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"General …" General, we cannot fight anymore, Young Madame has fainted! "

This was the first time Shu Qi had seen the laws of Pei Family, and just hearing the sound of the whip hitting Gu Wangshu's body, he couldn't help but tremble violently, as though he was the one being beaten. Just thinking about it caused him great pain.

However, since Pei Xingyun was adamant on what he said, he didn't dare to ask for mercy and could only pray that Pei Xingyun would finish the fight soon. However, Pei Xingyun did not stop even after he knocked Gu Wangshu out. He was afraid that someone would lose their life, so he could only muster up the courage to kneel down and beg for mercy on Gu Wangshu's behalf.

To be honest, before tonight, Shu Qi had always thought that the Young Madame, who looked extremely thin and weak, was like all the other brother s and misses, a delicate flower that could only be doted on by others. Other than her outstanding appearance and pretty good temper, he had not found anything good about Gu Wangshu either.

Gu Wangshu was not bad indeed, he was brave enough to bear the responsibility and not push away the responsibility. Although he seemed weak and weak, he was actually strong, and looking at how ruthless Pei Xingyun was tonight, let alone a brother like him, even if he was a man, he would probably be unable to resist begging for forgiveness.

Shu Qi had never seen Gu Wangshu like that. According to Pei Mufeng, infecting a person made them feel happy, and he didn't know what the meaning of the Gu Wangshu he had faced that day at the Drunken Cloud Restaurant was, but he could imagine that when this youth, whose face was usually as clean as ice and snow, smiled, it would definitely shock them … One had to know that the rarer the object, the more beautiful it would be when it bloomed.

If one were to say that taking care of Gu Wangshu in the past was due to his responsibility and gratitude to his previous master, at that moment in time, he was actually willing to see Gu Wangshu as his master. He would not refuse even if he lost his life. For the Second Young Master to not regret so much, not to mention this lowly life of his …

He carefully crawled over, supported himself on the ground with both hands, and looked at Pei Xingyun with a resolute expression. "General, this lowly one's death isn't enough. Please let this Young Madame go!"

What responded to him was a whip that fiercely lashed onto his body.

"Even you were deceived by his appearance?" Pei Xingyun's voice was hoarse and rough, it had also become more sinister. His scarlet eyes landed on Yue Yang and the strength of his subordinates couldn't help but become a little more ruthless, "This guy with the pure skin, actually knows how to act.

The whip landed on Shu Qi's body. Shu Qi took a deep breath as he thought, this whip really hurts.

He had acknowledged Gu Wangshu's existence, but he had only treated him as a master, and didn't have the slightest bit of intention to do so. However, he didn't know why Pei Xingyun would say such a thing.

He was about to explain when the door to the ancestral hall was pushed open.


The aged voice of the Uncle Fu was steady and imposing. He even went forward and reached his hand out to grab the whip in Pei Xingyun's hands. Pei Xingyun immediately erupted with power and fought back immediately.

The older the better, Pei Xingyun was actually controlled by the Uncle Fu.

"Eldest Young Master, you should wake up." Uncle Fu's voice was heavy, after throwing these words, he also threw the whip in his hand towards Pei Xingyun: "Look, after you had beaten him for so long, did he say half a no, did he even have the slightest intention of begging you for mercy? Even if you don't believe him, you should still believe in Mufeng's judgement. "

After he finished speaking, he helped Shu Qi up, and carried the unconscious Gu Wangshu in his arms.

"There are many things that are not as simple as they seem on the surface. If today's matter is a misunderstanding, how will you end it?" After throwing down that last sentence, the Uncle Fu carried Gu Wangshu and left slowly, leaving a misty figure for Pei Xingyun, who seemed to be slightly depressed and not be able to speak for a long while …

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