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"I see that Shu is truly regretting what happened last night, which means he has already seen Yuchi Weirann's true face clearly … If that's really the case, then he's both wounded and wounded, and is in need of someone to take care of. If you treat him sincerely, take care of him, and protect him, it would be hard for him not to be tempted. "

Uncle Fu's slightly muddled eyes lit up, speaking clearly.

"This... Is it from the legends, that you took advantage of the situation and entered? " Pei Xingyun had always been open and upright, but when he first heard the Uncle Fu's words, he actually felt a little uncomfortable.

"So what if you took advantage of the situation and entered? Who cares if he was plotting something, if he could get a beauty, that would be his real plan … Besides, I told you to treat him sincerely, not to deceive him, and not to hurt him, all for his own good! "Of course, if you feel that he can bear it, you can also openly tell him that you want to pursue him."


Pei Xingyun used to think that Uncle Fu was very dignified and reliable, but at this moment, he felt that Uncle Fu... Why is it so out of tune? It was as if he had been tricked.

Later on, the Uncle Fu gave him an exquisite bookbinding, saying that he had deliberately bought it from the market.

What was it called? A Hundred Way to Pursue Beauty? How to make a beauty submit to you? How to Save you? My Love? How to Tale Me and the Goddess??

This messy looking thing made the veins on Pei Xingyun's forehead bulge.

The theoretical knowledge that the Uncle Fu knew was very rich, why was he still alone? You didn't even marry a wife back? So... Uncle Fu was indeed unreliable.

Although he really despised these books, but … Pei Xingyun had even read all these books by chance. And look! It's over! It was done!

After he finished reading, he felt that his whole body was in a bad mood. He felt that with his personality, he would never be able to say "I love you" to Gu Wangshu every morning and every night. It was impossible to praise Gu Wangshu's beauty and charm all the time …

There were only five words to summarize: Fierce! Woman! Afraid! Bind! Lang!

It did not have any nutrition, so it was just like a poisonous snake! It was depressing to waste so much of his time without learning anything.

On the surface, he was indeed like what Uncle Fu had said, he treated Gu Wangshu with a lot of gentleness and respect. After he treated Gu Wangshu sincerely, he realized that when he was with Gu Wangshu, both his body and mind were very relaxed, and in fact, it was a very joyful thing.

The only thing that tormented him was … The book that the Uncle Fu had given him wasn't just to teach him how to woo others, it also contained some pictures of the Spring Palace!

It was so beautiful that it made him want to learn, but it made his heart burn with anger. The moment he saw Gu Wangshu, he couldn't help but substitute Gu Wangshu into the little person painting that he was looking at, and then... He didn't even want to think about such an embarrassing thing.

But even so, he still insisted on taking care of Gu Wangshu. During his interactions with Gu Wangshu, he enjoyed the sweet and painful torture.

Gu Wangshu naturally discovered that Pei Xingyun was treating him even better, and he was extremely grateful in his heart. He felt that Pei Xingyun truly treated him as his own little brother and doted on him even more after that, which made him even better towards Pei Xingyun.

Just like this, after Gu Wangshu recuperated from his injuries for a few days, he would be able to get off the bed … It had to be said that the medicine Pei Xingyun's father had found for his mother was indeed good medicine. With such a heavy whip wound, only after a few days, the scar on his face had fallen. Now, a new, more tender and tender skin had grown out from his back.

"Shu, what are your plans for the future?"

"I... I want to go on an expedition with big brother. I wonder if big brother is willing? "

"You? "How can this make your body so weak …"

"Why not? Didn't Big Brother's mother go to the battlefield back then? She is a woman, yet she is acting this way, so why can't I be the same? "

"Mother is a child of the martial arts world, she has martial arts …"

"I don't have martial arts, but I have the ability to protect myself!"

"You?" Although Pei Xingyun had become more and more pleasing to the eye now, and almost felt that there was nothing wrong with Gu Wangshu, he still felt that Gu Wangshu was too weak. He couldn't help but feel pity for him when he looked at Gu Wangshu normally, much less letting such a person enter the battlefield.

"Big brother doesn't believe it?" Shall we go to the martial arts practice field and give it a try? "


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