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C57 Gift

Gu Wangshu thought that he would feel more awkward getting along with Pei Xingyun after the affair regarding the estrus, but he never thought that this was not the case.

He wanted to avoid Pei Xingyun, but he realized that it was impossible. No matter where he hid for what reason, Pei Xingyun would always be able to find him, so … After the period of estrus, the relationship between him and Pei Xingyun was even more natural and tacit than before.

In front of him, Pei Xingyun gradually changed from the upright and noble look from before to the one of a child.

It was even better for him than before, and he was even more concerned about her now.

He … He was actually beginning to sink into depravity.

He thought that after what happened with Yuchi Weirann, he wouldn't be tempted by anyone else … When he first found out about Yuchi Weirann's true face, he was extremely shocked, extremely grieved, and also extremely incredulous. But right after, he secretly fell in love, got seriously ill from whipping, and was in heat … All these things that happened in the end did not allow him to think about Yuchi Weirann at all.

Before he had the time to feel sad, the group of people from General Mansion had already warmly healed him. Although his heart still ached faintly when he thought of Yuchi Weirann, he no longer had the same feeling as before when even the sky had caved in.

What Yuchi Weirann owed him, when there was a chance, he would definitely make Yuchi Weirann return it.

But, Pei Xingyun, what do we do? How about... He was willing to give it his all to make Pei Xingyun truly fall in love with him? Yes, Gu Wangshu had always thought that Pei Xingyun telling him that he liked him was because of his will or out of responsibility, he simply did not believe that Pei Xingyun truly liked him.

However, at this moment, he seemed to have a different feeling about Pei Xingyun, so he started to think about fighting over Pei Xingyun's heart.

In the past few days, Gu Wangshu had once again returned to the days when he was training in the martial arts with Pei Xingyun. Although the inner strength in his body was pitifully small, he could already vaguely sense a little, although he had not learnt his skills well, and it was still impossible for him to fly over a cliff, he had already leaped up to the top of a tree in an instant.

Pei Xingyun had always said that his body was frail and weak, and had even pulled him along to practice boxing to strengthen his body. In fact, Pei Xingyun's martial arts were so much better than his, there was no need to exchange pointers with him. It was just that Pei Xingyun liked to accompany him, and enjoyed all kinds of interactions with him.

On the training grounds, Pei Xingyun who was dressed in green and Gu Wangshu who was dressed in crescent robes was being forced into a corner by Pei Xingyun, but before he fell to the ground, Pei Xingyun had already rushed over and hugged him, using his own body as a cushion.

This was not the first time.

Gu Wangshu, who was being embraced by Pei Xingyun, laid on Pei Xingyun's body, feeling a little helpless: "I don't want to fight with you anymore, you're always bullying me, no matter what, I can't beat you."

His hand rested on Pei Xingyun's chest, but when he touched something hard, a trace of doubt flashed past his eyes, but he did not ask. He only wanted to move quickly and nimbly to get up.

Pei Xingyun laughed, and when he was about to get up, he used a lot of strength, causing Gu Wangshu to fall on top of him once again.

Gu Wangshu naturally knew this logic, but how could he explain that Pei Xingyun always took the opportunity to flirt with him?

This, just as he was thinking about it, Pei Xingyun's body flipped and it immediately turned into the situation where he was being pressed down by Pei Xingyun. How could he not be obsessed with this! This was a naked seduction!

As Gu Wangshu stared at Pei Xingyun's handsome face and gentle eyes, Pei Xingyun's face slowly went down. Gu Wangshu was so nervous that he almost held his breath, but right at the moment when Pei Xingyun's lips were about to fall, he suddenly moved his face away.

Pei Xingyun's face flashed a look of disappointment, he pretended as if nothing had happened and kissed Gu Wangshu's face, then stood up and fished out an item from his bosom and passed it to Gu Wangshu: "Shu, I found someone to make this a while back, do you like it?"

Gu Wangshu turned around and saw that Pei Xingyun was holding an exquisite and small bow that was only twenty centimeters long — a bow made of gold.

"This …"

Pei Xingyun then took out another five arrows that were also made of gold: "These are small and easy to carry. Although they are useless against true experts, against normal people, they would still be able to take their lives if they were hit."

The bow was made too exquisite and there were dragons and other patterns engraved on it. It looked more like a work of art than a weapon, but Gu Wangshu could not deny that he liked it.

Pei Xingyun naturally saw his joy and shoved the thing into his hands. "The first time I saw you shoot an arrow in the training grounds, I wanted to give you this kind of thing. Today, I've finally gotten my wish.

Gu Wangshu held the golden bow tightly in his hand and lovingly played with it for a while.

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