King & Queen of Another World/C56 The Trick of Suffering Is to Retreat in Order to Advance
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King & Queen of Another World/C56 The Trick of Suffering Is to Retreat in Order to Advance
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C56 The Trick of Suffering Is to Retreat in Order to Advance

Pei Xingyun... Was this a confession?

Gu Wangshu was only momentarily surprised, but after coming back to his senses, he felt an unspeakable bitterness in his heart.

Pei Xingyun was indeed a man with a sense of responsibility, he wanted to be responsible, didn't he?

Furthermore, Pei Xingyun had always thought that he had seduced Pei Mufeng and treated him wrongly, so he felt guilty.

But he did not want such compensation.

and even more so, hoped that Pei Xingyun would not regret remaining responsible for him for the rest of his life.

"Big brother, you don't need to say anything, I know." Gu Wangshu whispered.

"You know?" Pei Xingyun really did not think that Gu Wangshu would know his feelings.

Gu Wangshu nodded his head, "Mn, big brother wasted three days of time for me, we better get up quickly, so that everyone won't worry."

"Wait …"

Pei Xingyun tightened his grip on Gu Wangshu: "Since you know, then … "Are you willing to marry me?"

Gu Wangshu was stunned for a long time. When Pei Xingyun asked again, he then interrupted: "About that … Not quite right... "We …"

Pei Xingyun heard the unwillingness in his words, and frowned: "We are already in such a state, and you still don't want to marry me? Then who else do you want to marry? The pretty boy from Yuchi Family? "

Gu Wangshu thought for a moment, then explained: "Big Brother, don't misunderstand, I was just thinking that Mufeng's corpse has not turned cold yet, this is all we can do … I am truly sorry, why don't we wait a little longer? " Pei Xingyun had already made up his mind to take responsibility, he could not allow Pei Xingyun to be responsible for him for the happiness of his entire life. Looks like what Pei Xingyun had said before was right, it was the best idea for him to leave the General Mansion.

In his heart, Pei Xingyun more or less felt that he had let Pei Mufeng down. He sighed: "Alright then, I'll discuss this matter with Uncle Fu a little more, and set a good date." It was as if Gu Wangshu had already agreed, but unfortunately, he did not know that after all that had happened, Gu Wangshu only wanted to leave.

The two of them got up. Pei Xingyun was a martial artist, his recovery was quick, and the desire that he had accumulated for more than twenty years was vented.

As for Gu Wangshu, because of the brother's special physique, she was also recovering well … Actually, being in heat was one of the instincts of the brother to absorb the essence to increase her own body. No matter how much energy she had expended or how tired she had been, he would always recover afterwards.

After Pei Xingyun put on his clothes, he looked at Gu Wangshu who was sleeping soundly on his cheeks and wearing his clothes in a somewhat embarrassed and restrained manner. He couldn't help but hook into his embrace and kiss him and said, "Don't think too much into this matter, let me handle it, I said that I'll marry you, and I'll definitely marry you."

Gu Wangshu nodded, of course he knew that Pei Xingyun was upright and magnanimous, even though he had a sense of responsibility.

It was because of this that he didn't want Pei Xingyun to take responsibility for him today when he met someone he truly liked in the future.

After Pei Xingyun left, Gu Wangshu thought for a while before he packed his luggage and prepared to leave.

When Shu Qi found out that Pei Xingyun had gone out, he slipped in: "Young Madame, is there anything that you need Shu Qi's help with?"

He originally only wanted to ask about it and send over some food, but didn't expect to see Gu Wangshu packing his luggage. He was startled, but didn't show it on the surface.

Gu Wangshu closed his eyes, covering the pain and nostalgia in his eyes, and when he opened his eyes again, a smile was on his face: "Nothing, just that I feel that the house is a bit messy, pack it up, you go and busy yourself, don't worry about me."

"Oh." Shu Qi obeyed and as expected, he left. However, the moment he left the courtyard, he quickly went to find Uncle Fu.

"Uncle Fu... Uncle Fu is packing up. Did the general not serve him well?

It had to be said that Shu Qi was very smart, but there was something special about the brain.

The Uncle Fu squinted his eyes and could not help but reach out to knock on Shu Qi's head: "What nonsense are you talking about, it must be Shu who has a thin face, feels that it is impossible to face the general, so he decided to leave just like that. The only way to solve this problem is for the general to deal with it, quickly go and find the general.


The scene of Shu Qi entering the courtyard reminded Gu Wangshu of his leisurely life through the General Mansion, as well as the times when he practiced martial arts with Pei Xingyun.

He was truly reluctant.

Just as he was in a daze, the door suddenly opened. Shu Qi shouted out anxiously, "Young Madame, Young Madame, quickly come and see, General is here to seek punishment!"


Asking for forgiveness?

Shu Qi pushed Gu Wangshu out of the room. The moment Gu Wangshu stepped out, he saw Pei Xingyun with his upper body naked and on his back, carrying the Pei Family which Gu Wangshu was not unfamiliar with.

