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C7 Some Regret

This year, was actually not just because his General Mansion was not doing well, Gu Wangshu was also not living a happy life.

He knew that the Old Madame Yuchi hated him, but he did not expect that old lady Yuchi would hate him to the point that even his ancestors did not want him to participate.

Normally, Gu Wangshu would be able to endure whatever he disliked, but this concerned his status in the Yuchi Family, and whether or not the Yuchi Family recognized his existence. He could not compromise.

He was at odds with Old Madame Yuchi, but this time, he was determined not to bow his head, and not to compromise, even if … Since he had made it difficult for Yuchi Weirann, he did not retreat.

Old Madame Yuchi was angered to the point she almost fainted, she used the harshest tone that she had ever heard of to denounce Yuchi Weirann:

"What did you promise me? What did you say? Look at how those little hooves are bullying your mother, yet you still want to protect him? I don't care. No matter what you say, I won't let him enter this ancestral hall. "

Gu Wangshu laughed coldly: "I am a member of the Yuchi Family, why wouldn't you let me enter your ancestral hall? Yet now, you still haven't given up on me. "

Yuchi Weirann had already advised two sides before, but seeing that they were not giving in, he felt irritated: "Alright, Mother, as you wish, Shu will not go to the ancestral hall … Weiwei, help your mother go down to rest. Mother is too old to be angry. "

These last words were said while looking at Gu Wangshu, so Gu Wangshu couldn't help but take a step back. With a pale face, he looked at Yuchi Weirann with eyes filled with disbelief: "Unexpectedly … What do you mean? "

Yuchi Weirann gestured for Yuchi Weiwei to bring the old lady away, and after the old lady had walked far away, he then said to Gu Wangshu gently: Shu, ancestor of this year, I will not go, I will accompany you, let's not bother about that, okay?

was the only man in charge of Yuchi Family, if he did not go and pay respects to the ancestor, the ancestor would not be able to anymore. Most likely, when Old Madame Yuchi found out about Yuchi Weirann's plans, he would faint from anger, causing Gu Wangshu to calm down slightly.

Yuchi Weirann nodded: "I do."

Gu Wangshu's mouth slowly formed a smile. Compared to his usual smile, this smile was much colder: "Alright, it's a deal then."

Old Madame Yuchi was furious when she heard about Yuchi Weirann's plans, she went berserk at home and did not let Yuchi Weirann give in. In the end, she followed Yuchi Weiwei to offer sacrifices to his ancestors.

However, although this matter looked good on the surface, a cold current was secretly flowing through the Yuchi Family. The relationship between Gu Wangshu and Old Madame Yuchi was getting worse and worse.

New Year's Day.

The Divine Might Great General Pei Xingyun, who returned to the capital at the end of the year, personally paid him a visit.

When Pei Xingyun came over, he found Yuchi Weirann combing Gu Wangshu's hair. In these few days, in order to let Gu Wangshu apologize to his mother, Yuchi Weirann had treated Gu Wangshu extremely well.

However, Gu Wangshu was holding in a breath in his heart, unwilling to let go no matter what. It was also like a bucket of cold water being poured over his head.

It was only now that he realized that the Old Madame Yuchi was not willing to acknowledge his position in the Yuchi Family at all … Honestly speaking, the people from the Yuchi Family did not like him, and Gu Wangshu did not like to use his hot face to touch other people's fart. This time, he really wanted to leave just like that so that he would not cause trouble, but, there was Yuchi Weirann here anyways, which made him unable to let him go.

Moreover, both his father and mother had died in this world. Her only brother disliked him, so even if he left the Yuchi Family, where could he go?

Ever since he had caused trouble with the Old Madame Yuchi, Gu Wangshu was not willing to leave his courtyard. He thought about these trivial matters of the Yuchi Family and became distracted, it took a long time for Yuchi Weirann to return.

When he returned, Yuchi Weirann's expression was extremely ugly.

"What's wrong?"

Gu Wangshu raised his eyebrows. He did not know if it was just his misconception, but Yuchi Weirann, this gentle and refined man who liked to smile, was smiling less and less recently. Was it because of him and Old Madame Yuchi? Gu Wangshu frowned as he thought about it.

Yuchi Weirann looked at him with a complicated expression: "Do you know why General Pei is looking for me?"

Gu Wangshu's eyes were filled with confusion. Although he and Yuchi Weirann had patrolled Yuchi Family's shop before, he had never interfered with Yuchi Family's business, so he really could not guess why General Pei was looking for Yuchi Weirann.

Thinking back to all that had happened in the past few days, the look in Gu Wangshu's eyes gradually became clear: "Could it be that they are here to ask for Young Master Wenyu's hand in marriage with Weiwei?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he noticed that Yuchi Weirann looked a little sad, and he became even more worried: "Fen Ran, what's wrong? What exactly is going on? "

Yuchi Weirann shook his head, reached out, pulled Gu Wangshu into his arms, and said while sighing: "Forget it … "I only regret it a little."

As she obediently leaned into his embrace, Gu Wangshu was still worried. "What are you regretting?"

Yuchi Weirann did not speak anymore.

At this time, Gu Wangshu could never guess what Yuchi Weirann had meant before he said it:

I regret marrying you...

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