King & Queen of Another World/C45 Real Thoughts and Reactions
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King & Queen of Another World/C45 Real Thoughts and Reactions
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C45 Real Thoughts and Reactions

When Pei Xingyun rushed to the Peace King Residence, Fourth Princess was busy with dealing with Yuchi Weiwei's matters. Fourth Prince was also not present, so it was inconvenient to entertain him. Pei Xingyun had once told him that no matter what happened, as long as he woke up, Gu Wangshu would tell him.

Hearing the news that Gu Wangshu had woken up, Pei Xingyun's heart was agitated, and actually directly returned with his General Mansion.

However, when he arrived at the courtyard where Gu Wangshu was staying, he suddenly remembered that he had mistook Gu Wangshu for someone else.

It was just that he did not know how to face Gu Wangshu, which was why he had explained everything regarding Gu Wangshu to the Uncle Fu properly.

But at this time, when he heard the news of Gu Wangshu's awakening, he rushed back without caring about anything else.

Pei Xingyun felt that he was becoming more and more confused.

He frowned, and was about to turn around and leave when he heard the conversation between Gu Wangshu and the Uncle Fu in the room.

Uncle Fu asked Gu Wangshu: "Do you resent the general for misunderstanding you?"

This was undoubtedly what Pei Xingyun wanted to know the most.

It was probably because Uncle Fu sensed his presence that he asked this question on his behalf.

Gu Wangshu's voice was very calm, it didn't even seem as cool as it normally would be in front of an outsider. Instead, it carried a bit of softness and surprise, "How could it be? Even if I was really tricked by Yuchi Weiwei, it was my own fault. If I wasn't tricked by Yuchi Weiwei, how could I have been tricked? "I was wrong in the first place, and it was not light at all. If I was wrong, then I should be punished. The general was right."

Pei Xingyun's body trembled, his heart was filled with an inexplicable sense of gratification.

Right at this time, Gu Wangshu continued, "Actually, if the general really did not hit me, I would have felt guilty and sorry. But the general's attack was actually able to completely put an end to this matter …. Ever since I came to the General Mansion, people from the General Mansion have been defending me with everything they have. I know in my heart that I am grateful that the General hit me because it is for my own good.

As Pei Xingyun listened, a smile actually appeared on his lips. The terrible mood that he had been in since last night was instantly relieved, and it was only now that he realized that Gu Wangshu's voice was actually so pleasant to hear.

"Then, what do you think about the matter of the general telling you to leave?"

When Uncle Fu asked this question, 90% of the time, Pei Xingyun was sure that Uncle Fu knew he was outside. He couldn't help but laugh, actually, other than the fact that Uncle Fu treated him with care, he rarely treated anyone else so well.

"To tell the truth, Uncle Fu, my parents have all died and big brother doesn't like them. After leaving the General Mansion, I really don't know where I am going … Everyone in the General Mansion treats me very well. Even though I only stayed here for a short period of time, I felt that I was gradually becoming more and more alive, living a completely different life compared to my life in the Yuchi Family … "I don't really want to leave, but if the general insists that I leave, I will."

"He dares! As long as you want to stay, Uncle Fu will guarantee that he won't kick you out. "

In addition to being shocked, his heart was actually in pain. He knew that Gu Wangshu was not as blissful as he looked on the surface, but he didn't expect that his situation would be so terrible.

This could not be seen on the surface of that stubborn boy.

"Hehe, I'm afraid only you, Uncle Fu, would dare to speak to the general like that."

"Who said that? There are many people who dare to speak to him in such a manner …" Oh right, Shu, what do you think of the general? "

The pitiful Pei Xingyun, was once again hung on the wall by the Uncle Fu's question, and couldn't help but hold his breath, waiting for Gu Wangshu's answer.

"Wu, General is a Patron Saint of our Great Jing, able to support the heavens and support the earth, an upright and fair man, a man worthy of respect. Actually, I also respect him in my heart, and if I am not a brother, I would definitely want to follow General to battle! To be able to drive a horse and turn the world around, how carefree is that? "

Pei Xingyun's face was burning hot, the blood in his body was surging with passion from Gu Wangshu's words.

Pushing the horse forward, turning the world upside down! What a great plan to turn the world around. He never thought that brother, who looked so weak, would actually have such lofty ambitions. He was simply a close friend of his. It wasn't easy for him to meet someone who shared the same interests as him, Pei Xingyun wanted to immediately rush in and drink with Gu Wangshu. When he arrived at the door, he realised that he was eavesdropping, how could he possibly be caught red-handed?

Unexpectedly, the Uncle Fu smiled and looked at the door, then turned to Gu Wangshu and said meaningfully, "Shu, the general has come to see you … It just so happens that I'm a bit tired from my old bones. Let the general take care of you, I'll go take a rest. "

After that conversation just now, Uncle Fu felt that Gu Wangshu and Pei Xingyun were extremely suitable and wanted to immediately gather them into a pile.

At this time, due to the whip wound on his back, Gu Wangshu was lying on the bed. His posture was very indecent, and upon hearing that Pei Xingyun had come, he immediately became nervous. "General."

When the Uncle Fu floated away, for some reason, Pei Xingyun felt really good when he saw Gu Wangshu, who was so nervous that he seemed to be at a loss of what to do, and for some reason, he felt that this Gu Wangshu was very cute. This kind of Gu Wangshu, how could he be at ease in front of the Uncle Fu?

This guy, how many sides did he not know?

"Shouldn't you have called me 'big bro'? Why did you change your tone and call me a general? Could it be that you're still blaming me for hitting you?"

Gu Wangshu immediately shook his head, and excitedly tried to stand up and explain: "No, no, no, how could this be? I, I'm sorry about Pei Family, if … "Hiss …"

His movements were too big, and he actually dragged the wound on his back, causing him to gasp in pain. Cold sweat also appeared on his forehead.

Pei Xingyun looked very nervous: "What's wrong? Did he touch the wound? Let me see... "You too. I've never seen you so impatient before, why are you so agitated now?"

As he spoke, he lifted the quilt … Pei Xingyun only needed a single glance to catch his breath, as the blood in his body was flowing in reverse. His heart and the skin on his face were extremely hot.

Pei Xingyun stood still as if he had been struck by lightning.

He … How could he react?

However, at this moment, Gu Wangshu was lying on the bed due to the wound on his back, and his expression couldn't be seen, causing him to momentarily forget that he was a brother in this world, and that he wasn't close to Pei Xingyun either. He simply assumed that Pei Xingyun was a harmless man like him, and extended his hand to pass the medicinal paste left behind by the Uncle Fu.

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