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King & Queen of Another World/C62 Big Brother I Want a Child
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C62 Big Brother I Want a Child

Pei Xingyun asked closely before he calmly told Pei Xingyun about the pills that Yuchi Weirann had given him in the past.

The things that had once been difficult for him to forget, after losing his child, he actually felt that it didn't matter anymore.

Pei Xingyun didn't know that there was actually such a thing between Gu Wangshu and him. Now that he knew, he felt extremely angry. He wished that he could immediately rush to the Yuchi clan and kill Yuchi Weirann.

In fact, after the last time Gu Wangshu and Yuchi Weirann had a secret relationship, he had instructed some of his subordinates to take special 'care' of Yuchi Weirann. At that time, he had felt that Yuchi Weirann was a crafty and despicable person, but now, he felt that Yuchi Weirann was worse than a beast and did not deserve to be called a man.

"Big Brother, don't be rash. I know what to do with Yuchi Family, I would like to know how the palace will handle this matter after I've fallen into the water."

Speaking of which, Pei Xingyun felt aggrieved, "The empress dowager and Mei Fei insisted that Princess Sixteen accidentally bumped into you. In the end, the Emperor only punished Princess Sixteen into a tight confinement for three months."

This was too different from the revenge he had imagined.

However, in this era where imperial power reigned supreme, even if he held an army in his hands, he still couldn't force the Emperor to kill his own daughter, unless … He was planning to go back on his plan, but at the moment, he didn't have that intention at all. Thus, he couldn't afford to lose decorum with the Emperor.

"Eldest brother, do you believe that Princess Sixteen accidentally bumped into me?"

Gu Wangshu looked at Pei Xingyun with a smile. Pei Xingyun realised that after Gu Wangshu woke up, his smile had become weirder than before. However, the temperature in his eyes had become colder than before.

Shu, he... Could he be overly sad? As the saying goes, the extremes of things are always reversed. Would he harm his body like this?

"No, of course I don't believe that Princess Sixteen did it unintentionally. My guess is that it must have been the empress dowager or Princess Mingfaang."

Gu Wangshu heaved a sigh of relief. If it was Yuchi Weirann, he would probably not answer in such a way.

It was great to have such a person who only cared for him and trusted him to protect him … What should he do? He felt more and more unwilling to let go of such a man. He wanted to firmly grasp onto him.

That was why people often said that the more fragile a person was, the more likely they would be moved. Only when they had experienced pain and compared it would they know which one was the best.

He nodded, and revealed an even gentler smile towards Pei Xingyun. "Yes, big brother is right, Princess Sixteen did not crash into me, I was pushed down by her."

"Sure enough!" A fierce light flashed in Pei Xingyun's eyes, his fists clenched so tight that they made popping noises, and that familiar killing intent surged up once again. He was thinking that if he wanted to assassinate the empress dowager and Ming Faang, it wouldn't be against the emperor's dignity, and he wouldn't fall out with the emperor either.

Seeing Gu Wangshu's surprised face looking at him, Pei Xingyun knew that his killing intent had startled him. He immediately suppressed his negative emotions and smiled at Gu Wangshu: "Don't worry, one day, they will regret hurting you."

Gu Wangshu lowered his delicate eyebrows, took the initiative for the first time to extend her hand towards Pei Xingyun, and held Pei Xingyun's hand. He looked very bashful and apprehensive, and carefully said with a soft and gentle voice: "Big Brother, I want a child."

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