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C65 Encountered

The weather was sunny today, and the sun was high in the sky. Because it was early spring, the weather was still chilly, but it had already started to warm up.

Early in the morning, Pei Xingyun went to the Jingyin Temple with Gu Wangshu. Originally, Shu Qi wanted to go with him, but he was stopped by Uncle Fu who hoped that Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu could cultivate a good relationship with each other.

Therefore, the only ones who were going out this time were Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu.

Pei Xingyun dressed in a low profile, lowered himself to be the coachman, and personally drove the carriage. Great Jing Capital was still relatively large, and it was located in the center of the city. Pei Xingyun drove for more than four hours before they finally reached Jingyin Temple.

After arriving at the Great Jing Capital, Gu Wangshu had almost never left the imperial city, but his mood was actually a little excited. He lifted the curtain of the carriage, looked at the scenery, and chatted with Pei Xingyun at the same time.

Jingyin Temple was indeed worthy of being called the national protection temple of Great Jing. They were very popular and bustling with noise and excitement, and it was as if there were many people walking about, shoulder to shoulder. The two of them stopped the carriage outside of the Jingyin Temple, and entered the Jingyin Temple.

In addition, the tip of his nose was filled with the fragrance of sandalwood, and the faint sounds of wooden fish could be heard in his ears as he recited the scriptures. Although it was bustling and lively, there was another type of bustling life that was difficult to reach in the city.

Just by strolling around, Gu Wangshu already felt his heart calming down.

Pei Xingyun said to him, "Before I came, I have already arranged to meet Master Kong.



In a room filled with sandalwood fragrance and smoke, an old monk wearing a red cassock sat on his knees. His eyes were half closed as he slowly played with the prayer beads in his hands, counting them one by one while silently chanting an endless Buddhist prayer.

Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu sat facing him quietly with focused attention and a serious expression.

"The sages have passed away, the karma is gone, and the mortal world's fated. The two benefactors can leave now."

Just before this, this master who was famous for his Jingyin Temple had transcended the child, and even gave Gu Wangshu a Safety Symbol, telling him to hang it up for the child on the Wishing Tree in the Jingyin Temple later on.

"Thank you, Master Kong."

Pei Xingyun pulled Gu Wangshu and got up, but just as he was about to leave, the red-painted wooden door was slammed open.

A silver-white figure stood in front of the door.

Gu Wangshu and Pei Xingyun were shocked by the commotion and looked towards the door in unison. They saw a young monk who was handsome enough to go over the line.

He did not expect that there would be guests in the house. When he saw Gu Wangshu and Pei Xingyun, he immediately said, "Amitabha, this little monk is being rude, please forgive me."

Raising his eyelids, he looked at Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu, then looked at the young monk and muttered the name of Buddha.

Pei Xingyun regained his senses: "Young master is being overly courteous, we are the ones who are troubling you, thanks Master Kong today, in the future Xingyun will definitely thank you a lot, I will take my leave."

Actually, in order to meet Master Kong, he had already prepared many gifts.

After missing Pei Xingyun, Pei Xingyun left with Gu Wangshu.

"Shifu, Shifu Apprentice said you want your disciple to go down the mountain?" Gu Wangshu and Pei Xingyun who had just left heard the little monk asking Master Kong this way.

"Amitabha, Heng Sha, your six roots are unscathed and your mortal fate is not yet over, your Jingyin Temple is not your place."

"But Master, this disciple grew up in the Jingyin Temple, so how could I possibly be impure?"

"Since you're already so stubborn, how can you talk about peace and quiet?"

Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu gradually walked further and further away, and were unable to hear the conversation between Master and disciple.

"There... That is the Wishing Tree. " Pei Xingyun brought Gu Wangshu and pointed to a Bodhi tree that was hung with blessings and safety talismans.

Gu Wangshu nodded, walked forward and carefully hung the safety talisman he got from the air space there.

After hanging up, he stood under the tree and stared at the peace talisman that was swaying in the wind, lost in thought.

"Shu!" A familiar yet foreign voice was heard.

Yuchi Weirann!

Ever since he was born, this fellow had been trying to get close to him using all kinds of methods. However, whenever he was discovered by the Uncle Fu and Shu Qi, he would be rejected at the end.

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