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C63 Change

"Big brother, I want a child."

When Gu Wangshu said these words, his face carried two faint blush.

However, his heart was very calm.

The reason he said that was partly because he was extremely greedy for the warmth Pei Xingyun gave him. Even if Pei Xingyun regretted it in the future, even if Pei Xingyun did not truly love him because of his responsibilities, he still wanted to grab onto Pei Xingyun … Even if it was just a child.

Furthermore, he was also a man. He knew that what he could not get from men, and what he had lost, would cause others to be unable to sleep soundly, just like the white and red roses. Today, he did not belong to Yuchi Weirann, but Yuchi Weirann might have feelings for him.

Therefore, he really wanted to see what kind of expression Yuchi Weirann would have when he and Pei Xingyun had a child.

Really … It was something to look forward to.

Since when did he become so terrifying?

But... In this world where he could lose his life at any moment, if he wasn't so terrifying, how could he have survived?

Pei Xingyun didn't know what Gu Wangshu was thinking and was only overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, "Shu, you … Are you serious? "Is that what I mean …"

Ever since he had been in heat, he had been closing the distance between him and Gu Wangshu. Usually, when they got along with each other, they had more of a tacit understanding than before.

He even felt sad about it.

Unexpectedly … Who would have thought that Gu Wangshu would actually take the initiative to have children with him.

Gu Wangshu could hear the trembling in Pei Xingyun's voice, and he suddenly lifted his thick eyelashes, as he looked at Pei Xingyun with a serious gaze. Pei Xingyun's happiness, which came from the bottom of his heart, made him feel a trace of doubt … Maybe Pei Xingyun really liked him.

However, this thought flashed through his mind and was immediately rejected by him.

Being together with Yuchi Weirann for such a long time, yet unable to obtain Yuchi Weirann's sincerity, what right did he have to make the even more outstanding Pei Xingyun like him in such a short period of time?

This is a dream, a daydream … Wake up and see the reality.

"It should be because Big Brother understands what you mean, but I don't know what you mean …" "Are you willing?"

Pei Xingyun reached out his hands in excitement and pulled Gu Wangshu into his embrace. He didn't even notice the crease in Gu Wangshu's brows due to his actions, he only hugged Gu Wangshu tightly. "Shu, of course I'm willing. I said I'd marry you. "

Pei Xingyun indeed agreed to his request in order to be responsible, in order to take care of his feelings … Gu Wangshu sighed somewhat tiredly in Pei Xingyun's arms. How could he be so pitiful in this place?

Although Pei Xingyun was a little doubtful that Gu Wangshu would suddenly make such a decision, he understood after thinking about it. Gu Wangshu had just given birth to a child and was feeling sorrowful inside, so he felt that it was understandable for his to want another child to replace the previous child.

He didn't know what Gu Wangshu was thinking at all. He didn't know that Gu Wangshu actually cared a lot about that lost child, and had even unconsciously changed a lot for that child. Gu Wangshu had also misunderstood his feelings, and it was precisely because of this that the two of them almost missed each other …

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