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C67 Calculation

"The important Buddhist lands, you guys are like this, it's really …" "It's really …"

Seeing that Pei Xingyun and Gu Wangshu were getting more and more engrossed with his existence, Yuchi Weirann could not help but interrupt them with a strange tone.

When Pei Xingyun heard this, he unwillingly let go of Gu Wangshu's lips. "When love reaches the depths, I can't help but believe that even Buddha can forgive us."

Yuchi Weirann was currently extremely disgusted with Pei Xingyun: "But if others were to see it, how would they view Shu? What do you think of Shu's reputation? " As he said that, he clenched his fists tightly.

"Fame?" Then, he gestured for Pei Xingyun to let go of him. Taking two steps forward, Gu Wangshu stood in front of him and said self-deprecatingly, "What do you think, in the Great Jing, other than the perverted name that everyone knows, what other reputation do I have?"

It was all thanks to Yuchi Weiwei.

Yuchi Weirann's face paled even more. He didn't want to hurt Gu Wangshu, he had only come here to explain himself and ask for Gu Wangshu's forgiveness. He had even wanted to apologize to that unlucky child, but he didn't expect his words to be like that.

"Uncle Fu said that you know martial arts." Just as Yuchi Weirann was blaming himself in pain, Gu Wangshu opened his mouth again, "He said your martial arts are not bad … "Hehe, after sleeping in the same bed with you for so long, I actually didn't know that you knew kung fu … That's true, in your eyes, I'm someone untrustworthy who will be abandoned sooner or later, it's only right that you keep it from me. However, since you insist on talking to me now, I'll give you a chance."

He had been waiting for Gu Wangshu's wish for so long, and he was finally willing to give up. At this moment, he was not the Patriarch of Yuchi Family, Prince Consort, his mother's good son, or even Yuchi Weiwei's older brother. He was only himself, only Yuchi Weirann.

He didn't want to think about the consequences. He only wanted to live by his heart.

"Shu, are you willing to listen to me?"

Gu Wangshu ignored him and continued, "Since you have martial arts protecting your body, then take three of my big brother's attacks. Of course, if you don't wish to, you can leave as well. "

Pei Xingyun had the name of Great Jing War God, and had been on the battlefield for so many years, his skills were needless to say, although it was not comparable to the Uncle Fu, but it was definitely not low when compared to Yuchi Weirann.

"Alright, I'll take three of his moves." Yuchi Weirann stayed silent for a while before agreeing.

He knew that Pei Xingyun would not let him go, but … Regardless of whether it was Yuchi Weiwei's calculations or the child who was left behind, they were all tormenting him at this moment. He was unwilling or not willing to break off their relationship with Gu Wangshu like this.

"Big brother, sorry for troubling you." After Yuchi Weirann agreed, he looked towards Pei Xingyun.

Pei Xingyun stretched his wrist and smiled: "It's alright, big brother is very willing."

Since Gu Wangshu was present and he couldn't take Yuchi Weirann's life, it was easy for him to take the opportunity to give Yuchi Weirann a good beating.

Sigh, it's a pity that Gu Wangshu only said three moves. If it was thirty moves or even fifty moves, then it would be even better.

"Young master Yuchi, I am used to killing people on the battlefield. I only know the art of killing, not sparring. If I hit too hard, please forgive me." Pei Xingyun said politely, but his body was already using 100% of its power.

Yuchi Weirann pursed his lips: "If there really is a chance, it's only because my skills are inferior, I can't blame the general."

When he came here today, he told himself that regardless of whether it was for the sake of his past actions towards Gu Wangshu or for the sake of that child, he must endure it. Today, he was not the patriarch of Yuchi Family, nor was he the wealthiest in Great Jing;

And in the future, what was he going to do … Then, he would first have to see what Gu Wangshu's attitude was.


Pei Xingyun knew that he only had three chances of making a move.

Three moves, with only 100% of his power, even if Yuchi Weirann didn't die, he would only have half a life left.

When Pei Xingyun withdrew his hand, it was as if all of Yuchi Weirann's internal organs had shifted to another place. His face was as white as gold paper and he knelt on the ground, constantly coughing up blood.

Even her clean clothes were covered with a layer of dust by the fan created by Pei Xingyun's palm.

He seemed to be in a very sorry state.

Pei Xingyun looked down at him with a complicated gaze. For Yuchi Weirann to be willing to do this for him, it could be considered that he still had a bit of sincerity.

Gu Wangshu walked to Pei Xingyun's side and softly spoke: "Big Brother, wait for me outside the Jingyin Temple first. I'll have a few words with him, I'll be there in a while."

If it was before, Pei Xingyun would definitely not agree to it.

But now, Yuchi Weirann had been severely injured by him and did not have the ability to harm Gu Wangshu, so he was relieved and nodded, "Alright."

Gu Wangshu watched Pei Xingyun leave before he slowly walked towards Yuchi Weirann. He half squatted down as he looked at him: "Big Brother knows his limits, and those three moves can't take your life. Whatever you want to say, just say it directly."

