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King & Queen of Another World/C38 Separate Positions
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C38 Separate Positions

Home... Family law?

Uncle Fu, who was so shocked that he couldn't even return to his senses, stood blankly on the spot. Only after a long while did he let out a long sigh … He almost forgot, originally there was still family law on Pei Family, but Pei Xingyun was not at home, his body was not good and he was sensible, so that family law had been useless for many years, and now when it was used, it had to be used on the frail Young Madame?

What in the world did the Young Madame do to make the General so angry?

I wonder if the Young Madame will lose her life because of this? Uncle Fu worriedly went into the water to rescue Gu Wangshu who looked to be in a very bad situation …

At this time, it was not only the General Mansion that was restless.

The moment Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu left, she forgot about his fear of Pei Xingyun. He immediately crawled up from the ground and cried out to Heelian Mingzhao: "Sixth Brother, General Pei is too outrageous. Sixth Brother, can you take this lying down? "

Heelian Mingzhao raised his eyebrows, "Why not? What, you feel wronged? "You're very unreconciled?"

His question made Princess Mingfaang think that he wanted to support her, and she nodded her head like a chick pecking rice, "That's right, he is obviously looking down on the dignity of the royalty, and even disregarding the two of us, Ming Faang can forget about it, but Ming Faang doesn't want others to look down on you like that, Sixth Brother!" Heelian Mingzhao was loved by the Emperor, and his ability was very strong, other than Crown Prince Heelian Mingqi, he was the Emperor's most beloved child.

Of course, the most important thing was that the current Crown Prince Heelian Mingqi was not well and had been bedridden all year round. There were even many imperial doctors who said privately that the Crown Prince would not live past the age of twenty … Therefore, although the current crown prince had lived past the age of twenty, there were very few people who supported him. Instead, it was Third Prince Helian Mingjing and Sixth Prince who supported him even more.

"Since you feel wronged, then let him go." Heelian Mingzhao seemed to not have heard the words of the Princess Mingfaang, as he lightly said.

"Ah?" Sixth Brother, are you saying that we should get the people from the General Mansion to divorce that bitch and then take care of her? "

Heelian Mingzhao's handsome face was filled with indifference, his gaze was unperturbed. "I mean, if you feel wronged, then forget about Yuchi Weirann … and then look for a husband who won't make you feel wronged. "

Princess Mingfaang took a deep breath and staggered back a step. What kind of joke are you... "Yuchi Snow and I have just gotten married …"

At this time, Yuchi Weirann lifted his robe and knelt down: "If you feel wronged, little one will let you go free."

"Shut up!" She almost wanted to hate him because of love. Yuchi Weirann really wished that she could leave and stay with that slut again, right? No, she would not. She would not leave.

"Do you think you still have a say?" Heelian Mingzhao shifted his gaze towards Yuchi Weirann, and slowly walked towards the kneeling Yuchi Weirann, his black shoes with hidden patterns faintly waving on the hem of his clothes: "Do you think Pei Xingyun will really let you go?" Heelian Mingzhao said, as he looked down at Yuchi Weirann from above: "Bullying the General Mansion Young Madame... Bullying brother who are protected by the Great Jing Rules, to have a secret affair with someone on the night of their wedding, how many heads do you think you have to chop off? "

His tone was very light, as though he was talking to someone from the heart. However, the words he said caused chills to run down one's spine.

Yuchi Weirann froze in place.

It was only then that Princess Mingfaang reacted … So it turned out that Heelian Mingzhao had never wanted to help her from the beginning. Not only did he not want to help her, he even wanted to harm her.

She was really stupid. Even though she knew that Heelian Mingzhao had a very good relationship with him, to think she still wanted Heelian Mingzhao to make things difficult for him for her?

The Princess Mingfaang who had understood this immediately rushed forward, knelt beside Yuchi Weirann, and grabbed Heelian Mingzhao's robes. "Sixth Brother, Sixth Brother … I was wrong, I know I was wrong, I won't pursue this matter anymore … Please, please spare Yuchi... Believe me, that bitch was the one who seduced Yuchi. All of this has nothing to do with Yuchi … Sixth Brother, Ming Faang will treat it as if nothing happened, and plead for Sixth Brother to grant his wish! "

"Really?" Originally, I felt that this man wasn't worth entrusting his life to, and wanted to kill him to help you find a better home! "

Princess Mingfaang really cried this time. She quickly shook her head, and her sparkling tears were all over the place.

"No no no, Sixth Brother, Yuchi is very good. I love him, and I'm only willing to marry him … I really won't pursue this matter anymore. I, I can even go onto the General Mansion to give that slut … Apologize to Young Master Gu, Sixth Brother, and I ask that you spare Yuchi. "

She had never been in such a sorry state before, never!

The hand under her sleeve slowly clenched into a fist as a trace of hatred flashed across her beautiful eyes … She would remember all of her tears, and would then return them back to Heelian Mingzhao.

But now, she had to endure. She had to be able to bend and stretch in order to achieve great freedom!

Seeing her pitiful cry, Heelian Mingzhao seemed to sigh, and was troubled. "Fine, since you insist, then I'll just treat it as not knowing about this matter … However, Ming Faang, you need to remember this, as for today's matters, not a single detail should be leaked, if not, Royal Father will not forgive him! " With just one sentence, he had pushed all the troubles to the Princess Mingfaang.

Princess Mingfaang clenched her teeth: She didn't know before that her Sixth Brother, Heelian Mingzhao, was actually this powerful.

She lowered her head, and thought through the people who knew of this matter in her heart. Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu would definitely not reveal this matter to anyone, and Heelian Mingzhao had also promised her … Then, only Yuchi Weiwei was left...

Yuchi Weiwei!

Narrowing her beautiful eyes, which were still filled with tears, Princess Mingfaang nodded: "Don't worry Sixth Brother, Ming Faang will definitely settle today's matter properly!" As for that bitch, Gu Wangshu, and Heelian Mingzhao, they would have to slowly find another opportunity in the future. But with just her alone, she wouldn't be able to shake them.

However, in terms of Great Jing, it was not just him, Sixth Prince, who had a chance of reaching great treasure.

Heelian Mingzhao did not know what Princess Mingfaang was thinking, but he was very satisfied with Princess Mingfaang's answer, and nodded: Since that is the case, Sixth Brother will not disturb the two of you, husband and wife, and will take his leave.

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