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C6 General Pei

Another two months had passed and Gu Wangshu was welcoming his second new year in Great Jing.

Even though the weather was cold, due to the New Year's Day, the Great Jing Capital were decorated with lanterns and decorations, creating a bustling atmosphere.

Only General Mansion was an exception.

When talking about General Mansion, one could not help but talk about Pei Xingyun.

General Pei was a young hero. He had accompanied his father to war since childhood and had won many battles. After his father died, he had even directly inherited his legacy, took charge of the border's military power, protected the Great Jing, and became the new generation of mighty general.

Although he was young, his attacks were unstoppable and he had repeatedly won and was decisive in his killing. As a result, in the hearts of the people in Great Jing, he held a very high status; he was the Patron Saint to many people in Great Jing.

In theory, the General Pei should be guarding the border right now. However, after so many victories over the past few years, no one dared to offend him at the border, and his brother Pei Mufeng's condition was not too good either, that's why he rushed back and planned to stay at Great Jing Capital for a period of time.

Of course, there were also many who guessed that the emperor was old and frail, many of the princes were ready to make their move, General Pei was planning to return to the imperial capital and interfere in the fight for power.

No matter what the outsiders said, they were only guessing. The truth was, after Pei Xingyun returned from the border, he was indeed guarding his younger brother's collapsed side at all times to take care of his increasingly sickly younger brother Pei Mufeng.

Pei Mufeng felt his heart ache as he looked at Pei Mufeng, who was becoming thinner and thinner, like an old man who had just dried up an oil lamp.

At that time, his father went to war with his father, and there was no one in the house other than the Uncle Fu, the housekeeper was the only one who took care of Pei Mufeng. After his father died in battle, he was unable to stay by his brother's side even though he was on a mission to protect and honor his Pei Family and the glory of Pei Family.

And now, when he could finally intimidate the border and come back to accompany Pei Mufeng, Pei Mufeng had turned into this.

"Why didn't you send someone to tell me about Mufeng's condition?"

For the first time, Pei Xingyun, who had just returned from the army, was furious at the old butler whom he respected as his father.

However, the old butler's expression was gloomy and unable to refute his words.

After all, Pei Xingyun was a soldier who fought in a war and was always in a dangerous situation. If something were to happen to him due to his distraction, then his Pei Family would really be hopeless.

"Haven't Mufeng's illness been stable all these years? How did it suddenly become like this? "

The old butler sighed, "In that case, Eldest Young Master, you must not mention this in front of Second Young Master in case his illness worsens. This is a bad fate."

Even though Pei Xingyun's character was not meticulous, after fighting in the army for so many years, he was still sharper than ordinary people. "Uncle Fu's meaning is, Mufeng already has a target he likes? And it became like this for the person he likes? "

This could not be hidden.

The old butler could only nod.

Pei Xingyun's face immediately changed: Who is it? And someone that my General Mansion cannot marry? Even if it is a princess, if Mufeng likes her, she must marry into my Pei Family. It might be helpful for his illness, but why would the city be like this? "

"This, the identity of the other party is not suitable for us to marry into General Mansion." The Uncle Fu helplessly said that if he could marry, he would have already sent the large sedan chair to the Yuchi Family gate to ask for marriage, but Pei Mufeng had not been tempted for the past ten years, and in the end, he actually fell in love with a married woman.

Pei Xingyun's face was gloomy, his handsome eyes that were similar to Pei Mufeng's had a hint of ruthlessness: "What's not suitable for me? Who cares who he is or what his identity is! Even if we have to tie her up, we have to tie her up in front of Mufeng! "

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