When he came in contact with the scars on Pei Xingyun's body, his face turned slightly red, but his expression immediately straightened up. He had to quickly figure out what Pei Xingyun was trying to do.

Of course he did not know, that when Pei Xingyun just found out that he was leaving, he was confused and shocked, but after hearing what Shu Qi had to say about the Uncle Fu and how thin-skinned he was, Pei Xingyun had an idea.

"Big brother? Hurry and get up, you are a dignified general, a Patron Saint of Great Jing, why are you kneeling like this, Shu Qi, quickly go and bring the general's clothes, the spring weather is very cold, what if big brother gets the cold, what do you think we should do? "

As Gu Wangshu spoke, he walked quickly towards Pei Xingyun. He reached out to help Pei Xingyun up, but the moment he touched Pei Xingyun's naked arm, it seemed as if he was scalded, and abruptly retracted his hand.

"Ai …" I'll go right now. "

"Yes," Shu Qi replied, but he still stood there motionlessly, as if he did not want to leave at all. He knew that the Uncle Fu had long since been waiting in the dark with the General's clothes.

"Shu, are you still blaming your big brother for taking advantage of me?"

Pei Xingyun said, without waiting for Gu Wangshu to react, he took out the black whip tied to his back and passed it to Gu Wangshu: "Shu, taking advantage of the situation is what I should do, if you can't take revenge, just hit me."

Shu Qi was still there, but Pei Xingyun had brought up this matter. Gu Wangshu's face became completely red, and he immediately tried to refuse: "Nothing, I know brother is helping me. Brother, you better get up quickly …"

"No!" Pei Xingyun said loudly and firmly, interrupting Gu Wangshu, and then said seriously: "Just like last time at Yuchi Family, when you were tricked and returned, you were willing to accept punishment, this time, Big Brother was also willing to accept punishment, if Big Brother was wrong, then it is wrong, Shu, if you do not make a move, Big Brother will feel very sorry for you."

Pei Xingyun's actions left Gu Wangshu helpless. Gu Wangshu had never thought that Pei Xingyun would actually do such a thing.

This was indeed something that an upright Pei Xingyun could do.

Gu Wangshu felt a faint pain in his head: "Big bro, you aren't wrong. How do you want me to kill you?"

Pei Xingyun looked up at Gu Wangshu. He wasn't sure if it was just an illusion on Gu Wangshu's part, but he actually saw that Pei Xingyun's handsome face had a bit of grievance on it, "If Shu really thinks Big Brother is right, why does he want to leave?"

"I …"

Gu Wangshu was speechless.

At this time, Shu Qi spoke up from the side, "Young Madame, you can't leave. "You have no idea, but the empress dowager still sent people to get you to the palace. If you leave and the empress dowager sends someone else over, what are we going to do?"

This method of feigning illness was quite decent for once or twice. If they used it too much, even they wouldn't believe it.

"Empress Dowager?" Gu Wangshu heard that the Princess Mingfaang was the empress dowager's favorite granddaughter. Almost in an instant, he understood why the empress dowager wanted to see him.

Pei Xingyun had long heard of this matter, and when he saw Gu Wangshu frown, he immediately explained: "It's fine, if you don't want to see Shu, Big Brother will naturally protect you."

Gu Wangshu regained his senses, and looked at Pei Xingyun: "Let's not talk about those things for now, Big brother, you should get up and put on some clothes."

"No, only if you beat me up and promise not to leave the General Mansion without permission will I get up."

Was this sort of shameless words really said by Pei Xingyun? Gu Wangshu sighed. Seems like, after a while, he won't be able to leave.

Firstly, it was as Shu Qi had said. If he left, the General Mansion would not be able to explain to the empress dowager who wanted to see him.

Secondly, with Pei Xingyun's appearance, how could he walk away? Could it be that he allowed Pei Xingyun to continue kneeling in this manner?

He could only take the somewhat heavy and glossy black whip from Pei Xingyun's hands and lightly hit Pei Xingyun on the back. "Alright, Big Brother, we've already fought.

As soon as he finished speaking, Pei Xingyun jumped up, and without caring about Shu Qi being present, he hugged him: "That's good, you have to believe that I, your big brother, am a man that can support the heavens, one that can support the earth, one that can support the heavens for you."

"Then can you put on a shady cloth in this part of the world?" Uncle Fu took his clothes and said while smiling by the door.

These two juniors had been doing this for three consecutive days, and yet they were still sticky. They were truly in high spirits.

Gu Wangshu was so embarrassed that he did not know where to put his hands and feet.

He directly took the robe and put it on, and while he tied the belt, he said to Gu Wangshu: "Uncle Fu and I have been discussing for a while, there are many bad rumors circulating outside. It is indeed not appropriate for me to marry you now, wait a bit longer, we can get married after this matter has passed."

Gu Wangshu faintly felt extremely helpless. He didn't even know when he had promised Pei Xingyun that he would marry him!

However, he did not need to worry, because after all these things had happened, when he actually married someone else, Pei Xingyun and the rest would not even know where they were.

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