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C70 A Killer

Once he returned to the General Mansion, Pei Xingyun immediately called for the Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu found a black order badge on the black clothed man's body. It was oval in shape and was engraved with golden threads.

"It's people from the Xuanming Palace."

Uncle Fu gave the order badge to Pei Xingyun: "This is the Xuanming Palace tablet."

Pei Xingyun took it, frowned and sized it up before saying after a moment of thought, "Change the black clothes on his body, find a doctor to take a look at him."

"What is Xuanming Palace?" Gu Wangshu, who was unclear of what was going on, could not help but ask.

"Xuanming Palace is an organization formed by desperate criminals. Whether it's righteous or evil, whether it's status, as long as they bid a price, any one of them would dare to kill them."

Gu Wangshu opened his eyes wide: "You only recognize money and not people?"

"Right." Pei Xingyun nodded, he really did not understand, with Gu Wangshu's identity, how could he know this kind of person.

Gu Wangshu began to doubt his own memory, "Did I remember wrongly? Actually, I have never seen such a person before? "

"No matter what, since the person has been brought back, we should wake him up first." Uncle Fu was not his usual cautious self, he was very enthusiastic.

Pei Xingyun suspiciously glanced at Uncle Fu and nodded: "Mn, Uncle Fu, I'll have to trouble you with this person again."

"No trouble, no trouble. This old servant loves to do these kinds of things."


When Gu Wangshu came to this world, his father was already dead, and his mother was very sick. In order to treat his mother's illness, he sold his family property along with her brother. After his mother died, he lived with her brother in the countryside until Grandpa Yuchi found him and asked him to marry.

In the middle of it, he had seen many people, but not many were close friends.

The only person that he knew could be considered to be someone from the martial arts world, and it was also a middle-aged senior. Speaking of that senior, he had even left something for him … "Huh?!"

Gu Wangshu's thoughts stopped there and then, he immediately got up and started searching.

After searching for a long time, they finally found a small red wood lacquered box in the bottom of a clothes chest. After opening it, there was a jade fan shaped pendant lying in the middle of the box.

The person on the portrait was exactly the same as the assassin who was currently unconscious in General Mansion.

He remembered that when he first saw this portrait, he had praised this person's appearance.

"No wonder... "I knew it looked familiar …"

When it came to knowing that senior, one could only say that his brother, Gu Wangyan, was a man who was almost proficient in everything. On the day of his mother's death, his brother had played his mother's favorite song, causing the elder to jump over the wall and enter.

During that period, it was extremely difficult for him and his brother to have a good time, and the elder would always climb over the wall from time to time, bringing gifts and the like, not to mention that elder, but the key point was that the elder had told him a lot of things he did not know about outside. Obviously, other than his brother Gu Wangyan, there were no other common topics between them.

The last time he had seen that senior, half a month before Grandpa Yuchi had gone to search for him, he had been in a hurry.

That senior said that if he didn't come personally to retrieve it in the future, he could only hand it over to the person in the portrait.

Could it be … This killer was here to take the items?

That's not right! If he had only taken the items, why would he have been seriously injured?


Because he had promised that senior, Gu Wangshu did not tell anyone about the pendant and portrait.

However, he was more attentive towards the unconscious assassin. As long as there was time, he would immediately visit him.

Fortunately the princess and envoy of the Huazhou Dynasty had already arrived at the Great Jing, so Pei Xingyun was a little busy. Otherwise, Pei Xingyun would definitely be unhappy that he treated another man so well.

After waiting for three days, the assassin finally woke up.

Just that, the killer was truly worthy of being called a killer. Before Gu Wangshu could react, his neck was already grabbed by the killer's icy cold hands.

Gu Wangshu could not see the other party's expression, but he could feel the other party's fierceness. "Stop … "Stop, I mean no harm."

Duan Jiu frowned, his handsome face was filled with a stern and cold aura, his hands were tightly clamping the lower jaw of the person in his embrace, his fingers were touching warm and delicate skin, his nose was smelling a nice fragrance, he looked down, and saw pitch black hair.

"Who are you?"

When he asked this question, he scanned his surroundings quickly like a cold star. When he was certain there was no danger in his surroundings and that the person in his arms did not have much ability to resist, he finally relaxed a little.

