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C66 Why


had not seen Gu Wangshu ever since the matter of the love affair last time. Now that he saw this familiar face, an uncontrollable feeling of satisfaction couldn't help but arise within his heart … Finally, he saw him again.

No matter how complicated his feelings were towards him, at this very moment, Yuchi Weirann's clearest feeling was satisfaction. It was as if the part of him that was always missing in the bottom of his heart had been filled up in an instant.

Gu Wangshu looked at Yuchi Weirann with a complicated gaze. Yuchi Weirann was skinnier, the elegant aura around him had faded, and only his face had a fake and gentle smile.

He sneered softly and turned his face away, no longer looking at her.

Pei Xingyun was naturally not an ornament, when Yuchi Weirann wanted to get close to him, his figure flashed, and he blocked in front of Gu Wangshu.

"Young master Yuchi, what are you planning to do?"

Pei Xingyun's face didn't look good, but his expression was gloomy. Previously, he only looked down on Yuchi Weirann, but ever since he found out about his feelings towards him, he was undisguised jealousy and disgust towards him.

He wished he could eliminate Yuchi Weirann quickly, but he had been a little busy recently, and Gu Wangshu had always advised him not to bother with his.

But now that the other party had delivered himself to his doorstep, if he didn't stretch his limbs and avenge his personal grudges, that would truly be too unworthy of the Yuchi Weirann who delivered himself to his doorstep, and would also really be too unworthy of him.

"General Pei."

Yuchi Weirann did not flinch at all, he was not even slightly as respectful as when he first met Pei Xingyun. He stood very straight, his eyes did not avoid Pei Xingyun's gaze, and said modestly: "I just have some things that I want to tell Shu, please step aside."

"Dodge?" Pei Xingyun laughed coldly: "Looking at the current situation, the one who should be running away is you, right?"

"Shu married your brother, not you. Why don't you let me see him?" Since early in the day, when Yuchi Weirann went to the General Mansion Palace many times and couldn't get a chance to see Gu Wangshu, and was caught secretly entering the residence, Yuchi Weirann had no plans to play that kind of show with Pei Xingyun that would appear respectful on the surface anymore. Moreover, after that incident at the palace, Yuchi Family could already be considered to have matched General Mansion.

"On what basis? "Why do you want to know?" A light flashed in Pei Xingyun's mind, he actually gave up on using force to solve the problem, he took a few steps back and wrapped his arm around Gu Wangshu's waist, before Gu Wangshu could react, he had raised Gu Wangshu's lower jaw and unhesitatingly pressed his head against Gu Wangshu's tender red lips — — He would make a move to tell Yuchi Weirann what basis he was on.

As Pei Xingyun kissed his, he looked at Yuchi Weirann proudly.

Seeing that Yuchi Weirann's face was pale white, he staggered two steps back, looking as if he had suffered a huge blow. He felt extremely comfortable, and felt that this was even more useful than beating Yuchi Weirann up. But, he still wanted to beat Yuchi Weirann up.

While he was thinking, Gu Wangshu actually reached out and hugged his neck, and lightly closed his dense black slender eyelashes. When he seriously kissed him back, he was actually captivated, and almost forgot where he was right now.

"You all …"

Yuchi Weirann's face alternated between green and white. Obviously... was obviously not such a dissolute person, how could he be mixed up with him?

Could it be that Gu Wangshu did this on purpose for him to see, to anger him?

Right! That must be it.

Gu Wangshu still loved him, because he was angry at him for his actions, and resented that Ming Faang caused him to lose his children. When Yuchi Weirann was thinking about how to deceive himself, he completely forgot about the kiss between Gu Wangshu and himself. It was not on Gu Wangshu's own initiative, but it was also slightly out of Gu Wangshu's expectations.

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