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C52 Self-aversion

He wanted to resist, but he couldn't help but sink into depravity …

It was because of the special period, and even more so because of the person on top of him.

The normally upright and noble general now looked like … That handsome face dripping with sweat, those deep dark eyes dancing with the flames of love, those wild and emotionless expression … It was really attractive.

And that extremely rare overbearing power/force, gave birth to a kind of illusion that he was very important to her. This illusion made Gu Wangshu, who was floating in his consciousness, become a little addicted to it.

In the end, Gu Wangshu chose to break down and sink down … All of this is right and wrong. Let's wait until this period is over.

What made Gu Wangshu feel absurd was that when he was with Pei Xingyun, he actually felt that it was a little sweet and a little happy. For an instant, he actually hoped that this moment would continue to linger … Is he crazy?

Is he crazy?

Was it because Yuchi Weirann had dealt him such a huge blow, that made him suspicious of his feelings, and that made him so careless of his feelings? Why did he become so frivolous?

Were people's bottom lines really going down?

Gu Wangshu was very sad for his brother's identity, and also somewhat hated the existence of love … But he did not hate Pei Xingyun at all! In the past few days, he had gotten along extremely well with Pei Xingyun. Pei Xingyun treated him like his own brother and treated him better than his older brother, Gu Wangyan. Moreover, he understood in his heart, Pei Xingyun was such a proper person, how could he take the opportunity to bully him?

It must have been because he was irrational at that time and had somehow untied the rope that tied him up, causing Pei Xingyun to sink into depravity with him or when he was in a sorry state. Pei Xingyun could not help but plead to Pei Xingyun for forgiveness and that was why Pei Xingyun helped him out of kindness.

No matter which one, it was not Pei Xingyun's fault.

It was his fault!

Everything was his fault as the brother!

He had already become such a ruined person … Regardless... could not pull Pei Xingyun into the water... It seemed that leaving the General Mansion was the best choice, right?

Although he could not bear to leave, he had no choice but to leave. After all, he could not bear to seduce Pei Xingyun with his perverted nature.

You deserve to lose this warmth... Serves him right!

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