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C41 Good Sister

Different from General Mansion, Yuchi Family did not use any kind of family law or anything like that, so Princess Mingfaang appeared to be extremely calm after Heelian Mingzhao left.

She suppressed the anger and resentment in her heart and gently told Yuchi Weirann to wash up. It was as if Yuchi Weirann had not had a secret relationship with Gu Wangshu and had only done a very ordinary thing.

The bottom of Yuchi Weirann's heart was also in chaos, it was indeed time for him to calm down.

The moment Yuchi Weirann left, Princess Mingfaang turned around and returned to the bridal chamber with a fierce gaze. She told her personal maid to look for Yuchi Weiwei.

Not long after, his hands and feet went soft, and the absent-minded Yuchi Weiwei was brought to the front of Princess Mingfaang.

At this time, the Princess Mingfaang looked dignified and generous. Her elegant and gentle demeanor made Yuchi Weiwei slightly relax, but she still hunched her shoulders and confidently called out in a small voice, "Sister-in-law."

Ming Faang received the tea handed over to him by her personal maid, Bi Lian, twisted the lid of the cup, blew it, took a sip, then closed it again, and looked at Yuchi Weiwei with those beautiful eyes: "Weiwei, I remember you saying that Gu Wangshu would cause people to call you big brother, but do you remember who he told to pass on the message to?"

Today's incident could not be leaked out in the slightest. Besides them, all those who knew about it had to die!

Yuchi Weiwei's hands and feet were cold. She did not think that the Princess Mingfaang would care about such a small problem, which was why she was trying to fool her. Things seemed to be moving in a direction she couldn't control.

"I... I don't know, it's someone Gu Wangshu brought from the General Mansion … "

Princess Mingfaang seemed to have expected that she would answer him in such a manner. He raised his eyebrows, and the smile on his face became even more gentle and pretty: "Really? But I heard that there were only three people that came from the General Mansion today, General Divine Might, that slut … Gu Wangshu still had a servant, but the only ones who entered the banquet were General Shen Wei and Gu Wangshu. That servant had been waiting outside the door the entire time, and hadn't even entered the Yuchi Family gate yet … Weiwei, you aren't going to tell me that Gu Wangshu asked the General Pei to pass along a message, right? "

After Yuchi Weiwei whispered a little with Gu Wangshu, Gu Wangshu left his seat. Not long after Yuchi Weiwei left, Yuchi Weirann too, left her seat.

But previously, she had already lost that much face in front of Pei Xingyun and Heelian Mingzhao. Now, no matter what, she had to maintain her graceful and noble identity as a princess;

"I, I …" "Sister-in-law, I …" Only now did Yuchi Snow realize that she had used a rock to smash her own foot. She fell to her knees, not knowing how to defend herself.

Even though she still did not know everything that Yuchi Weiwei had done, she did know that Yuchi Weiwei had used her and deceived her. Flames jumped about in her beautiful eyes and she was about to flare up, but she suddenly thought of Yuchi Weirann.

She took a few deep breaths to quell the rage swelling in her chest. Then, she smiled and said, "Weiwei, tell me, why did you want your brother to go see that bitch?"

Yuchi Weiwei shook her head.

I can't say it, I definitely can't say that she asked someone to cast smoke on Yuchi Weirann and Gu Wangshu, otherwise, Princess Mingfaang might want her life.

Why was she so foolish, why would she personally come to Princess Mingfaang to let him pass? She should find someone to say that she had to hide behind the scenes! Under the current circumstances, her little trick would probably only require a little investigation to figure it out.

A fear enveloped Yuchi Weiwei's heart, and started to cry: "Sorry, I'm sorry, sister-in-law, please forgive me, it's also because I dislike Gu Wangshu that I'm like this, I, I completely do not have any intentions of making sister-in-law unhappy."

Looking at Yuchi Weiwei's tears, Princess Mingfaang felt extremely comfortable in her heart. She just liked the image of someone else kneeling at her feet and begging for mercy while looking down at her pitifully. One day, she would make that bitch do the same.

"What are you doing?"

Yuchi Weirann pushed open the door and stood at the side. His face, which had always carried a smile, was completely expressionless as he looked coldly at the Princess Mingfaang and the pitiful Yuchi Weiwei who was crying on the ground: "You have only just entered the Yuchi Family's door, and you can't help but start putting on the airs of a princess?"

Princess Mingfaang was choked down by Yuchi Weirann's words, and was not above or below, but he immediately became angry: "Little sister? Heh, why do you think I know about your affair with that slut? It was your good sister who told me! "

Yuchi Weirann's face showed obvious surprise and suspicion, "Weiwei? "Impossible!"

Yuchi Weiwei was his blood sister, so why would she treat him like this?

"You actually suspect me?" Princess Mingfaang was so angry that she fell the teacup in her hands onto the ground. She stood up and said, "Ask her yourself, did she tell me that she saw Gu Wangshu sending people to find you, and was afraid that the two of you would do something naughty to him?

This sentence had a lot of information.

Yuchi Weirann's face suddenly paled. He gritted his teeth and her entire body emitted a gloomy and cold aura. He looked at Yuchi Weiwei with disbelief and hatred with disappointment: "You knew from the start that I and Shu would do something naughty?"

