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C60 Small Birth

While everyone was in a stalemate, the imperial physician arrived.

"Imperial Physician Wang, quickly invite him in. Please help to check on Shu's condition."

When Pei Xingyun saw that the person who came was the Imperial Physician Wang who usually treated the emperor, the anger in his heart simmered down slightly, and he immediately carried Gu Wangshu forward.

Imperial Physician Wang was a little old, but his medical skills were very high. As it was an elder in front of the emperor that had personally invited him, he did not dare to be negligent and immediately took Gu Wangshu's pulse.

The more he frowned, the more he frowned.

His expression made Pei Xingyun nervous: "Imperial Physician Wang, is Shu …"

Pei Xingyun's voice trembled a little as though he did not dare to continue speaking.

Imperial Physician Wang sighed. "This little brother is about a month pregnant and should be taking good care of his. "Now that the cold air has entered my body, my vital energy and blood are unstable …" Just look at the Emperor's expression.

After discovering that the emperor did not really care about the brother, he took a deep breath, "Now that the spring cold is out, when the brother falls into the cold pond, the production is considered small... "I'm afraid that even he herself is afflicted with a severe cold, and most likely she won't be able to keep her life …"


Pei Xingyun's face was blank, the child … Child?

A child of about a month!

Before he could even react, he heard Princess Mingfaang shriek, "About a month old! "That's Yuchi's!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt that something was wrong and immediately covered her mouth. Heavens, that slut actually had a child that was destined to be Prince Consort! Just now, Royal Father's attitude towards that slut was not simple. Would he, for the sake of that child, allow Prince Consort to marry that slut again? The current Yuchi Weiwei, had completely ignored the fact that the Imperial Physician Wang had said that Gu Wangshu was a prostitute.

She was just thinking that she definitely could not tolerate her Prince Consort marrying someone else, not to mention this little slut.

A trace of viciousness flashed through the Empress Dowager's eyes. Prince Consort's child? That was even more so! The water fell really well.

Pei Xingyun immediately woke up. What did a child matter, no matter what the child did, Gu Wangshu was still the most important.

"Then what should we do with Shu now?"

"General has his martial arts on him, why not inject some of his qi and blood into this little brother to help him circulate his energy channels? We need to find a quiet place for him to rest, I will help him acupuncture, but …"

Imperial Physician Wang could see, that only the with the Great Jing cared about this brother the most, and sincerely said to Pei Xingyun: "I can only try my best to reduce the damage, wind chill into the body, seemingly simple and real, but it will be extremely difficult to deal with. I'm afraid that even if this little brother is saved, it will at least leave the root of the illness …"

When the Imperial Physician Wang said this, he could not help but sigh in his heart. Sigh, this brother has already suffered from such an illness at such a young age.

He didn't need to investigate to know that this brother was definitely the work of someone from the imperial harem … Other people had only seen the palace's splendor and wealth, but they had not expected that the palace was filled with bones, and that the human nature had vanished.

Pei Xingyun tightened his hands: "Imperial Physician Wang, please treat me with acupuncture."

At this point, the emperor also said, "Eunuch Gao, quickly bring my beloved official Pei and Imperial Physician Wang to the Hua-Yang Palace for acupuncture treatment."

"This official accepts the order."

Pei Xingyun didn't bow to the emperor and instead hugged Gu Wangshu to urge Eunuch Gao to lead the way.

Along the way, he could not help but ask the Imperial Physician Wang, "If the root of the illness really falls, what root of the disease would it fall into?"

"It's probably because he'll have unbearable pain in his joints every day in the future. More specifically, it depends on how well he's recovering …"

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