His eyes were always staring at the bloodstains that dripped from Yuchi Weirann's lips. If it was before, how nervous would he be, and how sad would he be if he were to see Yuchi Weirann in such a sorry state? And now, he was still sad, yet felt that he shouldn't be sad, and even more so had no right to be sad.

It would not be easy to forget someone. Fortunately, Yuchi Weirann could no longer affect him like before.

"Shu!" Yuchi Weirann coughed lightly and wiped off the blood on his lips. He looked up at Gu Wangshu without any resentment, but instead with a sorrowful and melancholy expression, "I believe you also know the truth behind the wedding incident … I, I want to apologize on behalf of Weiwei. "

Gu Wangshu nodded: "I accept." But if he had the chance to find Yuchi Weiwei in the future, he would still not let Yuchi Weiwei go.

"That incident in the palace... Our child … " As he said till here, Yuchi Weirann's voice actually choked with emotions. When Yuchi Weirann heard about this, he finally realised what a foolish decision he had made to give Gu Wangshu the contraceptives. If it was true, then he and Gu Wangshu had a child now, so he wouldn't be like this.

"The child is dead." Gu Wangshu interrupted Yuchi Weirann and said, "Don't mention him again … "In the future, you will still have many children with the princess. Me too, I will also have many children with others. We will never lack children in the future, so you don't need to think about that."

Yuchi Weirann felt that Gu Wangshu's tone was too cold, and he felt very sad: "After all, that is our child, don't tell me … Don't you have any expectations? "

Gu Wangshu was startled at first, then laughed: "Haha … Hur Hur Hur Hur, I'm not looking forward to it? If you didn't look forward to it, how could you coax them to drink? Don't forget, tell me that the pills … Since you don't even want it, what's the use of hoping for it? " When he said that, Gu Wangshu immediately regretted it.

He wanted to use this opportunity to sever all ties with Yuchi Weirann, why would he speak to Yuchi Weirann in such an unreconciled manner?

He did not care about Yuchi Weirann, he did not care about that child, he did not care about him at all!

However, facing the man in front of him, Yuchi Weirann was in even more pain: "Sorry."

Gu Wangshu was sick of hearing Yuchi Weirann say these three words. Like other people said, it would be useful to say sorry, but why would they need the police?

"Is that all you have to say? However, big brother is right, right now I am a person of General Mansion, between you and me, I should avoid you. I hope that in the future, you won't go to General Mansion to look for me, it will be very troublesome for me. "

"No …" Yuchi Weirann still had some strength left as he suddenly pressed her hand on his shoulder. "I want to compensate you, please forgive me, you must forgive me …"

"What are you doing?" Gu Wangshu got up, and wanted to struggle free from Yuchi Weirann's hands, but Yuchi Weirann held onto him tightly, stood up following him, and anxiously opened his mouth: "I will treat you well in the future. Please forgive me. Just you wait, I'll think of a way to send you back. I'll definitely think of a way. "

Marry her?

Was Yuchi Weirann daydreaming? Gu Wangshu frowned: "Let go of me first, if you let go, I'll forgive you."

"No, I can hear that you're not really forgiving me … What do you want me to do in order to forgive me? As long as you tell me, I will do it. "

"If I want you dead, will you also do it?"

Yuchi Weirann was startled. He released his hands and furrowed his brows as he asked in a low voice: "You want me to die?"

Gu Wangshu rubbed his shoulders, then stepped back and left him, not replying.

"You really want me to die?" Yuchi Weirann said in disbelief, "You actually want me to die … How can you hate me so much... Also … Our Yuchi Family is sorry for you, so it is only right for you to hate me … Good! "As long as you can forgive me, even if I die, why shouldn't I?"

At this moment, he must have gone mad, to take out his personal dagger from his bosom. Without the slightest hesitation, he stabbed the dagger shining with a cold light back into his own body.

"You …" Gu Wangshu was shocked, and immediately tried to stop them, but before he could do so, blood had already flowed out from the dagger and Yuchi Weirann's hands.

"You still can't bear to part with me, right …?" You still like me, don't you, Shu? " Yuchi Weirann was wounded, but he still had a smile on his face. "I am satisfied to see you care for me and let me die."

His smile was reflected in the genuine shock and worry on Gu Wangshu's face.

Before he came here, he had already thought that if he had only said that Gu Wangshu would definitely not forgive him, he would definitely suffer a little … However, it didn't matter. As long as Gu Wangshu could forgive his actions from before and change his opinion of him, what did a little injury matter?

He could tell that Gu Wangshu wanted to cut all ties with him, but how could he possibly allow it?

Since Gu Wangshu was someone he had his eyes on, he definitely had to think about him. Letting Gu Wangshu leave his life just like that, that really didn't fit his personality … Now, even if he was willing to die for Gu Wangshu, he would definitely be moved.

As for Gu Wangshu's thoughts, he could only think of a plan and plan ahead.

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