the one who seduced us …"

"Who did you say was seducing?" Pei Xingyun released all of his internal energy and went all out to suppress Princess Mingfaang, so much so that her Princess Mingfaang couldn't even hold on as he weakly fell onto the ground, and he couldn't utter a single word in his throat. She stared at Pei Xingyun in shock and fury, but discovered that Pei Xingyun's calm eyes were abnormally cold, and even faintly glowed with red light.

At the instant they looked at each other, she was like a small beast facing its mortal enemy, causing all the hairs on her body to stand on end. The terror of instinct made her entire body shudder, and she could no longer utter a single word.

Seeing that the Princess Mingfaang did not dare to spout nonsense, Pei Xingyun turned and looked at Heelian Mingzhao: "Sixth Master, for today's matters, you should not cause any big trouble. Although Yuchi Weirann has humiliated my family, on the account of his princess' consort, this general will temporarily spare his life. But now, this general will bring my people to leave, do you have permission, Sixth Master? " Amongst these people, the only person that he was wary of was Heelian Mingzhao.

Amongst the people present, only Heelian Mingzhao could see the killing intent and killing intent surrounding Pei Xingyun. Furthermore, Pei Xingyun rarely used the term general in front of him, and his tone was extremely unyielding. Whether it was to protect the imperial family's and General Mansion's reputation or to rope Pei Xingyun in.

He nodded, and said to Pei Xingyun indifferently: "Of course you can."

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