King & Queen of Another World/C44 Return Treatment to the Body
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King & Queen of Another World/C44 Return Treatment to the Body
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C44 Return Treatment to the Body

Yuchi Weiwei actually didn't know where the princess wanted to sell the Cloud Pieces Cake. She walked out of the Peace Prince's Palace and stood at the doorway, looking around in a daze, not knowing where she should go.

At this moment, she felt a pain in the back of her neck and fainted.

But soon, she woke up again.

However, when she opened her eyes and saw the three men pressing down on her, black and coarse, and the wretched and unfamiliar man with a yellow smile on his face, the blood in her body cooled down bit by bit.

"You … Who are you... "Get out of my way, you dirty little bastards, get the hell out of my way!" How could this be?

They had just left the Prince's Mansion, and they already encountered such a situation? The Planar was too coincidental?

Fear lingered in Yuchi Weiwei's heart.

She knew who it was!

She knew, it had to be Princess Mingfaang, it had to be her! That lowly person actually harmed her in such a way. Even if she entered hell, she would drag the Princess Mingfaang along with her!

Her neatly manicured nails grabbed at the bluestone on the ground, grinding her fingers until they were badly mutilated.

But the pain did not wake her body, which was gradually giving in to her desire.

A layer of gloom covered her originally beautiful eyes. A bone-deep hatred was overflowing from within.

She has fallen/fallen into this state... But no matter, she would wait for the Princess Mingfaang in hell.

Waiting for that person to catch her eye, fall from the clouds and struggle in the mud …

At the same time, Bi Lian returned to the Peace King Manor and nodded towards Princess Mingfaang.

A trace of viciousness flashed past Princess Mingfaang's eyes, she once again raised the teacup and covered the smile on her mouth, then said to Fourth Princess: "Fourth sister, my servant girl said that the slut that went to buy me the Cloud Piece Cake was stealing from her in the alleyway behind the Duke's Mansion, I don't know if it's true or not."

He would do what others did for him.

Didn't Yuchi Weiwei like to use aphrodisiac? Then let her have a taste of it, too, by the way.

Hearing Princess Mingfaang's words, Fourth Princess's face changed.

She naturally understood in her heart what was going on. Although she didn't know what kind of conflict existed between Princess Mingfaang and Yuchi Weiwei, asking Yuchi Weiwei to buy Cloud Piece Cake was obviously a trap set up by Princess Mingfaang.

Even if it was such a simple trap, even if everyone was well aware of it, no one would dare to expose her.

Who asked her to be a princess?

Who asked Yuchi Weiwei to speak lightly, she was not worth it for anyone to save her.

Moreover, the Fourth Princess also hoped that there would be less women in the backyard of the Peace King Residence.

Following the steps Princess Mingfaang gave her, not only would she make Princess Mingfaang owe her a favor, she would also make the Fourth Prince see one less woman, so why not?

She pretended to be angry: "This actually happened? That slut is really too outrageous … However, this matter is important to the Peace King Residence's reputation, so it is not appropriate for it to be known, so I hope that you can keep it a secret for me, Princess. "

The Princess Mingfaang naturally knew, or else she wouldn't have set the location of the incident in the back alley of the Peace King Manor.

She nodded her head and gave a happy smile to Fourth Sister. "Of course, Fourth Sister, you should quickly go and take a look. Catch the adulterers and make them into a pair. If that lowly servant's mistress runs away and tells others about this, things won't be good."

Fourth Princess immediately stood up when she heard this, "You're right, I'll get the lowly servant and her lover taken down right now. Ming Faang, you take a rest first.

The Fourth Princess didn't know that at this time, Pei Xingyun had also come to find him.

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