King & Queen of Another World/C49 Self-preservation Ability
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King & Queen of Another World/C49 Self-preservation Ability
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C49 Self-preservation Ability

The General Mansion was very big, but there weren't many people on the surface.

Most of them were army and secret guards, and they weren't in the General Mansion.

Therefore, the General Mansion was very spacious and the training grounds were unique to Pei Xingyun.

Although Pei Xingyun was the only one who used it, he had everything that he should have.

Pei Xingyun saw the interest in Gu Wangshu's eyes, and really wanted to know what exactly was the self-defense Gu Wangshu was talking about.

It was obvious that Gu Wangshu did not have any plans to spar with him, but instead looked around at the weapons displayed on the training grounds.

In the end, he reached out and took down a meter long bow and arrow. It was also the only bow on the training field.

Pei Xingyun was a little surprised, that arrow was 30 kilograms, he probably wouldn't even be able to lift it.

In fact, the bow and arrow that Gu Wangshu was using, was indeed very heavy and big, but out of all the weapons present, the only one that was most suitable for him to use was the bow and arrow.

Originally, he was good at using darts. Unfortunately, that kind of thing could be regarded as an interest in modern times. However, it could only be used as a hidden weapon in ancient times. The training grounds didn't have that kind of thing.

These two weapons tested one's eyesight and hand strength.

Gu Wangshu frowned, his legs were unsteady, the hand holding the bow and arrow was trembling, but he had a strong will in his heart, he wanted to let Pei Xingyun see, he could protect himself, he could really protect himself.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the target a hundred meters away. Using unimaginable strength, he pulled the bow and arrow …

Whoosh! The arrow held in his hand was shot out.

Although it didn't hit the target, it still hit the target firmly.

This was enough to make Pei Xingyun speechless.

Gu Wangshu frowned: "This bow is too heavy, it is not convenient to use. If it was a little more small, or simply changed into a dart, it would be better."

Pei Xingyun gradually regained his senses, and the expression he gave Gu Wangshu became even weirder. In the end, he extended his hand and took the bow from Gu Wangshu's hands.

Gu Wangshu's eyes lit up, "Does big brother know how to? Can you teach me? Right … As for Qing Gong, I am also very interested in him. "

Such a life was what he wanted.

Previously, at the Yuchi Family, he really lived a life without self-respect.

Previously, he resented the people from General Mansion and forced him to remarry, but at this moment, he couldn't help but sigh at the marvel of fate … So it turned out that General Mansion was more suitable for him than Yuchi Family, and that was why fate had arranged for him to marry into General Mansion.

"You can. As long as you want to learn, I can teach you anything. Moreover, I will teach you everything!"

After that, Pei Xingyun was no longer afraid of finding Gu Wangshu again after his body had fully recovered.

He started to teach Gu Wangshu inner force breathing techniques, and also started to teach Gu Wangshu lightness skills.

Gu Wangshu was also very diligent in learning.

However, in the past two days, he had been in a trance.

The flower pattern on his wrist had almost fully bloomed. When he was meditating with Pei Xingyun yesterday, Pei Xingyun had asked him if he had used any type of spice to smell so fragrant. How was this a spice? His body's fragrance was getting thicker and thicker.

What should he do?

His body felt very uncomfortable.

With his identity like that, every time he sent out his feelings, emotions, and dates, there was an indescribable sense of awkwardness.

However, he was forcibly enduring it. Today, when Shu Qi had just come to tell him to eat breakfast, he had told Shu Qi to tie him up so that he wouldn't lose all reason and do something shameless.

Seeing that his skin was even more delicate than usual, and that his body was releasing a delicate fragrance, his cheeks were pink and tender, and that his eyes seemed to be filled with autumn water, Shu Qi more or less understood what was going on. Trembling, his hands and feet tied Gu Wangshu up as he staggered out of the door.

It was no wonder that brother, who was said to be in heat, could hook a person without having three souls and six souls.

However … Was it really okay to just tie up the Young Madame like that?

No, we should quickly tell the general and the Uncle Fu!

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