King & Queen of Another World/C68 Amputation of Synonym
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King & Queen of Another World/C68 Amputation of Synonym
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C68 Amputation of Synonym

"Shu, you're willing to forgive me, right?"

Gu Wangshu clenched his fists tightly.

Before, he and Yuchi Weirann were still deeply in love with each other in Yuchi Family, but now, they had become like this.

Resisting the pain and discomfort in his heart, he bit his lower lip and slowly spoke: "Yuchi Weirann, if you want to die, it's your business. Don't pollute this sacred ground of the buddhist faith, and don't die in front of me.

"Shu, could it be … "You still don't want to forgive me at this point?"

"So what if I forgive you? Yuchi Weirann, what do you really want to pester his for? "

"I... "I want you to come back to me …" Continue to love me, continue to trust me, want us to be like before, think I can no longer regret, can walk in all fields without worry.

But, wasn't it impossible?

Since he knew it was impossible, why was he still so stubborn?

Gu Wangshu saw things even clearer than him: "We couldn't have gone back long ago, even if I had loved you as foolishly as before, we wouldn't have been able to go back either. Big brother had already told me, other than coming to Yuchi Courtyard to raise this thought, he did not do anything else regarding my arranged marriage. It's you, it's you who sent me to the General Mansion, what shareholders withdrawing their funds, what employees striking, what being beaten and disappearing … are all fake... It's all fake. I was so worried about you … Yuchi Weirann, do you know how I felt when I found out the truth of the matter? Do you know the pain of someone trampling over your heart? "

He really couldn't accept it.

It was fine if he could not get Yuchi Weirann's true feelings, but Yuchi Weirann actually gave him to General Mansion?

Under these circumstances, how could he not feel resentment? How could he not feel hatred? If he really did not feel anything, then he was not a person.

"I'm sorry …" Yuchi Weirann had never been swindled by others in such a miserable manner before, and he could not imagine what kind of feeling he was experiencing right now, but he truly regretted it.

"Don't say that you're sorry. Actually, I should also thank you. If you didn't do that, how would I have met such a true and indomitable man like Big Brother?"

"You … You... Are you guys really as the rumors say? " Yuchi Weirann could not believe it. How long had it been? Back then, when he had interacted with Gu Wangshu for so long, Gu Wangshu had only just been willing to come into contact with him.

Gu Wangshu raised his eyebrows and sneered: "You won't forget that I was in heat up just a while ago right? Why do you think I can stand here unharmed? "

"No …" You, how can you! "

"Why not? If you can send me to the General Mansion without hesitation, why can't I be with Big Brother? "

"You … "Lowly!" Yuchi Weirann raised his hand, and was about to attack Gu Wangshu.

Gu Wangshu dodged aside, thinking that it was extremely funny and funny: "Yes, I'm despicable, but you, for a despicable person like me, you're willing to be hit, and stab yourself, what's wrong with that? Scoundrel? "Haha …" Why was it that when Yuchi Weirann could marry a princess, he could not find someone else to pass his period of heat in order to live?

Alright, now that we're both tired of each other, let's not talk anymore. I can see how smooth your speech is and you still have the strength to fight, so you probably won't die. Then, I don't need to call a doctor for you.

After speaking to here, he once again raised his hand, tore off a corner of his robe, and threw it at Yuchi Weirann.

Yuchi Weirann also didn't think that he would actually say something like that. He didn't think that he would say it like that, and it was completely an instinctive reaction, "Shu, I'm sorry … I didn't mean to say you're a bitch... "I …"

Gu Wangshu shook his head, and his gaze landed on his wound: "You don't need to say anymore, between us, there's nothing to be sorry about, because after today, if we meet again, we will be rivals no longer. The person you should truly apologize to, isn't me, but that child instead … If you truly wish for it, then let those people who have injured him receive the punishment that they deserve. "

After Gu Wangshu finished speaking, he was no longer willing to pay attention to Yuchi Weirann. He turned around and resolutely left.

Yuchi Weirann's face was ashen as he reached out to try to urge his to stay, but he didn't know how.

With his scheming mind, even including his own life, he still ended up with the fate of cutting his own robe and ending up with a cut. He … Had he truly lost Gu Wangshu?

No! He was unwilling!

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