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King & Queen of Another World/C37 Family Law Treatment
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C37 Family Law Treatment

Regardless of what the rest of Yuchi Weirann, Princess Mingfaang, Heelian Mingzhao and the others thought, Gu Wangshu lowered his head and left with Pei Xingyun.

Before he left, he did not look at Yuchi Weirann at all.

Instead, his eyes were filled with Pei Xingyun.

When Pei Xingyun was in the General Mansion, he had always liked to use his eyes that were different colors to look at him, slandering him. For example, that time with Xiao Qi, that time when he went to the Peace King Manor to see Yuchi Weiwei, however this time... Such a thing had really happened, Pei Xingyun was actually willing to stand by his side?

This kind of unreserved protection, was definitely something that Yuchi Weirann had never given him before … No, it should be said, in this time and space, no one gave him this kind of protection, and Pei Xingyun was the first!

In fact, he felt somewhat guilty and fearful about what had happened tonight.

Although he did not want to fight with Yuchi Weirann anymore, but the reality was that he had been secretly captured, and had been broken by someone, which made him feel apologetic towards the General Mansion, so, even if Pei Xingyun was to truly be angry at him and punish him, he was willing to accept it.

Not long after he transmigrated, his father died due to the body's original form. His mother's illness had cost him a lot of his family's savings, and in the blink of an eye, the originally wealthy merchant's family fell into poverty. Her brother had brought him to live in a rural area, where she had witnessed two incidents of love theft.

The first ending was that the adulterous White Widow would lie at the entrance of the village and curse for a day and a night, scolding the majority of the men in the village who had climbed onto her bed before, scolding the women and brother who looked down on her, acting completely shameless and shameless. After scolding her, she would go to the brothel herself, and from then on disappear from everyone's sight.

The second match was a bit more normal, but the outcome was also very miserable. It was an unmarried girl whose meeting with her lover had been discovered. Her lover had run away, leaving her alone to face the accusations and curses from the crowd.

The outcome of both was shocking.

Gu Wangshu didn't know what his outcome would be … But he guessed that even if it wasn't as miserable as the two he knew, even if it wasn't as soaked as the princess had said, it definitely wouldn't be any better! The only thing that he was sure of, and worth celebrating, was that Pei Xingyun would not take his life.

If she wanted his life, Pei Xingyun wouldn't have to offend the princess for him.

Along the way, Gu Wangshu had already felt that there was something wrong with the things that happened tonight. It may not be as simple as it appeared on the surface, although his temper was not bad, he was definitely not someone who would be trampled upon by others. If he owed him, he would definitely take revenge, but not now.

Gu Wangshu's clothes were a little tattered, and he didn't bring him to the main entrance either. He only followed the small path and quietly left the Yuchi Family.

Shu Qi, who was waiting outside, was shocked when he saw Gu Wangshu in a sorry state. He wanted to ask about it, but was stopped by the heavy atmosphere between Pei Xingyun and himself and did not dare to say anything. He could only think of various possibilities, and anxiously drove the carriage back to the General Mansion.

Previously, Uncle Fu told Gu Wangshu that Pei Xingyun's temper was not very good. Before, Gu Wangshu did not experience it, but today, he finally understood it. Right after he got out of the carriage, before Gu Wangshu could even stand steadily, Pei Xingyun reached out and pulled his somewhat tattered collar. Disregarding everything, he forcefully pulled Pei Xingyun into the pond behind the General Mansion like a sandbag.

"Wash it clean for me!"

There were several times along the way that Gu Wangshu almost fell down, and his neck was also strangled to the point of suffocating. Now that he was thrown into the pond, he was relieved.

Seeing that he was just coughing and did not do anything to clean his body, Pei Xingyun jumped down, extended his hand and pushed Gu Wangshu into the water, "Wash him, it's so dirty! Hurry up and wash! "

"Howl …" , who had been submerged in the water, started to struggle in panic. However, his strength was obviously unable to withstand Pei Xingyun's attack.

Shu Qi and the General Mansion guards were completely terrified by his brutality.

When Pei Xingyun was forcefully pulling Gu Wangshu away, Shu Qi had quickly gone to invite the Uncle Fu.

When Uncle Fu heard how angry Pei Xingyun was, he was very surprised in his heart, and he quickly reached there. Furthermore, the scene in the pond made him turn pale with fright, not to mention others, even he had never seen Pei Xingyun being so brutal towards his own people.

"General!" He quickly shouted, "Stop! Young Madame is not you. If you go on like this, he won't be able to live! "

Hearing Uncle Fu's voice, Pei Xingyun's body suddenly froze. He snorted coldly and threw away Gu Wangshu, who was in so much pain that he almost fainted, and turned around to jump onto the shore. He looked at Uncle Fu coldly and said in a cold voice: "Wash him clean and bring him to the ancestral hall."

"Huh?" Uncle Fu was completely unable to figure out what Pei Xingyun wanted to do.

A bloodthirsty smile appeared on Pei Xingyun's face: Our Pei Family has been sealed for so many years, and it has finally come in handy!

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