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C39 Whipping

Gu Wangshu stayed in the water, his face green and white, his eyes unfocused. Between his neck were the scars he had left behind earlier, and because his clothes were tattered, the ambiguous marks on his clavicles and chest could be seen with a single glance.

This startled Uncle Fu, and made him open his eyes wide in disbelief... Was Gu Wangshu caught secretly in a relationship?

How is this possible? Based on the way he had looked at people for so many years, Gu Wangshu did not seem like the type of person to do such a thing.

However, hearing that Gu Wangshu had such a deep relationship with Yuchi Family, he had truly done something to steal his love … It wasn't absolutely impossible. No wonder Pei Xingyun was so angry.

Uncle Fu was also a bit uncomfortable inside because of this, but he was old and saw a lot of things, so he was more tolerant of other people's mistakes than the young. He sighed and helped Gu Wangshu get out of the water before he went back to his room to help him change.

Before he finished changing his clothes, Shu Qi had already come to urge Gu Wangshu to go to the ancestral hall.

Uncle Fu looked and his heart softened a little. He refused to believe the truth of Gu Wangshu's secret love affair from the bottom of his heart: "Go tell General that I said that Young Madame is not feeling well, if there's anything wrong, we can talk about it tomorrow."

What he said was the truth. Gu Wangshu's body was heavily injured at the moment, and his spirit was not well either. He was simply unable to endure the laws of the Pei Family.


Gu Wangshu straightened his body, straightened his back, and said to Shu Qi: "I'll go over right now." Then, he turned to Uncle Fu and said, "Uncle Fu, thank you. It's just that this is something I have to bear, I can't escape."

Although he might have been tricked by someone tonight, it was still a fact that he and Yuchi Weirann had some sort of physical relationship. As a member of the Pei Family, he should be punished for not being able to defend his own body and mind.

And now, he also needed pain to clear his mind and let him clearly remember what happened tonight. He also needed to remember what kind of person Yuchi Weirann was.

He felt that if he was wrong, he should be punished. As for what others owed him, he would naturally get it back in the future.

With a surge of anger in his heart, the straight-backed Gu Wangshu actually looked a bit brighter. Uncle Fu squinted his eyes and involuntarily nodded: "Then, this old servant will go prepare the medicine."

The Uncle Fu's words did not persuade him, instead, it surprised Gu Wangshu a little, but he thanked the Uncle Fu for his understanding and revealed his first smile after something happened, then he followed Shu Qi to the Ancestral Hall.

Because it was night, the ancestral hall was a bit dark. The candles on both sides of the hall were dim and seemed like they could be extinguished at any moment, but they were still burning strongly.


Pei Xingyun stood up straight and tall, holding a leather whip in his hand. The whip was one foot long, two feet two inches long, three inches wide and one inch thick. The handle was two feet five inches long, and it looked extremely frightening.

The rules of the Pei Family family were as follows: At least thirty lashes if it was light, and at most a hundred if it was heavy.

Nobody knew how many times Pei Xingyun would hit him tonight.

Shu Qi worriedly stood to the side as he shrunk his body. He couldn't help but think of his former master, Pei Mufeng.

The ancestral hall was filled with ancestral spirit tablets of the Pei Family, so he had to kneel down. Gu Wangshu did not resist, although he was nervous, he forced himself to stay strong, and clenched his teeth, not showing any sign of fear.

As soon as his knee hit the ground, with a "pa" sound, the black whip landed on his back, making him cry out in pain, but he immediately reacted, clenching his teeth tightly and closing his mouth, not letting himself make any sound.

The whip fell onto Gu Wangshu's body like a violent storm. Gu Wangshu's consciousness that was tormented by pain was a little blurry, he was no longer able to maintain his kneeling position, and his body, which was trembling like a fallen leaf in the wind, fell down softly on the ground, while the whip in Pei Xingyun's hand still did not stop... At this moment, Pei Xingyun looked like he had gone mad. He seemed to have forgotten what had happened tonight, and forgot who this person was, he only remembered that this person was too detestable and had betrayed his trust, causing him to become angry and not argue with him, and deeply reprimanding him. The anger and hatred in his heart masked everything, causing him to not be able to see anything.

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