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C50 Heart

Pei Xingyun waited for a long time, but he still did not hear Gu Wangshu eat breakfast.

Gu Wangshu was a person who lived a regular life. Generally speaking, he would rarely be late.

Thinking about how Gu Wangshu had been in a trance for the past few days, Pei Xingyun started to worry.

The more he thought, the more he couldn't sit still, so he decided to just go back to Gu Wangshu's courtyard.

He had profound inner force skills. Before he could even get close to the door, he heard a bewitching moan that was as soft as a feather brushing past his heart. It was so seductive that it seemed to drip water.

Before he realized what that sound was, Pei Xingyun's body reacted.

He had never heard such a sound before, and it sounded both painful and joyous. At this moment, he didn't even care about the reaction of his own body, as he was afraid that something bad might happen to Gu Wangshu. He hastily rushed in. "You …"

He pushed open the door, and the rest of his words came to an abrupt halt. He stood there dumbly, his gaze burning with passion as he stared at the person on the bed, and he instantly lost all words to say.

The youth on the bed had stunned him to the point that he was almost speechless.

Pei Xingyun didn't know when he closed the door, nor did he know how he managed to walk to the bedside.

His eyes seemed to be on fire, and he breathed heavily as he stared at Gu Wangshu who was lying on the bed.

The room was filled with a delicate fragrance. The fragrance was quiet and pleasant, as if it could make one addicted to it.

Pei Xingyun's eyes were misty as he unknowingly reached out and grabbed onto that pure white and exquisite ankle … Compared to him, the foot was indeed very small. It was sparkling white like jade, the back of the foot was slender and elegant, and its exquisite toes were like pink pearls.

Unconsciously, Pei Xingyun raised his hand and kissed the smooth and soft back of his foot.

Right at this moment, Shu Qi anxiously rushed over to the courtyard with the Uncle Fu.

The Uncle Fu's inner strength was deeper than Pei Xingyun's. He knew in his heart that there were a few people in the room, and there was also that familiar aura … A smile appeared on his face. "Looks like I can finally use the books I bought!"

What he was talking about was naturally the map of the Spring Palace.

Shu Qi scratched his ears and cheeks anxiously at the side. "Uncle Fu, Young Madame, he seems to be in heat … "It is said that if the brother does not have someone to help during the estrus period, her life will be short and she will be sickly, quickly think of a way ~"

Don't worry, Young Madame is fine now, go and tell Aunt Zhang in the kitchen to boil some porridge to nourish her body. You have to know, brother's period of heat is only three days and three nights, how can it be possible without physical strength!

Shu Qi stared at Uncle Fu in a daze. Although he did not know why Uncle Fu was not worried about him and even said that Gu Wangshu was fine, he still followed Uncle Fu's instructions honestly.

The development of the relationship between Pei Xingyun and him was unexpectedly successful. Uncle Fu nodded his head with a smile on his face, "I hope you can quickly give birth to a little kid for my old bones, hahaha …" After which, he left with a smile. In this place, it was best to leave it to that pair of lovers.

"I am taking advantage of someone else again …" "If only you were sober …" The clothes on his body had already been destroyed by Pei Xingyun using his inner force, and he had taken off the clothes on Gu Wangshu's body.

Pei Xingyun regretted not telling Gu Wangshu about his feelings earlier.

But the sweetness of this moment made him willing to bear all of Gu Wangshu's anger and punishment.

Now, the thirst in his heart, allowed him to clearly know the position this youth held in his heart. Uncle Fu was right, he definitely would like this youth, otherwise why would he want him so much.

He looked at Gu Wangshu and saw that the usually cold and dignified brother had suddenly turned into a spirit demon that was absorbing spirit energy … However, as the saying goes, even if a peony flower were to die, it would still be disgraceful to be a ghost?

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