Gu Wangshu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Shouldn't he be the one asking this question?

However, for the sake of his little life, he still obediently cooperated and said, "My name is Gu Wangshu, and I'm half the master here, so it looks like this … Big brother and I picked you up on the way, so we brought you back. You... Can you not let me go first? "

It turned out to be his savior.

Duan Jiu released his hand, his sharp eyebrows loosened, but his face was still cold: I am Duan Jiu, thank you young master for saving my life, if young master needs anything in the future, you can bring this order badge to Xuanming Palace …

When Gu Wangshu turned around, his words stopped abruptly.

His eyes that were as cold as cold stars suddenly lit up, as if some sort of emotion was surging within them. He asked with some surprise: "It's you?"

Gu Wangshu massaged his aching neck, and looked at the killer who still did not have a good expression. After the killer opened his eyes, his sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes were even more beautiful than when he closed them, but … This killer knows him too?

"You know me?"

Duan Jiu withdrew the emotions in her eyes, her starry eyes became emotionless once more: "No, I recognized the wrong person."

Unknowingly, his tone became a bit softer, with a gentleness that he hadn't used for many years.

Ever since his Duan Family had been destroyed, and when his family had been destroyed, he had been left with only a sea of blood for revenge in his eyes and heart.

Duan Jiu let himself become ice-cold and numb again, and gave the command medallion in his hand to Gu Wangshu: "Young Master Gu, with this command medallion, you can make a request of the Xuanming Palace. As long as the Xuanming Palace can fulfill it, you will not refuse."

He quietly changed the wooden tablet he was about to take out into a jade plate, using this jade plate to send Xuanming Palace, he would personally receive Gu Wangshu.

"Actually, your savior is my elder brother. I didn't do anything, so there's no need to be polite. That … I would like to ask, Young Master Duan, do you know Bai Yuanjun? "

That Senior Bai was the senior who gave him the pendant and portrait.

Duan Jiu frowned his eyebrows as he thought about it. He was sure that there was no one like him in the martial arts world and he did not recognize him either.

Gu Wangshu heaved a sigh of relief at the bottom of his heart, looks like the killer was not here to retrieve his treasure, it was just that he had coincidentally saved him for a year, why is it that the Senior Bai did not come to retrieve his treasure? Could it be that Senior Bai had forgotten? Or an accident?

Did his brother tell Senior Bai that he married into the imperial city? Should he find time to go back and take a look?

He did not expect that not long after, Senior Bai and his brother would come looking for him.

This was something to talk about later, so he didn't mention it for now. He only said that after Gu Wangshu asked what should be asked, and there was nothing else to ask about with the killer. The two of them stared at each other, and if you don't speak, I won't speak either.

Gu Wangshu still wanted to say something, but the assassin quickly got up and said that he wanted to leave.

Gu Wangshu immediately stopped her, saying that he had not fully recovered from his injuries, it would not be too late to leave after he recovered.

But the hitman insisted on leaving, and with a 'whoosh' sound, he disappeared from Gu Wangshu's sight.

After the assassin left, Gu Wangshu looked down at the white jade plate in his hands, he was a little startled, if he was not there to guard, would the assassin leave the moment he woke up?

This Gu Wangshu already had no way of knowing.

He told the news of the assassin leaving to Shu Qi and Uncle Fu, who nodded with a smile after hearing it: "I've already investigated thoroughly, the business that the Xuanming Palace is taking over from the imperial city, will only be that of going to the Yuchi Family, thus, this person will leave. If he can add a little trouble to the Yuchi Family, that would also be extremely good."

Speaking of Yuchi Family … Gu Wangshu was a little guilty, he had asked Shu Qi to spread the news that the Longevity Scripture was in his Yuchi Family, Shu Qi had really done it … But he never thought that Shu Qi would actually spread rumors that the Longevity Scripture was in the Yuchi Family's ancestral tomb. As a result, recently, Yuchi Family Ancestor's grave had been frequently visited by Sir Liang.

This, was really a bit too much, but as far as damage was concerned, it would be worth it. One had to admit that this group of people from General Mansion felt very good in their hearts when they heard this.

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