King & Queen of Another World/C53 Her Majesty's Mind
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King & Queen of Another World/C53 Her Majesty's Mind
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C53 Her Majesty's Mind

During the three days that Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu stayed in their room together, a major event happened in the capital city of Great Jing.

At first it was a small matter... It was about the Princess Mingfaang taking revenge on Yuchi Weiwei.

That day, Fourth Prince wanted to beat Yuchi Weiwei to death, but was stopped by Ming Faang who gave up her Yuchi Family.

The reason why Princess Mingfaang kept Yuchi Weiwei alive was because of Yuchi Weirann, and also because she wanted to see Yuchi Weiwei suffer and live a life worse than death.

But who knew that because of Princess Mingfaang's revenge, Yuchi Weiwei's heart was filled with hatred and she didn't even want to give her face. She wanted to pull the whole world over to accompany her to the grave — — Even if she didn't want to take her little life, she naturally couldn't care about her own face.

While no one was looking, she actually ran out of Yuchi Family, and told everyone about the night of the princess' wedding, the night the prince consort and her ex-wife had secretly gotten into an affair, and it was an extremely popular story.

In a short period of time, the teahouses, restaurants, theaters and the like of Great Jing Capital … This matter was being discussed everywhere.

The discussion of the princess, even with her noble status, could not keep the heart of a prince consort.

The discussion about the romantic love of the prince consort.

Discussing about Gu Wangshu who had remarried to the General Mansion, for example, being bold and dissolute …

Originally, it was just for entertainment after tea, but for some reason, someone suddenly brought up this point: Since the princess had already caught them together, why didn't she punish Prince Consort Ma and Prince Consort Consort Consort's ex-wives?

There were many different answers to this question. Some said that had climbed onto Pei Xingyun's bed because the princess was reluctant to part with her Prince Consort, and some said that Pei Xingyun's authority was great, so the princess did not dare to touch him easily. There was also another way of putting it, that was because the Yuchi Family possessed a peerless treasure that could gather the wealth of the world. Princess had married Yuchi Weirann for the sake of a treasure, that was why she was willing to bear the shame …

This kind of public opinion was originally just an entertainment after the meal, but with the help of some people who wanted to push it, Yuchi Family was something like a treasure pot and a money tree, which was described as an iron-like fact. Everyone also suddenly realized this because of this, that's why Yuchi Family could become the richest person in Great Jing, so that's how it was!

Moreover, this news quickly spread to every corner of the Great Jing, attracting the attention of many forces.

The Yuchi Family instantly changed from a normal merchant's house to a mysterious, high-class, and grandiose one.

This made the upper class, who wanted to keep their Yuchi Family in the shadows, and Yuchi Weirann, who had been harassed by all kinds of small thieves for the past two days, so angry that he almost vomited blood.

This rumor made the emperor unhappy, but it also made the empress dowager unhappy.

The emperor thought, the world of Great Jing belongs to his Helian Family, and the wealth of Yuchi Family naturally belongs to him as well. To think that those people would slander his, the Princess Great Jing, his imperial clan, and even his clan, so much that they would lose face for them, how infuriating would that be?

The empress dowager was also very upset. She held the little Fang'er in her hands and was extremely reluctant to marry her off, but that impudent Prince Consort actually dared to have an affair with his ex-wife on the wedding day? The empress dowager, who had battled with women for most of her life, wished so much for her little Fang'er to obtain happiness that she would never be able to see such a thing happen. Under her rage, she immediately decided to summon her Princess Mingfaang and Yuchi Weirann …

Of course, from the Empress Dowager's point of view, the little slut who was secretly dating Yuchi Weirann had to be executed.

Then, Yuchi Weirann and Ming Faang entered the palace at the same time. But before the empress dowager could scold Yuchi Weirann for much, Yuchi Weirann was invited by the emperor to leave, leaving the empress dowager with a heart that was both a darling and a precious treasure. The empress dowager, on the other hand, was praising Yuchi Weirann as she spoke kindly, pushing all the blame onto Gu Wangshu.

This made the empress dowager extremely angry, and made her wish that she could execute Gu Wangshu immediately.

But Princess Mingfaang told sher about Gu Wangshu's identity and even specially said that both Sixth Prince and General Pei were protecting him. The empress dowager thought to herself that Gu Wangshu was indeed a disaster, he died before he could remarry, and not long after that, he hooked up with General Pei and her sixth royal grandson … Even if she was forced by Pei Mufeng's tyranny, she could not just carelessly execute Gu Wangshu, and she also did not want Gu Wangshu to have an easy time.

Thus, the empress dowager pondered, she wanted to meet Gu Wangshu and teach him how to be shameless and how to act according to rules. She wanted to see if he would dare to bully her granddaughter, or ruin her Great Jing …

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