He was not one of those irrational people. Even though he knew that this was his and Princess Mingfaang's wedding night, he only wanted to see Gu Wangshu to explain everything to him. Before, he really did not want to touch Gu Wangshu at this time, but in reality, he could not help but touch Gu Wangshu.

However, at that time, he thought that it was because Gu Wangshu was about to lose his temper and that Gu Wangshu had schemed against him. So it turned out that Gu Wangshu was also the one who was tricked.

And it was his own sister who had plotted against them.

He already knew … I knew it since long ago, why would Gu Wangshu allow Yuchi Weiwei to pass the message? Because of Pei Mufeng, Yuchi Weiwei hated Gu Wangshu so much, so how could she help them?

When a person like Gu Wangshu was unaware of his deception, if she left him, she would only hope that he would be fine. How could she scheme against him?

Why? Why did he think that Gu Wangshu was scheming against him at that moment? Would he even say something like that?

Yuchi Weirann's mind was blank, his heart was filled with grief, as if someone had punched him in his chest, a sweet taste flowed down his throat, and he suddenly opened his mouth, actually spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"Not yet!" Princess Mingfaang screamed out and immediately supported his body. She worriedly looked at his pale cheeks that had an abnormal blush on them. "Fen, what's wrong?"

However, Yuchi Weirann thought in his heart, now, he could no longer lie to Gu Wangshu, Gu Wangshu … I'll never love him again.

He … Would he forever lose Gu Wangshu?

What he didn't want, he really didn't want. However, he couldn't help it. Even without his mother, he couldn't help it … As he thought about it, his lips once again overflowed with bright red blood.

"Big brother!"

Yuchi Weiwei was also shocked, as she hurriedly got up. She also wanted to help Yuchi Weirann up, but Yuchi Weirann broke away from the support of the Princess Mingfaang and stood in front of her, raising his hand to give her a slap, "I had previously known that you were arrogant and willful, but I didn't expect that you would be this ugly now … "Scram, if there's nothing else in the future, don't ever come back."

Yuchi Weiwei was beaten to the point that her eyes and ears were ringing. She covered her flushed cheeks in disbelief as tears welled up in her eyes: "You actually hit me, big brother, you actually hit me for a slut like that …"

She did not know that Yuchi Weirann doing this now, was also to save her. Otherwise, how could Princess Mingfaang let her go? No matter how bad she was, she was still his sister. This was his greatest sorrow.

Yuchi Weirann turned his face to the side, and no longer looked at her: "Go. In the future, I don't want to see you anymore."

As he spoke, there were also traces of blood flowing down his chin.

Princess Mingfaang was so scared that she could not even touch her body. Seeing that Yuchi Weiwei was still standing at the side crying, she could not help but kick at him. "You're crying, why aren't you leaving? Didn't you hear me say that I don't want to see you?"

Yuchi Weiwei was not afraid that Yuchi Weirann would be angered by her, she only felt that being beaten by Yuchi Weirann and kicked by Princess Mingfaang was extremely wronged, and she wailed as she went to find her mother to seek justice for him. In the past, when Gu Wangshu stayed in the Yuchi Family for so long he did not dare to hit her, but now that she treated him like this on the first day, what would happen in the future?

At this time, Princess Mingfaang did not have the time to bother with Yuchi Weiwei. She was more worried about Yuchi Weirann's body.

Yuchi Weirann took the Princess Mingfaang's handkerchief and wiped his lips: "This matter, it's now over. No one is allowed to bring it up again in the future."

Then he dropped the handkerchief and turned to leave.

"Wait …" Princess Mingfaang's expression was dark and uncertain: "Tonight is our wedding night, where are you going?"

Yuchi Weirann said as he stood with his back facing Princess Mingfaang, "This lowly one's body is unwell and is unable to serve the princess. With that, he left.

Princess Mingfaang, who was left in the bridal room, angrily smashed everything in her line of sight, and after a long while, she panted and called back her trusted aides. In merely an hour's time, she had thoroughly investigated everything, including the servant who helped Yuchi Weiwei with the medicine in Yuchi Courtyard.

Princess Mingfaang laughed coldly, "This is a real little slut. Hehe, she is not only your little sister, but Fourth Brother's concubine. Go and watch me go to Fourth Brother's place tomorrow, I won't be able to play with her!" Her Fourth Sister-in-law was the present empress dowager's niece, and they had an extremely good relationship. Even if she couldn't touch Yuchi Weiwei in Yuchi Family, wouldn't Yuchi Weiwei still be able to do whatever she wanted her to do? Hmph, if you dare to set your sights on her, you better be prepared to be destroyed!

She said it already, Yuchi Weirann loved her, how could he embarrass her tonight? It must be something fishy, and it was really because Yuchi Weiwei that little bitch poisoned her.

On the other hand, if she were to get angry again and again tonight, it would probably make Yuchi Weirann unhappy. She would have to go to Yuchi Weirann's place to apologize later.

"Princess, what about the person who drugged it?"

"Do you still need me to decide for you?"

"Yes …" This servant understands! " Only the dead could not speak, the Princess Mingfaang did not wish for tonight's matter to be revealed, so the only way out for him was death.

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