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King & Queen of Another World/C43 Account by Hand
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C43 Account by Hand

Although Uncle Fu agreed with Pei Xingyun on the surface, he had a different idea in his heart.

Letting Gu Wangshu leave could indeed help him gain a new life.

But, how did Pei Xingyun know that people from Princess Mingfaang or Yuchi Family would not harm Gu Wangshu just to kill him?

Their Pei Family had secret guards, but how could the princess not have them? Moreover, there was no lack of assassins in the world. The Princess Mingfaang only needed to pay some money, and Gu Wangshu might not be able to survive.

Even if he were to take another ten thousand steps back, if the princess and her Yuchi Family did not touch Gu Wangshu, just based on Gu Wangshu's weak body that belonged to the brother and that excessively good-looking face of her, she would definitely cause trouble for him.

Thus, according to Uncle Fu, leaving Gu Wangshu in the Pei Family and him personally protecting him was the way of the king.

Previously, when Pei Xingyun forced Gu Wangshu to marry into General Mansion, his biggest mistake was to decide for himself.

This time, he said that he knew he was wrong, his starting point was also good, but this still couldn't hide the fact that he had preemptively decided Gu Wangshu's future, he had always subconsciously ignored Gu Wangshu's thoughts. Uncle Fu felt that when he had time, he had to properly talk about Pei Xingyun — let him change this bad habit of always making decisions for others.

However, he was still unable to wake up, which made Uncle Fu a little anxious. He wanted to ask for a doctor, but he did not want to, because, after all, an ugly family could not be shown to the public.

He decided to wait a little longer. If it was noon and Gu Wangshu was still not awake, he would go and find a doctor.


In the end, Princess Mingfaang did not tell Yuchi Weirann to return to her room last night. As a result, she became angry again, but she now hated Yuchi Weiwei even more in her heart.

This morning, she brought along Yuchi Weirann a gentle and virtuous face and gave a respectful smile to the smiling Old Madam Yuchi. After hurriedly eating breakfast, she impatiently changed into a beautiful red cheongsam and brought her personal maid, Bi Lian, to drive the carriage to the Peace King Manor's Fourth Prince's Mansion.

The Fourth Princess was the one who didn't have much to show for her marriage, but the reason she was able to marry so well was also because of the empress dowager's efforts. As such, the Fourth Princess had always held reverence towards the empress dowager, and the Princess Mingfaang was the empress dowager's favorite princess, so one could imagine that when she met the Princess Mingfaang, she would definitely regard him as a distinguished guest, and wouldn't dare to offend the empress dowager's famous person.

Coincidentally, the Fourth Marquis was not around, so Fourth Princess enthusiastically welcomed him and Princess Mingfaang also generously accepted him.

After they sat down, the Princess Mingfaang said: "Speaking of which, that sister-in-law of mine is also in your residence. Since I've come, I should have her come to see me."

Naturally, the Fourth Princess would not object.

Yuchi Weiwei was invited, but on her face, the palm print that Yuchi Weirann gave her last night was still there.

When Princess Mingfaang saw her saluting, she sized her up for a while, then sneered: "Looks like you're also full of water. Why are you so stupid?"

The Fourth Princess heard and immediately raised her eyebrows: "What, this blind thing offended you, Ming Faang?" She was actually a little angry in her heart. Not long after Yuchi Weiwei came to the Peace Duke Palace, she had instead caused endless trouble. The last time she let General Pei personally come to the palace to cause trouble, it was once again Princess Mingfaang.

Princess Mingfaang gracefully placed the teacup in her hand on top of the yellow pear wood red paint and blew her long fingers: "She did indeed do something that made me unhappy.

When Fourth Princess heard her, she immediately used her eyes to gouge at Yuchi Weiwei: "You despicable thing, quickly apologize to the princess."

Yuchi Weiwei had been dealt with by the Fourth Princess a few times and she was extremely afraid. Now that she knew that she was nothing in front of these two women with extraordinary statuses, she quickly kneeled down and begged for forgiveness.

Princess Mingfaang glanced at his personal maid, Bi Lian, and said: "Bi Lian, tell me, when I'm in a bad mood, what do you usually do that makes me happy?"

Bi Lian replied immediately, "The princess is a kind master. This servant doesn't need to do anything. I only need to go to the shop where the princess loves the Cloud Piece Cake."

Princess Mingfaang kicked Yuchi Weiwei: "Did you hear that?"

Yuchi Weiwei was so angry that her face turned red, she wanted to buy something, and just let the servant girl go, the Princess Mingfaang actually bullied her, and made her go in person.

Before she could reply, Fourth Princess said sinisterly: "Didn't you hear that the princess wanted you to buy pastry to apologize? Hurry up and go. "

When one was under a roof, one had no choice but to lower their head.

Yuchi Weiwei forcefully swallowed the anger in her heart, and said with a trembling voice that was about to cry: "Yes, Weiwei will go right now."

Princess Mingfaang kicked her again: "You lowly concubine, in front of me, you cannot call yourself lowly. You want to call yourself lowly, do you understand?"

The Princess Mingfaang was simply too terrifying. Yuchi Weiwei didn't dare to rub the spot where the Princess Mingfaang kicked him and immediately replied, "I understand."

Then he had no choice but to run out the door.

Princess Mingfaang glanced at his personal maid, Bi Lian, who immediately followed behind him without a sound.

When Bi Lian left, the Princess Mingfaang said to the Fourth Princess, "Fourth sister, I'm sorry. Ming Faang took the initiative to order your family members …"

Fourth Princess hurriedly shook his head: "What are you saying, concubine, isn't she just a servant? She was originally there to serve master, it's her fortune to be able to run errands for you."

Princess Mingfaang pursed her lips, smiled without saying a word.

She had long prepared a huge gift and was waiting for Yuchi Weiwei outside the Fourth Marquis Palace.

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