King & Queen of Another World/C59 The Emperor Drives to
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King & Queen of Another World/C59 The Emperor Drives to
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C59 The Emperor Drives to

Within Mei Fei's long letter palace, a woman's cry of surprise resounded. In the midst of the chaos, a shrill voice suddenly shouted, "The emperor has arrived!"

This sentence was like an incantation, causing the entire Long Letter Palace to fall silent.

It was as if the air itself had frozen for a moment, and then everyone present except the empress dowager kowtowed in greeting.

The Emperor of Great Jing was already in his fifties this year, with white hair at his temples. He did not get angry, but currently, with one hand on his chest and the other hand on his thumb, he played with the two jade thumb rings, not allowing people to stand up. He only said indifferently: "I heard you clamoring all the way here, what class do you have?"

Behind his bright yellow figure, other than the numerous palace maid Eunuch accompanying him, there was also Pei Xingyun who was dressed in a Qilin robe that represented a level 1 martial general.

At this time, Pei Xingyun's face was extremely ugly. His eyes were filled with suppressed anxiety, and his gaze quickly swept across the crowd, but he was unable to find the person he was looking for.

When the empress dowager saw Pei Xingyun, her heart skipped a beat. She mused that the Princess Mingfaang was right, this Pei Xingyun really valued that Gu Wangshu very highly.

Looks like I really can't allow anything to happen to Gu Wangshu here. "She smiled and said," Don't be angry my son, all of you concubines and princesses aren't purposely making a ruckus. There really is a reason behind this … Just a moment ago, someone accidentally fell into the water and we were already calling for help. "

Falling into the water?

Pei Xingyun's breath tightened as his gaze swept towards the lakeside. He immediately saw the Gu Wangshu he had swam to the lakeside and fainted again.


Pei Xingyun could not be bothered with the concubines and princesses kneeling, and could not be bothered with the emperor's presence either. He directly leaped in front of Gu Wangshu.

The youth who looked cold on the surface, but was actually soft on the inside and could be shy and smile in front of him, was currently lying on the ground without a sound with his pale face and black lips.

In fact, his lower body was still in the lake, dyeing the originally clear water red …


It was blood!

Pei Xingyun's heart trembled, that kind of heart-wrenching feeling, wave after wave clashed against the softest part of his heart. He carefully hugged Gu Wangshu, and when he touched Gu Wangshu's body, he discovered that Gu Wangshu's body was like ice and snow, without any warmth.

Pei Xingyun immediately felt the sky spinning and the earth spinning. He felt as if he was about to lose Gu Wangshu, and it was difficult for him to even breathe.

"Doctor Xuan."

Pei Xingyun's actions were huge, and even if the emperor wanted to pretend that he didn't know, it was impossible. He made a prompt decision and immediately ordered the eunuchs beside him to go find the imperial physician.


The emperor's face was currently very unsightly as well. He creased his eyebrows, and with a trace of annoyance in his eyes, he said slowly, "We have promised an old friend to keep Gu Wangshu's life. I hope mother will not let us go back on our words."

The empress dowager's smile trembled as she frowned. "What does Your Majesty mean by that?" Does the Emperor think that This Dowager will have a grudge against such a thing? "

At this time, the Princess Mingfaang couldn't help but speak up as well: "Royal Father, this matter has nothing to do with Grandma, it was Little Sixteen who accidentally bumped into Mrs. Pei, it was really just an accident."

"Shut up!" The emperor fiercely glared at Princess Mingfaang:

"I haven't even spoken about you. You're already a married princess, why are you still coming to the palace all day?"

Princess Mingfaang felt wronged and could only lower her head, not daring to say another word.

The empress dowager, however, disagreed. "Your majesty, Ming Faang has come back to the palace to visit This Dowager. You're busy all day with your work, so you can't attend to This Dowager, can you?

Pei Xingyun hugged Gu Wangshu, his expression full of unconcealable sadness, as he looked at the empress dowager savagely and aggressively, "The empress dowager had no intention of going against Shu, why is it that when the uninjured Shu sees the empress dowager, he will be left in grave danger?"

If the Emperor was not present, if not for the fact that he still had a reason, he would have already taken the life of this old lady. He was past his prime, yet he still did not die, and only lived to harm others.

The emperor's attention was immediately pulled by Pei Xingyun, he could also see that Gu Wangshu's body was stained with blood, the secret thoughts in his heart wanted Gu Wangshu to die, but, he had promised an old friend that he would not do anything to Gu Wangshu.

The unforeseen event today had exceeded his expectations. Now, even if Gu Wangshu died, he could only leave it to fate.

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